30 Year Old Mom of 3 Trying to look and feel my age!!

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Hello all you real self ladies, I just want to say...

Hello all you real self ladies, I just want to say after reading your stories it gave me the inspiration and motivation after my family of course to finally do this and gain more confidence for me. Both pros and cons from necrosis and botched surgeries out of states to seeing all of the transformations. This website is such a great resource.

I am 30 years, old mother of 3, married for 6 years from Las Cruses New Mexico. I chose DR. Frank Agullo in El Paso Texas which is about a 50 minute commute. I will be getting abdominalplasty with muscle repair liposuction to upper back, bra Roll, flanks, abdomen, and the inner and outer thighs and liposuction to the mons pubis as well x2 excession of lesions or scars to my upper right extremity. I have 5'1 and 130 lbs measurements I wear a size 5 in pants and I would say my shape is a pear

I will be having surgery on feburary 29 at 1030am please pray for me!!! And to all you beautiful ladies I wish you a safe, healthy, recovery in whatever transformation you seek and May Jesus walk with us through this crazy experience!! :)

Pre op

Post OP day 4

Here's is day 4, extremely tender and sore from the liposuction and my back is killing me!!! From not being able to stand straighter. Woke up with only 1 drain forgot to ask the DR. Why that was but I guess I can't complain having the one is a chore in itself


Today I am 7 days Post op and I am still very hunched over. I'll post some pics in a bit. ive seen most ladies stories where they are standing 90% straight but 1 week post op, and here I am only about 60% straight. I worry if my PS took too much skin?? I'm already short at 5'1 with an already short torso, I'm so worried I'll have to be hunched like this for weeks more or months more :((( plus the aching back is killing me. I'm taking Tylenol #3 twice a day morning and night because I just want to sleep away the pain I hope it gets better by the end of this week :(((

Today 7 days post op

So here is the pictures this is the tallest or straightest I can stand, like I said my back is just killing me its aching and painful. The incision looks clean which I'm grateful for overall I'm pleased I just wish I could straighten out my back


See how hunched over I am and the picture really doesn't do justice, In person the arch in the back is very obvious I really feel I'm only 60% standing straighter, do any of you ladies have the same situation? Any advice? Tonight I'm going to try laying more flat in my recliner, I'm just nervous about opening the incision or even developing new stretch marks because the tension is very serious

Still walking hunched over

So today is Post op 10 and I'm still walking hunched over I'm about 70% straight. Only pain now that exists is from the aching back of not being able to straighten out its so annoying and aching I would feel a lot better if I could just get over my back killing me. I had my drain tubes pulled out yesterday it wasn't painful at all it was more painful because of the stitching around it lodged into my skinI thought a lot like a snake wiggiling down under my skin in all truthfulness it didn't hurt at all I was standing up and it took about five seconds to pull out I hope that helps anyone nervous about having it removed so where my compression garment 24 seven im tring back exercises to to try and straighten out. I take of the compression garment and I tried laying on my back or just anytime next to allow my PS said that it was OK to start doing back exercises to straighten out I should've asked him for muscle relaxants because I keep reading that may helpstill swollen mostly in my franks and of course in my inner size it's hard and it feels like a tense muscles PS it that if this is normal and to try massaging the area so far and please with the results my only complaint is just my back I wish you could get over this I'm just in so much pain because of my damn back.I still worry about developing a necrosis Even though I'm day 10 I still read about stories about it.

1 month post op!!

Well today has officially been one month after surgery. I have to say I feel really good at this point. Some issues i still deal with is my back. Although I am standing about 90 to 95% straighter which is a great improvement thus far. I had bad posture even before the surgery because I am larger in the bust area so I'm sure that's not helping anything. I'm just giving it time and I'm doing some back exercises to straighten myself out even more I know that the tightness eventually go away in time so it's all just healing process.my bellybutton is healing nicely and so is my incision line I think my surgeon didn't excellent job.... I think Dr. Agullo is a expert in what he does.

