26 yr old mom to 1 toddler. profile silicone moderate plus profile (**UPDATE 2 years later)

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I've known I've wanted breast implants since I was...

I've known I've wanted breast implants since I was 17 yrs old and realized that out of all the women in the family I was the flat chested one. I am now 26 yrs old and I'm so excited to be getting this done finally. On February 12 I had my consultation with Dr. Agullo. I did a lot of research for the past 2 yrs. He recommended 398 cc moderate profile sub muscular insertion. He pretty much said I didn't have a choice of over and under the muscle because I hardly have any breast tissue and if I went over the muscle it wouldn't look natural at all. After much thinking I think I want to go with 400 or 425 cc. Go big or go home lol. My main concern is that it will make me look like I have a big back. My chest measures a 36 my waist a 28 and my hips 38 so I'm pretty much shaped like a ruler no curves anywhere. I will post pictures soon. So very very nervous

31 days and having doubts

So its exactly 31 days before my surgery and I'm starting to question my decision. I've been reading a lot of bad stories of women who've had complications. I've wanted this since I was a teenager but reading about all the bad outcomes is making me question if this is the right choice for me. If it's not broke why fix it. Some lady mentioned that " your new boobs are just being borrowed they don't belong to you, at some point you will need to get them out" . * sigh* at the same time I'm excited. I'm having different emotions . I wonder if this is normal? Maybe I should stay off the Internet for a while. I can't seem to stay off this site. I love reading reviews and experiences, I guess I want to see the good the bad I want to know it all.

I guess I needed a profile pic

Went to register at hospital today with no luck

So I went to the hospital to register for my surgery and pay for the room. I arrive and sign in and let the receptionist know why I'm there she asks for doctors orders. I told her I don't have them but that I was told they had been sent to them . She checks and nothing. Long story short the surgeons office said they had already sent them but they will sent again so I go back inside and the receptionist says that yes she just received the order but she is missing some other paper. I call back suregons office and the lady I needed to speak with was busy I was told they would give her the message and she would call me back. At this point I'm beyond frustrated and I tell the receptionist that I will be back another day and maybe they will have their sh** together.
I don't even know who to blame here bit it's annoying. I get it my surgery is still about 4 weeks away but I like to have everything prepared. I still have not heard from the surgeons office. It's nighttime now so I'm going to bug the heck out of them tomorrow

Trying on Sizers

So today I went to try on sizers since I'm still undecided. I tried on 425 and 397. I thought the 425 looked huge and like I was tipping forward and I loved the 397 but the nurse said that I will lose about 50 cc under the muscle so I will most likely look the way I look with the 397. I do wish I had worn a different shirt though

17 days away

I just realized that my surgery is 2 week's away. It's going to be here before I know it. We are moving to a new place later on this week. I'm going to need to settle in fast . I have my Pre op for next week and I still haven't made the time to go pay at the new hospital. I'm getting nervous because I feel like there is so much to do. Once we get to the new house I think I will feel better. I'll take it one day at a time

1 ek away! hospital registration and Pre op

I woke up this morning from a call from the surgeons office asking to reschedule my pre op appointment for tomorrow. What ever. I went down to register with the hospital today instead. It was very fast, I paid them , filled some paperwork and was out. They did give me antiseptic wash to use the night before and morning of the surgery. I have to be at the hospital at 6 am and my surgery is at 8am. At this point I'm keeping busy and not giving the surgery much thought. If I don't block it out I will be a nervous wreck and I don't want to. I am however exercising a lot more and eating very well. I also signed up with a meal prep company so that I don't have to cook while I'm recovering and only eat healthy meals so that I will not gain weight since I won't be able to exercise. That scares me more than surgery! Lol

Pre op

I had my Pre op today. I signed a lot paper work, received my recovery pack. It had some lotion for dry skin, arnica, scar cream and the vitamin pack. They asked me again what size I wanted and I said I wasn't sure. The nurse said she will order both sizes 397 (or 398) don't remember and the 425. I stated my concern of looking like my shoulders are wider, I have wide shoulders and narrow hips so I don't want to look so big and look worse. Anyway the doctor will decide in the operating room which ones will give me the look I want. She said not to worry " the doctor is a perfectionist".
I'm not giving the surgery much thought just blocking it out for now. If I don't I will get sad because I'm going to miss playing and being so close to my little one. I'm getting sad just thinking about, that makes me want to cry. I'll shove it to the back of my mind again ... sigh......This is hard decision. So weird I've wanted it for so long and now that it's so close I'm shutting it out, I should be jumping for joy buy instead I'm sad ?..so weird I guess I'm not good with change but I know I want this


