Journey to Recovering Myself - El Paso, TX

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Did my initial consult today 12/13/13. Dr. Agullo...

Did my initial consult today 12/13/13. Dr. Agullo is very friendly and knowledgeable. talked the procedure over with my husband. Calling in to schedule the exact date on Monday. I will be getting a full tummy tuck, lipo to my flanks, lower stomach, and a lower eyelid lift. I was bed bound and gained a ton of weight during my pregnancy. I got up to 200 pounds. I'm down to 124 pounds now. I'm 5'1". Very excited to have my flat tummy back and these lower eyelid bags removed.

Finally got a date!

Went in on 12/18. Got everything squared away mostly. Paid the doctors portion. Still need to go register at the hospital and pay them. The staff was absolutely sweet with my daughter. I did my labs while I was in, and amazingly my daughter let them. It was very quick. Decided to opt for Exparel, Oraser body emulsion, the vitamin support program, and BioCorneum. Started taking two of the vitamins. I will start taking two more sets of vitamins three days before surgery.

My surgery date is actually earlier then I expected. I will be going in on the 10th! My heart flutters and races thinking about it. I fear pain the most but the Exparel should take care of most of that.

Going back in on the 26th to get my pre-op pics taken. I need to take some upclose pictures of my eye bags for everyone to see. ;)

Picked up some odds and ends I will need and that are nice to have on hand before surgery. 4 x 4 gauze squares, neosporin, renew eye drops, etc. Ordered some stuff online too, like a nice wedge pillow to sleep on, a leg wedge, etc.

Finally got around to taking my eye pic

Adding my pic of my before for my lower eyelid bags

Small update

So I've still been working on my body. Not near as hard per doctor instructions. I'm down to 120.2 pounds in my morning weigh ins.


Pre op pics were done on the 26th. Tried to pay the hospital a few times now. They keep denying I owe them anything? Odd. I think they are going to bill my insurance first. I may bug them again tomorrow to try to pay.

Hospital update

Well called the hospital and talked to someone who seemed to know what was going on. They are billing my insurance and everything is good. Pew! ;)

Surgery is confirmed!

Got a call from the doctors office. Surgery is confirmed for Friday! $25 co pay for the operating room / hospital

Things I've acquired for this journey.

Here is a list of the things I've gotten. I may miss one or two so attaching a picture.

VitaMedica Recovery Support Program. (Has a Morning formula, Evening formula, and Bromelain with Quercetin)

Vitamedica's Arnica Montana


4 x 4 Gauze squares

Skintegrity Wound Cleanser

Skintegrity Hydrogel

Refresh Optive Sensative for LASIK dryness

Ear plugs

Marbles of varying sizes

Cloth medical tape

Ocean complete sinus rinse (to help my outdoor allergies) also have a pulsating sinus cleanser


Merana postoperative comfort (goes to knees has suspenders)

Scar FX belt

Scar FX Sheet



Arnicare Gel

Bio freeze

Gas X


Oraser Body Emulsion

Two eye pillows that can be chilled one can be heated

Pads; and I ordered some depends silhouette since I don't have to worry about blood hurting them. Pads are for after my incision closes till I can use my MeLuna cup.

Pre surgery measurements

27 inches under breasts, 26 inches at floating ribs, waist 28 inches, top of hips 33 inches. Final weight 118.9 pounds.

More tummy pics - Pre Surgery

One more tummy pic

My back

Almost there!

At the hotel now spending time with my daughter playing. Surgery was moved up to 5:30 am

In the waiting room

My heart is racing and I just said good bye to my family. I'm in the waiting room.



Doing better now. So after surgery I think it was the Morphine that was making me sick. Took anti nausea meds they were not working. Popped one row of stitching. Stayed in the hospital over night. Got better after I stopped morph IV then started hydrocodone orally. They took my catheter out. Couldn't pee. Got a bad nurse who just didn't care and didn't get any per relief from 6:30 Am to 2:30 pm. They finally believed me and removed 800 CC of pee. Finally could pee on my own at 7:30 pm. Went home. Been doing better. Sore now. My face is all puffy from fat injections the seek peeks I've seen of my tummy look great. Lipo doesn't hurt at all.


