I Did It with no Regrets and I'm Loving it 4 Days Post-op Houston, TX

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I am a 23 year old mother of two. I am in a 42 F...

I am a 23 year old mother of two. I am in a 42 F cup size and I plan to be in a D by the end of my surgery. My breast begin to seem larger after my first pregnancy. I was a 36 C before my first pregnancy and after I was a 42 DD. I stayed that size until I became pregnant again. I am so happy that my surgery is near,I've been waiting for this day for years!!!

So i'm going in for surgery tomorrow & excited and...

So i'm going in for surgery tomorrow & excited and nervous. I know that God has all the power in his hands can't wait to see my results and I'm so excited to go shopping. My surgery is for 7:15 am and I have to be there by 6:15 so I'm waking up at five and this going to be a whole new journey for me :0

So I had my Surgery yesterday morning at 8 am....

So I had my Surgery yesterday morning at 8 am. When I arrived at the hospital I went to patient check in then after that they made me pee in a cup to make sure I wasn't pregnant then afterwards. Then my docotor came in did my marking for surgery. They did my IV gave me my narcotics for surgery then weeled me to the OR. Oh yeah and I signed paperwork. The next thing I remeber I was in the recovery room relaxing getting pumped with morphine then after that l was taken to my room. My mom sat up there with me she waited in the wating room for 3 hours and then was taken to private room. My night went well I was given morphine through my IV every 6 minutes, so i remained comfortable majority of the time. I did feel nauseated and dizzy and I also threw up, but I was told that my anestia caused all these symptomes. The next morning I felt great. There was a time when I had to pee but was unable to because I had a bladder spasm. During this time my nurse came in scanned my bladder and come to find out I had a liter of pee inside so he gave me a catheter and I peed 900 ccs in to three pans.

So its been 4 days since my surgery still really...

So its been 4 days since my surgery still really sore. I am getting my drains removed this coming Monday 11/3/12 I am so excited about that!! This will be my first time seeing my boobs with out the bandage. I have been feeling really week so the doctor told me to start taking Iron Supplements. I haven't started taking them yet but when I do I hope I feel better. I slept okay for the first time since the BR. I have a crap load of pillows supporting my back so it makes it easier to get up unassisted. I am still taking my antibiotics and Vicodin but besides everything is pretty much the same. I am able to move around a lot better.

So today I went and had my drains removed. The...

So today I went and had my drains removed. The right side was a lot more pain full than the left on a scale from one to ten I give it a 6.I finally got to see my breast and they are beautiful and I so surprised that I have no bruising just swelling so I am very happy about that. I finally get to take a real shower and I so glad this is the best feeling ever!! I get my stitches removed in 7 days so im looking forward to that next. but besides that my pain level has decreased substantially. I am able to drive and get up and move around by myself.

Almost my one year anniversary!!!!

Its been almost a year since my surgery and although I'm happy for my relief I cant say that I'm happy to have had the surgery. Don't get me wrong I really needed for my health so for that I am grateful. A couple of weeks after my surgery I developed a stitch cyst on my right nipple that became infected it would later pop on its on within a day or so, so I had no need to go to the emergency room. However, I did see my surgeon the following day and he said that it was common and it was no need to worry. Everything to him seemed fine and that I was healing perfectly. Now that I believe my healing is done and my breast have taken there shape I can really see the outcome and I don't like what I see. I guess with the swelling I couldn't tell how small they made them and how deformed my nipple is now after the cyst. My breast still seem uneven and in my right breast I have 3 large lumps that feel like rocks. I went back to him 6 months later for a follow up and he told me that everything still looked normal so, I gave him the benefit of doubt. Now that's its been a year I still see no change and I'm very unhappy. I am considering contacting a new surgeon to see if this can be fixed. Is there anyone else out there experiencing similar issues? If so please let me know because I am so confused.
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I had a few friends who also had breast reductions and was referred to him.

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