I went and bought some stuff today. Applesauce, Jello, crackers, Miralax and Fleet Enemas just in case . I'm going to start taking the Miralax on tomorrow night since I know it takes a few days to work. I also bought straws and 2 front zipper bras one in 36 C and another 36D, the doctor will give me 2 surgical bras but I bought these other ones as back up. Plus if I don't end up using them or if one of em doesn't fit I can return since I bought at Walmart anyway. I also went and picked up my meals for the week. I have to pick up on Sunday so my husband will probably need to pick them up for me. I stocked our pantry and went to Costco to fill grab all the basic necessities. I'm pretty much ready. I will focus on cleaning my home throughly for the next 3 days and love and hug my baby a lot . I'll pick up my meds tomorrow and the its just a waiting game from there.

Tomorrow is the big day

My emotions are fluctuating from very excited to incredibly nervous!. I have everything ready ..I think . I hope I planned everything right. I'm going to give myself a nice pedicure tonight, wash my hair and give it a nice blow out. I wanna have pretty hair for surgery tomorrow morning haha. I will also landscape my entire body :). I was told to rest but I'm still going to the gym on the daily. Tonight is my last day . Will be leg day (my fave!). I'm very sad about the muscle volume that I will be loosing and right before summer too! . I've also been nervous eating a lot which is horrible but to be expected of me..I eat and bite my nails when nervous. I've become aware so now I will try to stop myself. I'm very grateful my mother and sisters will come spend the night tonight. Since I have to be at the hospital at 6 am that means I have to be up earlier and leave early since it's. 30 min drive I didn't want to wake up my baby. My mom took the day off work to come stay with him. My husband also asked for permission to drive me to surgery but he will have to go back to work after he drops me off at home since he's in the military, it's ok because he is off tomorrow for easter weekend. We'll nothing else to update just nerves nerves and more nerves with a sprinkle of excitement here and there

I had my surgery today

This sucks ..it's not fun and I feel like s**t. My right boob hasn't stopped hurting no matter how much meds I've taken, it's also super duper high I can almost feel it in my armpit. It hurts bad ..my left boob I can't even feel and it looks great. I'm dizzy and nauseous will update later

Getting stronger meds

I called the doctor and explained. It seems I have a high medicine tolerance and it really wasn't doing anything. I'm feeling less woozy but I still can't stand because I get extremely dizzy. My new higher dosage meds should be ready in about 1 hr. I'm excited to get relief.
So my surgery was scheduled for 730 but I didn't go into the OR until 755 and I don't remember much from there. My experience with everyone there was absolutely lovely. All I remember is getting a "tequila shot" of meds or how the nurses called it. I was wheeled into OR and the doctor started playing music, I got the oxygen mask and started laughing hysterically Hahahaha then I woke up in recovery I looked down saw my boobs and again started being "histerical" as the doctor said . I told him I was crying if happiness and that I wanted this forever. .While laughing and crying. .I must have been a sight so see . When I woke up I had my surgical bra and band , doctor said to keep the band on for a week. It made my back hurt incredibly bad so when I got home I decided to take it off for 1 hr and gosh my boobs looked PERFECT but an hour later when I went to put it back on my right boob looked like Frankenstein and the pain had not subsided. As you guys know I've been in incredible pain on my right side while my left feels absolutely perfect. I'm glad I'll be getting stronger meds and they should be ready in an hour. On a very good note my incisions are tiny. I ended up going with the 421 cc and I'm glad I did. Once they heal I think they will be perfect for my frame. Thank you girls your words were very uplifting. Thank you thank you