The doctor came to visit me in the hospital. He was really nice. Checked things out. Said the one row wouldn't matter due to several being in place.

More pics

Becoming more aware again

A few memorable things from my surgery. Doctor was great. The first time my two year old saw me she said mommy Ouchie!!! My husband and daughter have been taking great care of me. Happy to be home.

Trying to shower

Ok so I finally started to take a shower. My husband was helping me take my CG off and I fainted. He caught me and put me on the toilet. I woke up with a wet cold towel on my back and him with a cold wet rag dabbing it to my forehead kissing me telling me how much he loves me. He will never get how much that means to me. 16 years of being together and I love him more and more everyday. I did get a few pics before the incident!

Face update

I made it down stairs earlier and my face is getting better fast

Random thoughts

I don't know why I thought my CG was only to my knees, they are both to my ankles. If you have compression socks wear them over your CG even if it goes to your ankles. Your body with thank you. I'm wearing my runners compression socks over my feet and up to my knees. Works awesome and my feet are not all swollen. It was hard to get them on (had my husband do it) but worth it for non swollen feet.

My nude colored CG is tighter then my black. Same size too but OMG!

Hardly much coming out of my drains. I expected more. .

Day 3 face

My face is looking better little by little. Still doesn't hurt. Really tired today. I think I may try sleeping in the recliner tonight

Recovery buddies

Our dog had 10 puppies on the 26th. My daughter keeps bring them to me to cuddle. ;)

2nd try removing my CG

Removed just the upper half of my CG while laying down. No faintness this time but didn't want to push it. Cleaned the area and put neosporin and gauze all around. My husband seems to think my belly button has been lost in action lol. I told him it's just swelling.

On another note

I itch and have been since a day after surgery. Only getting worse. Maybe time to start benedryl or something. This is one of the worst things about healing to me. Itch a tiny bit then every where starts itching. I can feel most of my stomach only a very small part has no feeling down the center.


I think the Exparel wore off or it just has been so long between hydrocodone doses. Muscles are achy. I have a bit of bloody discharge coming out of my right eye. Incision is sore too.

My eyes this morning

Uploading a few eye pics. Purple marker is persistent and hard to get off. May try harder later to get it off. Feel like I have eyeliner on my right eye lol

Face at the end of today

My Cupid's bow is making it's return. Been napping most of the day. Got my hair washed out and that's what made me super tired lol

Post op appointment

Had drain 1 removed at my PO appointment and stitches from my back lipo removed. Really like my Dr and his staff they are so nice.

Bowel movement

Finally went poop today too!

Night update

Massaged a clog out my my last drain. Nothing came out like it was back logged really so I guess it wasn't too bad. Slept most of the day. I've been heating my blanket up and using it. Really helps my aches. I have no idea why I didn't think about it but I started putting arnica gel on my face. Feels good! May try another shower tonight.


I feel so much better. My pain pills gave out around the time we started the whole shower ordeal so my back was killing me. Took us about an hour to get everything done. Laid in bed taking my compression garment off slowly. No fainting this time! Found out the stitch holding my remaining drain came out. My husband fished it out of my skin. Resecured the drain to my skin with gauze and Tegederm. Put Tegederm over my other drain hole too. Got in the shower and didn't want to get out. Finally put on my Oraser body emoltion stuff. Smells like citrus, brown sugar, and a slight after smell of alcohol. My itching went down. I do have bruising that decided to show up on my back from lipo.

The tummy tuck feels like I have a wire that runs from the top of my hip to the other pulled tightly. Also seems like there are two more pulling from the bottom 3rd of my ribs down to my hips.

Ordered an electric blanket. I think it arrives tomorrow. Can't wait!

Dry brushing and my belly button

I started dry brushing after fining out about it from another great RS member. Really helps with itching. Been putting my Oraser stuff on twice a day too.