So I noticed that my initial surgical tape that was placed over my incision was on for a long time and in fact ladies I barely took it off yesterday. So yeah a whole month on!! Yes the tape they put over the incision that they say to leave in place for like 1-2 weeks or until it falls off. Well this whole time I was contemplating that I just wanted to rip off the tape so that I can finally see scar/incision. But then I read here on real self that doctors said that the tape helps with the pulling and the tension around the scar so in fact the longer you keep on the tape the less tension will be around the scar so in other words it's just better to leave the tape on as much as possible I swear I wanted to rip off the tape like two weeks But I read that and I told myself yeah I need to keep the tape on his long as possible Sure enough finally yesterday I took off the tape and really I think my incision just looks wonderful it's thin, light and pretty smooth and I think the tape really helped with that

Ive been working for 1 work now, 16 hours on Saturday and Sunday and I was lifting Patients I wasn't in a lot of pain but the most I was lifting was around 20 to 25 pounds . by the end of the day though I was swollen pretty so I know I just need to take some time . Also my incision, stomach and bellybutton are still pretty sore and tender it's not so much pain just that tender feeling kind of numb. I still really want to go get a lymphatic massage I need to schedule one I've been so busy lately. Let's see about two weeks ago I finally made myself start laying in bed and now one month postop I'm sleeping pretty comfortable But I do need several pillows around me and I'm sleeping on my sides..I'm also still wearing my compression garment stage to around 20 hours a day

When I went into surgery I weighed 129 and today I weigh 124 yay :) I really want to get toned, fit and weigh 115 since my height is 5'1 that's my goal once I'm cleared by my doctor I want to try maybe cross fit,

Auto correct

I meant to say I think my surgeon Dr. Agullo DID DO a excellent job stupid auto correct lol

Some helpful items I wanted to share

So I wanted to post some items I will begin using my my scar. I ordered the mepitac tape from Amazon which I will start using today. I'll update if I see any results. I also ordered this lanolin base to put over the dry areas to retain mositure because my whole stomach area gets very dry. On a plus side you can use the lanolin for dry lips, on your hand and on your feet, it's great. The sweat sweat I'm going to start using it under my waist band once I start working out its suppose to make you sweet a great deal. Ok then my stage 2 garment I purchased from Marenagroup.com is a size small and goes down to the Knees. I love it and it has more compression from the stage 1 and easier to conceal I spent 79$ on it. The cica solution I've just read a lot of great reviews so again I'll try it and update if I see progress I also purchased the cica solution from Amazon and of course the generic everyone knows about that is bio oil I'll see what this does too Lastly the photo of me is after I put the Australian lanolin on the scar because it was so dry and getting itchy

One last photo

The is after I apply to lanolin base because the scar was dry and itchy then I just put a Lipo foam pad over it and then put on my compression garment

6 weeks post op feeling great

Officially over the 6 week mark. I feel great and I love my results. Dr.Agullo did a wonderful job I'm so grateful to have found him, he's a great surgeon. I couldn't be happier, I'm leaning out and I'm seeing definition. I can stand up completely straight if I force my self too, I really need to work on my posture it's now not the tummy tuck that's holding me back from standing straight. It's my bad posture

The liposuction of the inner and outer thighs are in my opinion what make a great difference. For the first time in my life I have a thigh gap and it's still very surreal to see in the mirror. I use to feel those hard lumps after liposuction in my thighs but have almost all dissipated, I massaged them myself and I can barely feel any at all.

I'm still using the mepitac tape over my scar, I leave it on for about 3-4 days then replace with a fresh new sheet. It's not helping with the redness of the scar the only improvement I'm seeing is that it's flattening out the scar. None the less it is a small improvement and I'll continue to apply. I'm going to start using the bio oil in addition

As far as exercises, I can do a light jog run WITH my compression garment on. Without it or running too fast I feel like my incision will just burst open even though I know it won't. My belly is still very tight I feel that contributes to it. The hubby and I are going to start P90X this week I think I can handle the intensity

Well like I said life is almost back to normal, love my results. I see slight imperfections at the ends of my incision which my surgeon said can be revised at the 6 month mark but in all honestly I'm happy I don't feel it's a must. My surgeon did perform upper back liposuction which I do see a slight improvement but I can still grab a lot of upper back fat, it makes my back and shoulders look very broad. I hate that, I feel like a line backer. So at around the 6 month mark I may ask my surgeon to perform another round of upper back Lipo, We will see!

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