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Plainly stated I have never had a body that I feel...

Plainly stated I have never had a body that I feel ideal, as a kid I was muscular but still chubby and have always been larger than average. This last year with a lot of help and support I managed to lose 108lbs and my boobs volunteered as tribute, and my poor tummy never stood a chance. Plastic surgery although it was an option I didn't really consider going under anesthesia with out reason because I have two small children. However, I play a rough contact sport and was diagnosed with a hernia in my stomach and decided if I am going under anyway, may as well take this opportunity to go at least investigate plastic surgery. My initial visit to the office I was very pleased with the staff's friendliness and was very pleased when I met the surgeon and his demeanor was overwhelmingly positive and I felt he listened to my desires and expectations. 

Using a 3D visualizing system he was about to show me simulated outcomes for different sized implants. In retrospect I do wish I had asked to see a different implant profile and a smaller size just to give myself a better point of reference. We discussed high profile, silicon gel implants between 650cc-800cc. Prior to my weight loss I wore a 42F and currently wearing a very saggy, small 34B. I went home after the appointment and pondered and researched and saw that bigger implants carry a lot of risk and I am specifically concerned about the weight of the implants with my physical activities and with bottoming out. Dr. Agullo's office was very pleasant when I called and asked to have a second consult. 

Between the first and second consult the office had a really nice make over and the reception area is much bigger. Unfortunately, they were running really late but Dr. Agullo is worth the wait. He assured me that because silicone is lighter than saline and they implants will be placed under the muscle he is confident that 800ccs would be the best choice but its up to me and I can go as low as 650cc; I'm still not decided. He also took another look at my tummy and I showed him my hip tattoo and it looks like after surgery I will have one less tattoo. I asked a lot of questions and left feeling even more confident. Dr. Agullo and his staff have been incredibly helpful thus far and his patient coordinator Erika has answered a BILLION questions and been incredibly helpful. Just cant wait for my surgery date to get here because I am so nervous, excited and ready to start healing.

What we're working with :|

As you can see I have no breast tissue and going from a 42F to 34A/B makes for extreme sagginess. The scarring from a lift has really deterrd me from exploring that as an option. My stomach also has a lot of skin and a hernia making a super pooch.

Decisions, decisions :|

Contacted my surgeons office and surgeon directly a combined 4 times for their revision policy and haven't heard back. It's making my already nervous nelly self so worried I'm considering canceling all together. What happens if I need something post op, will it be this hard to get what I need? Anyone have any advice, I feel like maybe this is a sign....

Doing it!!

Getting the revision papers was pretty crazy but it turns out the patient coordinator was out of the office and they receptionist was having technical troubles getting email to go through. However, we got the issues sorted and I am feeling more at ease. Yesterday I made the final payments and no longer have to worry about the financial aspect and its very exciting to be done with that. Now its just counting down until the big day! Luckily, time is flying by because my family is so busy with a lot of events and my sports team is preparing for our final game of the season. Its great since I am looking to be in great condition come surgery day. I'm highly concerned with taking the recovery time to let myself heal, but I do not want to gain weight since I just took it off.

My pre op visit will be Aug. 20th at 9am, they will be giving me my garments and recovery program ointments and such. I bought a button up shirt and a zip up hoodie so I can have something I wont need to pull over my head, but I am unsure how I am going to cope with the drains from the TT.

Sorry this update is so whacky and nonsensical, its late and I have so much running though my head that its hard to really organize my thoughts. I'm feeling pretty set on 700ccs, and I am confirmed for smooth, round, silicone, hp, unders.

As for post op support, my partner is taking off work for the day of surgery, and two days post op; my mother and sister are supposed to help out with the children for the rest of the week, and the following week. Hopefully that will be enough time to get back to semi normal. My biggest concern is the drains and mobility the first week post op.

I'll update again soon, hopefully in a more cognizant manner. :)

1 day po

So sore and groggy! Surgery was yesterday morning at 7am. Everything went great. Unsure the CC of my implants but Dr. Agullo removed 4lbs of skin. My stomach is painful. Implants are slightly swollen and not painful.

Day 3 post op

Standing taller by the day, feeling stronger despite the soreness. My boobs are very much at Frankenboob status but I know it will take time. With major assistance I need to shower.!…Thank goodness I have my mom down the street taking care of my babies! I am very loopy so I'll catch up later./uj
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