So I'm a bit weirded out by my belly button. I swear it was open in the hospital. Been cleaning it with peroxide as directed. Sent an email to the doc. If I don't hear back, I have an appointment Tuesday and will ask. Anyone else had this? Is it normal?

Face is doing better. Still swollen. Love my new lips!!!

Belly button update.

Doctor got back to me. In my case this is what He said, "It looks like the glue made the sides stick together. Start rubbing
vaseline twice a day to dissolve the glue. DonĀ¹t worry, it will be fine." Going to start doing that. :D

Started longer walks

Started doing the recommended 20 minute walk. I swelled up a bit more but not too bad. Tried doing 2 mph but that was a tad much. Ended up going 1.5 mph. I may just start at 1 mph then increase daily by .1 till I reach my normal 2.5 as long as I'm not uncomfortable.

Last drain

Today I finally went out in public on my way to the PS. Stopped in Chipolte to get some food for my husband. I forgot about the bruises on my face and took my glasses off. Oh the looks! I got a bunch. My poor husband got some down right nasty ones. I giggled almost the entire time.

My last drain came out! My belly button has started to open but if it doesn't open sufficiently the doctor will revise it. Ordered my stage 2 garments from my PS, should be here by mid next week. Started puttin Vaseline on my glue and tape to get it to come off.

Tomorrow is my first Lymphatic drain massage.

My compression garment

Just encase anyone was wondering what my stage 1 is like adding a pic

Massage day!

Had my first lymphatic hybrid massage at Massage Envy in Las Cruces. OMG! I feel a thousand times better. Penny, my masseuse, was an angel and so very sweet. I was so worried about more pain. We avoided my lower eyelids and stomach for now but maybe next week. Going back on February 1st. Starting weekly treatments till I get to six weeks PO.

Day 13 Pictures

Decided to get some pics after I woke up. Still swollen. My lower back area was helped quite a bit by the massage. Broke up a bunch of the under laying tissues. I was able to trim enough of the medical tape off I found my lipo holes in my hips! Wasn't sure he did them but it seems he did. :D

End of week 2 pics

End of week 2 pics. Still working on tape removal.

Tape is starting to come off my incision

Got some tape off the sides of my incision after dry brushing. Took a shower and it felt really good to have water running over it.

Face with minimal make up

I'm adoring my new face. I know it's not totally healed but it won't be much longer. I had a friend get all catty about it so to cover the small remaining bruising I used some makeup. I still have a tiny tear drop shaped bruise at the corner of my right eye. I do t know what to make of the relationship with my friend. She was all supportive but since my face has become more recognizable she is always posting garbage online about facial plastic surgery and not to get it. To me though she says I look great? Hmmm. Oh well it created this opportunity for me to see my results clearer.

Taking it day to day

I was finally able to get up to 2 mph on the treadmill. It wasn't bad.
I do not feel sutures on the inside of my eyes any more. I guess what the doctor did was pull down my lower eyelids and did the surgery from inside my eye so there will not be a scar. My eyes were not really dry. They were a bit goopy till recently. I think it was from feeling the internal sutures rub. My right eye weeped a ton. I think that was just bruising and pressure on the lacrimal glands. So glad I don't look so tired any more. Really amazed at the difference it made.
I still have not gone out shopping. I think later this week I will try to go out and see how that goes after my new CG arrives. Mail is so slow lol. My Marena I'm in now compresses practically nothing now. My husband has extended his leave to help me this week. I should be able to pick up my daughter at the end of the week. I'm just afraid of her falling or doing something to hurt herself and hurting me before enough time has passed that I'm healed enough.

Abdominal board

My abdominal board by Maria E arrived today. Feels so good having it push on my scar. Finally got all the medical tape off today too so I get to see my scar. End parts are still bumpy from my scratch mark tissue there but it should even out over time. Belly button hasn't made much progress lately. Maybe when my swelling goes down.

