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I'm getting breast implants on Sept. 4, 2014. I'm...

I'm getting breast implants on Sept. 4, 2014. I'm not quite sure what size to get and what brand of implants. I have been reading reviews on here and it kind of help especially the one's with before and after pictures.

I'm a mother of two breastfeed children after I stop breast feeding my boobs become deflated and saggy. I aways wanted to get implants, but hold off because of my fears of pains and complications and that I have young kids that needed their mommy very much.

I finally got the courage and decided to go with Dr. Moises Salama because I've read a lot of reviews about him. He seems to have a fair amount of good reviews in real-self. So I scheduled an appointment and paid in full. Today tho as i was searching around about breast implants i came across about Dr. Mel Ortega's and thought wow he's a lot cheaper than Dr. Salama. I am considering of canceling my surgery from Salama and get my implants from Ortega. So the question is will i get a refund after i paid in full?

Anyway,I sent out photos for virtual consultation and spoke with one of the patient coordinators in Dr. Salama and I really like how quick they respond to my inquiries. But as of right now I still don't know what size, brand, type, etc implants I may get. I guess I need to start calling and asking questions about the cc's he thinks would fit me right?

To those of you who had to fly for the surgery, did any of you knew what size of implants you are going to get ahead of time or did you find out on your pre-op day? Also, did you need to get check by your primary care physician for your medical clearance and get you blood work done at the lab? Did your insurance cover the cost of blood work? I have Blue Cross Blue Shields.

What scar cream did you ladies use after BA surgery? Any other post-op care or preventative measure? I've read one review saying that taking probiotics helps with recovery time, is this something I might need to take after the surgery?

Any list of pre and post-op things I may need would be greatly appreciated.. My boyfriend will be driving me to Miami for my surgery and stay for 3 days with me. I don't know where we will be staying so any ideas of places to stay, please share.
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