1 days post op

So not much difference. Threw up 3x last night can't keep anything down. Goy stronger dosage from the doctor but since I couldn't keep them down so I slept until 1 am but that's all I could handle. I got up drank milk and took 3 pills and slept until 8am. Woke up drank milk ate toast and took pain meds again and slept until 12. I called doctor and the nurse said if I keep throwing up to call her again. The nurse from the hospital also called and said that it's just a side effects of narcotics and that my body needs to metabolize it ..or get used to it. Anyway a little bit ago I took a Zofran and attempted to eat a bit of turkey chilli...bad bad idea ! Threw that up as well. So far I like my breasts the left one is very much higher and I'm taking the band off here and there because it's so uncomfortable. I hope to stop throwing up soon. Going to drink milk and toast before taking my pain meds again since that didn't make me throw up last night. Thank you ladies

Day 3

I stopped taking narcotics and therefore stopped throwing up. I've only taken Tylenol extra strength. I did take Valium this morning and it knocked me out for about 4 hrs then I woke up very hungry. I ate minestrone soup and I felt better. Been walking around the house and I'm starting to feel better. I can handle pain but not nausea haha. I have to wear the band until 24/7 but I take it off here and there and soon as I do my right breast starts creeping up ..damn implant is being stubborn. Patience is not my virtue. My husband had been great with helping but I feel like a burden. I'm a very independent do it hands on mom and wife and pretty bossy too so this thing of having others take care of me is hard on my ego. I know it shall pass. I hope it's all feeling better each day from here because I don't ever wanna look back. That s**t was terrible! !!!
I just can't wait to not look bloated and to try cute tops on...Ahhh I can not wait!

Day 2 or 3 post op..Don't even know

No friends ! what else is new

I woke up today and I realized that in your time of need is when you know who your friends are. The women who I thought were my friends. .no calls no text no emails. Nothing it's like I don't exist. The only person who texted me was my gym buddy and she texted say of surgery that's is. She will be flying out today to visit her family in Florida so I understand that she is very busy. Ice always knew this and I've never had my faith in people. I'm mad at 1 in particular because I'm always there for her during rough times. Well I've been there for all these women. I'm just mad but I know where I stand. I just had to vent. I'm also sad that my husband is leaving Tuesday until Saturday and I can't carry my son . How will I put him in the crib at bedtime? Or for naps? I feel so alone. My mother works and my teenage sisters have school. I have to figure something out

4 days op

Doing better every day. Last night wasn't good I jus couldn't find a comfortable position my right shoulder blade was hurting. Managing pain with Tylenol and Muscle relaxant even though I hate hate taking it because it makes me feel stupid. Left breast is doing great getting soft and it's lower than right breast. Ugh .. The right one is hideous it's super high and it still hurts down my armpit, I don't have as much range of motion as I do with my left one. It's still swollen and I can't feel my skin. It's totally numb. The bruising on the right side is incredibly ..I mean bad and the other hand I have no bruising on my left . What the hell ? Is it because it's my dominant side? I do reach back a little to get things from my nightstand as I it's on my right side and when I get out of bed without help I feel all the force on my right breast. What gives? Am the only one?
Oh and I haven't had a bowel movement even though I've been downing stood softeners and Miralax I look 5 months pregnant! !!!! I look pregnant I hate it:(((

Not a hematoma

I emailed my doctor pictures or my bruises and he replied saying it's within normal range and not a hematoma. Also earlier today I was laying in bed with my son and he got excited with the cartoons and tried jumping on me , I managed to deter him with my good side but as I did I felt sharp pain ..now its been hurting all day. Nurse said I probably over extended the muscle and to just take it easy. That's what I get for teaching my son to rough house with me. Other than that doing good

Day 9

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Hey there! I feel about 90% now. I had my post op on last Friday and doctor said everything is fine. My right boob is still more swollen than left and still sore . He explained because I was tighter on the right side. He gave me arnica cream for the bruising and said to continue taking my arnica pills and bromelain which I have been. He said I'm bloated from the surgery, anesthesia, narcotics ect. And that it should subside within the next 3 to 4 weeks. For now im drinking I'm water like a maniac, eating super healthy and keeping sodium very low. I'm doing great just waiting for my right boob to stop being swollen and stubborn and drop like her sister. I can also carry my son but using my legs as force, and very slowly and carefully, so safe to say I feel like I've been doing leg day at the gym everyday lol. I can not wait for my stomach to look back to normal so I can fit in my jeans. I can not wait to go back to the gym!!!. My husband is back for the week but will leave again next Monday for 3 weeks but I'll be fine I feel good and I hope my boobs look great when he gets back. I'm very grateful for the way my mom and sisters came to my rescue when I needed them . We've always only had each other just us girls so it was great to feel support. Oh and the morning boob....more like morning cinder blocks!. I do wish I was healing faster but like I've said patience is not my virtue. I can't say this is worth it yet. Sometimes I miss my little boobs but having cleavage feels AMAZING.