Tummy board update

It was absolutely amazing! More support. I wanted to stand and walk more. It pushed down enough today to make an improvement in my belly button. I may try putting a jasper bead in the area to open it a bit more tomorrow. Not sure why but I didn't take a picture. Hopefully I will remember tomorrow. I did try some panties on today (I've been fearful of them and avoiding them, lol! Super crazy), they looked great and hid my incision perfectly! I think they were a bit higher rising ones although my husband swore they were not. Very hard for me to tell where certain things are with numbness and swelling.

New compression garment arrived!

Went out an shopping for the first time since surgery. Went out to Victorias Secret. Picked up a few bras and panties. Tried on a few things. Was able to wear a low rise hipster. Got home and my Marana garments had arrived! Much better to be compressed all around again and they do not cover my whole leg.

Another new CG arrives...

Ordered what was suppose to be a MariaE Faja off ebay. Seller sent me a Modeate. Really itchy almost like a tight knit cotton with fiberglass all over it. Bottom fits perfect, Top is super small. Also has this thong thing that attaches in the rear... I can't bend that way yet lol. Sending it back. Really learning to adore my Marana. Hard to get it on now but its totally doable. The second one I ordered off ebay hasn't arrived... little leary now.

Correction correct spelling is Moldeate

Moldeate is the correct spelling. Posting a few pics of it so people can see what I'm talking about. The material content is
Exterior Layer: Polyamide 84%, Spandex 16%.
Interior Layer: Cotton 93%, Spandex 7%.

Day 21

I've been not feeling well the past few days. Feeling much better today. Was able to get my tummy board in my smaller CG last night. Still swollen about an inch around. Took some new pics this morning. Weighed myself and seem to be maintaining 117 pounds. My husband decided he would be going back to work today. This will be my first day taking care of my daughter for an extended time period.

End of the day.

Today I woke up fairly swollen looking like a Michelin man double. Measured about two inches around bigger then normal. I had tried to help clean on Friday when I was watching my daughter. She was so sweet and helpful. Hard to catch my breath with all the swelling.

I got my second massage. It felt pretty good. Masseuse thought it best to wait one more week to start on my stomach. I started on my stomach on my own with light pressure.

I finally put on my gel zone wrap. Felt great. Wore it most of the day. Cleaned it so now it's drying. Using biocorneum under it.

Two new compression garments arrived but will not fit yet since my swelling is amped up. Finally got my MariaE and a Fajate. I may like the Fajate best. Hopefully the swelling goes down soon and I can start using them.

I may stay in bed tomorrow and hope this crazy swelling goes down. Monday will be long watching my daughter all day.

Finally wearing my MariaE

Got my extender in the mail today. Was able to put on my MariaE. So much more compression and support. Started on the fourth hook and moved up two more on the extender. Probably could go up more but I'm still tighter then I have been. I will get use to it then maybe go down later if I don't swell up a bunch. It does have a thong but it's not very tight and actually pretty easy to get to the hook in the back. I may cut it totally out though. The torso is a bit long too. Got some pics. Excuse the yellow lights.


Forgot to post this yesterday. Had my 3rd PO appointment. Everything is healin well. Was cleared for baths, corsets, not wearing a CG if I do not want to (still going to), picking up my daughter, and slowly upping my exercise. Wore my Prada Faja yesterday and it was perfect! My period started and was crazy painful at first. Stopped the arcana for now since I've read it can effect your reproductive system. Got better later in the day. Wearing my Fajate Faja today. Very similar to the Prada. I think I prefer the Prada out of all of the ones I have though. I put on my body media band yesterday to help me track my progress

End of week 4

Feeling pretty good. It's the end of week 4. Belly button continues to improve. I have been using a small marble in it.

27.5 inches under breast. 25.25 inches at the floating ribs. 25.5 inches at the belly button. Hips 32 inches. 117 pounds.

Keep forgetting. My back is so much better. Hasn't felt this way since before I gained all the weight I did in pregnancy. An added side effect, I lost 1 inch in height during my weight gain. Gained it back finally! I'm back at 5'2"!!!!

Scars & sizes

Went in this morning for another lymphatic massage. That would be #3. I got my stomach massaged and had scar release therapy started on my scar. Stomach felt good but the scar release really hurt. My scar looks a ton better though. It swelled up a bunch at the scar but it's feeling ok now.

