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After yet another holiday hiding my horrible legs...

After yet another holiday hiding my horrible legs and fed up looking at women around the pool twice the size of me, with nicer shaped legs, I had had enough. I came home and went online to see exactly why no matter what I did, I couldn't change the shape of my legs. It would seem that I had something called Lipodema (not to be confused with Lyphodema). It was a bit of relief to know that there was a reason, but also disappointing to know nothing really could be done other than liposuction. So 5 days later I found myself sitting in the clinic discussing this with my surgeon. This was July 2014. I discussed the surgery with my partner, he wasnt keen but knew how important it was so I went ahead and booked it.

So the day of the surgergy came, I thought about backing out, but looked at my legs and went straight into the surgery. I had smart lip on my calves and ankles. I was sedated and felt nothing, the procedure last 1.5 hours, although it felt more like 20 mins. Imediately afterwards i looked down and saw 2 very slim legs. This however didn't last long. The swelling started immediately and my legs were bigger than they had been before the surgery. I was in recovery for 5 hours. I got home and whilst my legs were sore, it wasnt unbearable and I was able to walk. Wearing full compression pants - not very comfortable, but better get used to it as will be wearing them for 6 weeks.

DAY 2 - DAY 4
I have been drinking at least 3 litres of water a day and walking around 2 miles. When resting have my legs elevated. I have had very little in the way of pain relief - a bit of paracetamol and codeine - over the counter stuff. The swelling hasnt gone down much and bruising is appearing looking worse every day, which of course is good as its getting better. Ankles pretty big as are my feet with the swelling.

Bit of a breakthrough - swelling is starting to subside, although nothing miraculous and walking is becoming easier. Wearing trainers (sneakers) now as had been wearing converse and that was a mistake and the trainers act like shock absorbers and have also made it easier. Walked 3 miles today. Pain is still there - mostly just above the ankle. I am pretty squeamish so dont like to have my compression pants off for too long as legs look is still very angry, swollen and bruised, so compression pants only off whilst I shower. I was given 2 pairs from the clinic which is great. I have some photos from yesterday and I will post but only when I have other that some progress is able to be seen.

I have posted that I am not sure about surgery purely because its very very early days and I do not know what is going to happen.

5 week post op

It has been a long 5 weeks but I fear the next week will feel really long as I hope to be able to stop wearing my garment when I see the surgeon next Tuesday. It has been really challenging. The pain did subside after a week and is actually bearable, but the swelling just goes on and on. Anyone going through this needs to understand that the recovery is long and results are not seen as quickly as you'd like or as quick as other areas are. Same goes for the compression garments - 6 weeks 24 hours a day (ok 30 mins for showering) is a lot. I was regretting the whole thing 2 weeks into my recovering, because it is hard work, the swelling, the hardness, the lumps, the numbness, the bruising and that awful garment drags you down. I did everything possible to help my recovery. 3 litres of water a day, walking, elevating legs, bathing in epsom salts (only after 2 weeks). I just felt nothing improved. It is a slow recovery so dont anyone be disillusioned. However there is now light at the end of tunnel and I can now see some results. I actually have a calf and ankle! Still lots of swelling, particularly around the ankle, and a lot of hardness and some lumps. Massaging like mad to try and smooth this out, although I know its likely to be 3 months before it shows great improvement and 9 months to a year before they are gone (there is also risk they wont go - but I am not even thinking that way). I am sure that I am going to have good results and be glad I did it. Afterall I have been waiting 25 years to have a calf and ankle - so in terms of that - weeks is nothing really. I am posting some pictures although these are only from 4 days to 2 weeks, it just gives an idea of swelling and how long the process actually takes. I am not trying to put anyone off this, but if you are thinking about it, take on board what I am saying because its a difficult time for you and your partner/husband. I have a 5 week post op but I cant uload it at minute - but I will. I will also post my before and after photo as soon as I get it from the surgeon - which hopefully will be next week.


I thought I had uploaded a 5 week post op picture

9 months post op

Well its been a long 9 months and unfortunately I have been left with a lumpy uneven result. My let is much thinner and in skinny jeans and tights look good. I am currently undergoing a course of i-lipo to see if it improves, but I really think I am going to need correction. The thought of this is just horrible, not because of the actual surgery but because of the long recovery time. Very disappointed.


So today 18 months after my lipo I've had revision on my right leg. I've had some fat removed from thighs and used to attempt correction of lumps and bumps. I was home less than 2 hours after arriving at clinic. It was done under local anaesthetic only. I hope it works fingers crossed

Fantastic clinic from the day I walked through the door. I researched surgeon in my area and Vivek had great reviews and experience as plastic surgeon. My post appointments he and Ashleigh put my mind at rest. During the surgery aneathasist Andy and theatre nurse Peter were utterly amazing. Post op I was looked after by Peter and Felicity who were also fantastic and reassured me throughout the day talking me through exactly what to expect and what was going on. Met with Felicity 1 week post op and yet again very reassuring that everything that was going on was normal. Had my 2 complimentary massages at 4 weeks, they did seem to help a little. I am now 9 months down the line and unfortunately my results are not so good in terms of contour. I am fearing that I may need some revision.

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