Tummy Tuck Breast Lift With Dr. Salama 9/8/16

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My surgery was Thursday September 8. All I can...

My surgery was Thursday September 8. All I can say is boy oh boy! The first 2 days were the worse . You can't get up by yourself and if you have to cough you feel like your going to die. My breast look amazing but my tummy is still swollen or at least I hope it is. You will need help all I can say . I will update next week .

Day 5 Post op

I'm feeling a lot better , walking more upright . I was told to monitor my drains when fluid gets down to 25cc's in 24 hrs they can come out . I just feel tight not much pain , but I'm still taking my pain meds around the clock too. They will put me in my compression garment tomorrow hopefully it will help the swelling .

Tummy Tuck Breast Lift 11 days post Op

11 days post op. I'm feeling surprisingly good . I'm just a little tight. I still swollen but I love my results . Dr.Salama is the truth . He's very professional and I love his staff.

Day 12 Post Op

Walked a mile today even though it took an hr . My drains ready to come out. I'm still swollen but I'm starting to see difference in my flanks where I had the Lipo. I can't wait to get in the gym so I can really get this waist snatched . I love my results especially my nice little breast . Team Salama all the way.

Swell Hell

If it doesn't feel right See Your Surgeon right away and think about having surgery far from home. What if something goes wrong

Oh my goodness! 13 days post op and I was supposed to be flying home . Well, earlier that they the nurse had the massage therapist to put in a waist sincher over top of my binder . It's was so tight but I could Barely breath . After wearing it for about 5 hrs I took it off. I noticed that My right side had been hurting and was very hard . I noticed this last week . But I was told that it was because of the lipo and that both sides heal differently . I started feeling really ache With flu like symptoms so I decided to take a Percocet around 7pm. I thought that just needed to rest .. I went on a short walk like I've been doing every night on the board walk. Then i went to bed . I woke shivering with a headache and just felt something not right . I took my temp and it was 100.8. Of course I'm freeking out . So I take another Percocet because it has Tylenol in it. Then I started looking up fevers 2 weeks post op and i just kept seeing infection and I also read something that if your garments to tight and your not taking deep enough breaths that can also cause fever .. I prayed , called the emergency number changed my flight because there was no way I was going home like that. I was told to go to the surgery center at 11 because the doctor would be in surgery all morning . I had a massage scheduled for 10 at the office so I decided to go there first . I explained to the nurse and she said she would take a look once I got undressed because I told her my side has really been bothering me and its hard . The therapist looked at my side and felt it and I could tell something wasn't right She immediately went to get the nurse but she said the nurse was on a call. So she begin massaging the hard area with a little machine and applied some gel. It was very sensitive. The came in she showed and asked was red before and the message therapist said yes and said it felt warm. So the massage was ended I was sent to see the Doctor. Which was my second visit seeing him in 13 days. All sorts of horrifying things are going through my head. I'm know questioning why did I do this . I was not bad. Now something serious is going on. When I got to the surgery center the nurse asked what's going on and I ok. No I'm not ok and clearly know something's wrong . She takes me to the back , I undress she palpates the side that's hard and red then the other side . Then she gets the doctor . He does the same thing and says he thinks it's a collection of fluid. And that the nurse would aspirate it when I get home to go see another plastic surgeon and he can do it because it's going to take few times .. I'm like what? So I'm going to have to pay for that's and what other Doctor would even deal with an issue like that if they had not done my initial surgery. The doctor says yes , you will have to pay for a consultation. Oh now the tears are falling, because I feel like I've just been on episode of just got Punked . I couldn't believe what I was hearing and what I had gotten my self into. So instead of the nurse aspirating he area to drain it the doctor does it. He numbs it's then sticks this big syringe and draws back. The first 2 or three sticks nothing's pulls back then all of a sudden he hits a spot and white thick puss looking fluid starts coming . So he's says it doesn't look good It looks like me infection and I need to open you up and wash it out. I ask how did this happen. He said it may have started as a little Seroma that wasn't treated but that's one of the complications with lipo. But my side had been hurting for at least a week and had been very hard . I saw the nurse the day before and had my tape and one of my drains removed . I feel so stupid . I should have demanded to see the doctor sooner . To make a long story short , the anesthesiologist came in and good thing I hadn't eaten and drank a little water they were able to do procedure right away . By this time I'm hysterical i just couldn't stop crying . I know God has me and I had already prayed about the situation but I just couldn't stop crying . He assured me everything was going and a I would only be under for about 15 min. He told everything would be ok and it something that just happens and a easy fix . The post op nurse also said she had a tummy tuck and had a Seroma to . I just didn't want to be going through being put under again. He was right , it was fast and the Doctor said it was not and infection just a Seroma. He placed another drain and said everything would be ok. I felt better, but now my tummy is lopsided . But the doctor said it will even out once Im put in a compression garment . I just don't know . I'm so far away from home and what I had gone home , what if something else goes wrong when I get home? I really should have thought about having such a big surgery so far away. I know that God is a healer and I'm believing that everything will be ok.

16 days post op and feeling good

I'm finally home and I feel good . No pain, just tightness. The area where the Seroma was has softened up but I still have a drain in . Still swollen but I'm wearing my garment and foam around the clock . I see the doctor again on Wednesday & I think I'll just have to take a trip to Florida every week until I feel comfortable . Thank God the fights are only 70$ round trip . Although I Had the little scare with the Seroma . I'm pleased and don't have any regrets .. God is Good.

16 days post op

19 days post opDoc says it's nothing but it looks like something . I'll find out what's going on tomorrow I fly in to see him .

I wasnt going to post this but why not . This is real life . I'm wondering if it's something I did to be having all this happening to me .. First the Seroma now something is going on with the incision . I sent photos and doc said not to worry . Apply antibiotic ointment and cover . My skin looks like it's opening up on the side he had to go in to drain the seroma. I don't know what's happening . I know God is taking care of everything , but I have to admit is still stressful. I'm trying not to worry but it just doesn't look right . I'll update tomorrow after I see the doc .. Over all I'm still happy with the results but I hope what ever this is going on with the incision is a easy fix and will not leave a even uglier scar. It looks terrible it got worse since Monday .

3 weeks post op

I flew to Florida on Wednesday to Sr doctor . He said everything looked good and the skin issue was not separation it was some pigmentation issue . I got a massage and he also said there was no signs of Seroma. But on my flight back I got so sick all of the sudden . I got home and had a temp of 101.8 . I felt like I had the flu . After staying In bed for two days I feel much better an fever is gone . I think I over did it that day.

4 weeks post Op Thursday

Other then the ugly scar from the Seroma that Dr. Salama said he can fix I'm so happy with my results ! I can't wait to work out and loose 10 more pounds . Dr. Salama is the freekin best!

62 days post op follow up

Doc says everything looks good ! I'm satisfied even though I still want to loose 15lbs

2 months 14 days post op

It's time to get serious about loosing 15lbs . My wedding is in four months . Doc cleared me workout . I Just started lifting light weights last week. Now I need to get my diet right because I've gained 5lbs back getting comfortable not eating clean ! But it's on I've been through to much to just go back !

3 1/2 post op

So happy with my results !

6 months post op down 5lbs !

Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama was bery laid back and his staff was amazing .

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