Decided to try on jeans. Was able to wear them all day. Tried on some new ones and I'm down to a size 2! I was a size 4/5 pre-op.

Turning in to an old woman. I am exhausted at the end of the day and want to sleep around 8. Lol! I'm sure that will change though.

I haven't been putting anything in my belly button for a few days now. It hasn't shrank or anything.

Size issues.

Yesterday I didn't take in to account the scar swelling from my scar release therapy. I woke up and put my new pants on to find out they were big! I'm a size 0 now. Luckily I still have some size 0 pants from a while back. Ultra low rise guess jeans. My scar is still hidden. I also went down a hook size on my MariaE today. Only one more hook set to go on this one.

Face is totally healed.

Didn't post a face pic of my face totoally healed.

The best

The best reason in the world to
Tear up my body was my little grill. I'd do it all over again

Typos lol

*Girl not grill. I really wish I could fix my typos :P Oh well

Measurement update

Felt a bit skinnier this morning since my right side was flat on my scar. My left is still swollen but I will take this! Wore my tummy board to bed last night. So I took some pics and measurements.
26.75 breast. 25.25 ribs. 25.5 bb. 32 hip. 116 pounds.

Swelling going down

I forgot I took these the night of the 11th. I can see more swelling going down on the sides. Ordered two new compression garments from MariaE in their size extra small. I'm on the last hook of the MariaE I'm in now and because it's given me such great compression decided to order more of these. I love the Prada garment but this seems to be getting my swelling down more. I ended up cutting the thong part out because it did absolutely nothing for me and on the last hook it cuts in to my right thigh crease. Ordered a vaginal compression garment because my vagina is still swollen and I guess the MariaE has to move the fluid somewhere. I think it will be here by Friday.

Week 6

I started a weight lifting exercise by Train Dirty Fitness. It's been going pretty good. I was looking at another one that I may do after my 12 weeks of this or maybe try a boot camp type workout. Working out makes me swell a bit so I wear my CG during that time and a bit after.

I've started to not wear my compression garment at night. I didn't swell up and some of the fluid I was retaining above / on my scar on the left has gone down. It was weird and a bit uncomfortable when I laid down on my sides. I've also been taking it off during the day for a bit when I have a bit of time to not do anything.

My belly button looked better this morning after a night of no CG. I see more definition of my ab muscles. Still swollen a bit all around. Mostly under my xiphoid.

7 weeks 5 days

New pics! ;) I've been over eating a bit. Not normally bad foods but just more. I think it's a combination of healing and weight lifting. Oh well. Getting back in track and I think I need to up my protein. I have gotten down to the extra small MariaE's last hook! Usually only wearing it to exercise and clean now to help minimize swelling.

9 week 5 day PO appointment

Today's measurements after being out and active for a while. 26.75 breast. 25 ribs. 25 bb. 30 hip. Still 116, size 0, and 5'2".

I may have to get a revision done at the 4-6 month mark. I have a tiny dog ear and some puckering on my scar. I still love it though! ;)

Great doctor and staff. I can't say that enough


My swelling that I've had since surgery under my xiphoid and between my ribs is finally starting to go down! I did get copies of my official before and after. I will post them later. I can feel the stitches in my obliques but that should be gone around the 6 month mark. I am still wearing my Faja off and on. I was injured about a week and a half ago so my swelling kicked up a notch again, and I'm wearing it more then I was.

New pics.

My allergy meds stopped working recently. I haven't been able to workout as much as I like. Took new pics this morning.

Official before and afters


When I have been able to exercise lately, I have been able to do it with out my compression garment on! Feels a bit odd still. I can really feel a good run now in my abs. It is a great feeling. I swell minimally so after I do put on my CG to prevent any more swelling.

Past pictures

Going through to try to find pics of what I've put my body through. Might take a bit if I ever find some of me that are a bit better of before pregnancy and before my BA

5 months PO!!!