Day 11 boobs

2 weeks 1 day

Hello, had appointment yesterday and I can start massaging now. I still have bruising and I know it will take a while to go away since I bruise easily. Right boob is still a bit higher and little more swollen. I don't have to wear band anymore just massaging now.
I'm in a pretty shitty mood ( not sure if I'm allowed to cuss on here ) if not please forgive me . I'm angry and annoyed. It seems I strained/ pulled a muscle on my left breast and for the the past 4 days I've been taking it easy but if I make a wrong move....F**k does it hurt like a mother .. I mean it pulls and it hurts. I'm mad. Every one said " oh its easy recovery" ha my a** it's easy..not for me it hasn't. My advice to women would be do this when you're kids are not toddlers! !! Or before you have kids. I pulled my muscle getting my son in and put of crib/ changing his diaper and he is a squirmer.. He is just rambunctious. He's my angel the greatest kid. Just rough. He will be 2 in june and I wish I would have waited. I'm trying to be positive but I can't help to be frustrated that I can't get dressed without the damn muscle pulling and making me screw in pain. Doctor said take More in and ice. Doing it religiously. Also applying arnica cream and taking arnica tablets. I'm sooo annoyed. Husband went out for take out and baby is napping. Here I am with a glass of Vodka and kid juice haha moping and being a B***h about it all. We had plans today! I was taking my sisters to the mall and then we had a date night tonight and nope...my muscle decides to be a jerk and pull while trying to wash my hair and get dressed. I'm mad . So I will drink my Vodka and eat mexican food. Damn it I'm so mad !!

2 weeks 2 days

6 weeks tomorrow

Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a while . I wanted to have significant changes before I updated my review. So here it goes. I'm 100% pain free. My pulled muscle pain lasted till week 2 and then I was good. I can do everything. My 1st day at the gym was last night and I did spin class. My doctor advised me at my 4 week check up to lay off the upper body exercises for a while longer.
I'm still numb on my right boob on the side by the armpit. I still have a it of swelling and the bruises are not completely gone , they are at the end phase where they have that greenish color. My right breast is also a bit more firm and doctor said it's because I have bruising I still have swelling to just continue massaging. I feel great, they feel like a part of me. I don't think I remember not having breasts. I love the way they make my body look. They make my waist look smaller. I feel so womanly and wonderful and complete , especially during sex. It's safe to say my husband has never been more focused on my breasts during the act than now that I have my implants. Pretty much everyone that has seen them says they look natural. I'm happy with the size, I think if I would have gone bigger I would of looked out of proportion. At my 4 week appointment I told the doctor one of my boobs looks a bit " crooked" he said I wasn't proportionate before and pulled out my before pictures and he was right. It doesn't bother me unless I stare at it and dwell on it


Almost two years

In April it will be two years since my surgery. Im happy with my decision, my breasts have the natural look i wanted, i got exactly what i wanted. They are soft, bouncy and squishy. In fact, no one has ever wondered if they are implants. When i do make it known that they are the answer is always "wow they look so natural, you cant ever tell" or something of the sort. I ended up with a 34D. I would recommend the surgery to any woman considering it. Its a choice that i would make again and again.


I forgot to add that i just started to get sensation back on the side of my right breast. Its the side i bruised badly on. Lately very itchy and Ive begun to regain feeling, i know its a sign of the nerves repairing themselves. The fact that lost sensation there never bothered me because i didnt think it was a big deal, who needs sensation on the side of the boob? Not me lol
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

The doctor was very nice. He was soft spoken and his staff was very nice and friendly. The wait times though have been terrible both times I've been to his office. I will update again once I have my surgery.. His name is Frank Agullo ..I don't know how I got that wrong

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