Five months exactally today. Not much has changed in my measurements.

I am Running 4-5 miles five to six times a week and doing Crossfit. Quit a few times to go back home for funerals. It Was hard to get my willpower back to exercise but I'm doing it. My weight has dropped to 113 pounds. My goal is to be about 108. That is more of an estimation. I want to try to get to 18% body fat to have the defintion I would like to see all over. Last couple of pounds have been harder to loose and I have to make a real effort.

I plan to get my breast implants redone tword the end of the year. The more weight I loose the more I see rippling in my implants. My chest has next to no fat in it. The current ones are mentor high profile under the muscle. I will be going with silicone high profile just a touch bigger to stretch back out my breasts. I talked to Dr Agullo about it some time back. I will be having him replace them.

Photos I forgot to post

This is 15 weeks 3 days

One more I forgot

This is 20 weeks 1 day


Got a pic of my areas on my scar that need to be revised. Revision was put off till July 23rd. Surgery facilities are being upgraded. The bunching is on my right hip. The micro dog ear on my left.

Six months one day

I'm six months and one day PO. Starting to work out for an hour and a half to two hours a day. My husband bought T25 so I've been doing that, run 20-30 minutes, Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Glutecentric (Dance cardio 30ish minutes, then muscleicuture work 25 min). Trading TA 3 days of the week for cross fit targeting certain areas. Wears me out but I really want to melt my thighs down and get more of a six pack. Not sure how long I will be down after my revision. Hopefully not long.

Forgot lol

A couple more minor things. Doing Yoga and some work inverted too. My balance has come back nicely. The inversion is fun and it takes more strength to do crunches, touch my toes, etc. feels great on my spine too.

Revision set back again...

My revision has now been pushed back till September 3rd. Not happy. I keep thinking that the places that need to be fixed will be. Depressed. I wanted to schedule to have my breasts redone but if they can't be bothered to do my revision then what happens if something goes wrong with my boobs? I'm only here a fixed amount of time and if I have to travel back I can't have this happening. Flights and plans need more then a week to be rescheduled. Might wait till I move to find someone to redo them then. :'(

Well I spoke too soon

Looks like I'm going in next week (Friday) to get things set up for my new boobs on September 3rd! My journey will continue. My husband was sweet and planned it all out for me. ;)

Found a picture!

This is my real boobs unaltered at 19 years old, probably weighed 105 or so. You can also see how much weight I've gained and how my body has changed over the years. I should start a new review thingy for them. I will try to get around to it tonight.

Getting boobs soon

TT revision will be put off till a later date waiting to hear back as to when. Getting my augmentation done that day though. :)

The whole front of the clinic in El Paso is now bigger! It looks nice. I took pics on my husbands phone. Will have to get them on here later

New revision date

I have a new revision date. August 14th! Can't wait. ;)

New pics and measurements.

Took some new pics today and measurements. I'm on day 15 of doing Insanity.
Weight - 113.7 pounds
Chest across bust - 32 1/2 inches
Below my boobs - 27 inches
Waist - 24 1/2 inches
Top of hips - 29 1/2 inches
Fullest part of hips - 35 1/2 inches
Right thigh top - 21 3/4 inches
Left thigh top - 20 3/4 inches.

Forgot a pic

Photos before revision.

Sorry these are so low but in order to see what I'm talking about on my hips I think it helps to see it better by having parts of my thighs in the frame. I have a better close up further up of my micro dog ear. I am having touch up lipo in my hips were they curve out and make almost like a c on either side of my hips before my thighs and some scar revision on the micro dog ear and ripple that never went away on the other side. I weigh 113.3 pounds. I have not taken any other measurements since my last Insanity fit test on August 4th. I did get a massage today and my masseuse said my arms are getting buffer. :) waking up early to workout, shower, and eat something before I go in for the revision.


So I'm waiting. I'm scheduled for 3. Needed to come in early to take. Pill, but I'm still really early. Took a pic of what my scar looks like normally

Waiting. :)

Took a bunch of pills now I'm waiting. I guess no working out again for 3-6 weeks. Random pics now!

Groggy still.

They remove about 300cc of fat. I will take a pic when I feel better. It ticked having lipo awake. ;)

I'm awake again!

I have no more hip boobs! Have to wear my CG again all the time but I don't care. Feeling good. No aches or anything. Got nautious on the car ride home. They took my dog ear off and the other side didn't need anything because the lipo fixed it. Lipo tickled me a lot lol. I was giggling on the table.

Revision Update

Measured myself yesterday and was about two inches bigger all around the revised area and about two pounds heavier. Totally expected. Counted my new little blue stitches there are seven. Little itchy today in the incision. Not a bad itch just that annoying itch you get when your healing. Walked around the Sunland Park Mall Saturday and went to my daughters gymnastics. Still feeling great. Not sleeping as much just a tad more then normal. Taking all my will power not to workout. My husband goes back to work tomorrow so I will be back to doing everything I normally do. Looks like my house exploded in toddler toys, dishes, and clothes. Planning a trip to Hawaii likely in November. Need to start tanning (not the incision) soon. I look down and don't have my hip boobs, suddenly my thighs don't seem as big as I thought. I feel like I almost look close to what I use to before my daughter. :) actually better just with a few more scars and some stretch marks.

One week revision

It's been one week since my revision. Only up one pound and half an inch. Got my stitches out.

Since my BA

I had my BA on the 3rd. I have not been able to workout in a long while. My midsection also swelled up again along with my boobs. So I've lost some definition but that is ok I will regain it. Went from 330 to 475 hp silicone. My sides are smoothing out slowly. The small section that was added to my scar isn't very long or bad. The main scar looks darker since I puffed up. I got up to about 119 at the peak of swelling. Got back down to 113.4 pounds. really happy over all :)

Feeling in my tummy

I have gotten most of the sensations back in my stomach / skin since my TT. There is a small spot that never got feeling back and honestly it didn't bother me. Today, feeling has started returning. I'm actually slightly annoyed by it. Lol! Crazy I know. The weird tingling and displacement of feeling will go away soon. I guess its proof that even this far out there is still some healing going on.

December update

It will be a year next month. Gained a bit of weight after my new BA and vacation. Getting back on track. Hired a trainer and nutritionalist. Loving my results still. Will go through and post some other pics from vacation

Pics from Halloween

Pics from Halloween

Pics from Vacation November 15-21

Vacation end of Nov pics

1 year 1 day

Nothing much has changed. Hired a trainer and have been working with Her for a month now. Really happy I had a TT. :-)

1 year 3 months

Almost 1 year and 3 months out. I was injured for a bit but I'm back on track. Had my last appointment before I move with Dr Agullo on March 18th. I'm really going to miss the staff and will be back if I want / need anything else.
I'm now carb cycling to get me back to where I was faster. iPhone pics are kind of crap but they give you an idea. I'm 117.1 pounds today. I can wear a size 0 to a 00. My measurements are...
12 in neck
33 7/8 in bust
27 1/4 in chest
25 in waist
29 1/2 in waist
21 3/4 Right Thigh
21 3/4 left thigh
14 right calf
14 left calf
11 1/8 upper Right arm
10 5/8 upper left arm
9 1/2 right forearm
9 left forearm

1 year 6 months!

It's been a long journey but I still wouldn't ever trade it. I have eaten like crap from stress the past few months. Oddly I'm down to a size 00 now. Clothes are hard to find but that is ok. Rebuilding the muscle now that I lost.
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

Very friendly doctor, great bedside manner, and knowledgeable. Staff are all very sweet. The office was relaxing, nice, and didn't make me feel like it was a doctors clinic. It's the first doctors office my 2 year old didn't run screaming out of (she hates doctors), this is a major point for them because she will likely be coming back with me in the future for check ups. Update: My daughter loves going in the doctors office and so do I. Dr Agullo's work on me has been great! I feel so good and normal already. I was set to feel beat up for 6 weeks or more but I felt normal quite fast. Most of my feeling has already returned (week 4)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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