Accutane Journey. Edmonton, AB

I've had severe acne on and off since I was 12....

I've had severe acne on and off since I was 12. Antibiotics cleared it but after a year it came back, and I did that twice and then it stopped working all together. I've tried everything, antibiotics, topicals, holistic healing, you name it I've tried it. At 22 years old I'd figured it be gone by now. Taking accutane as my last option. Really hope it does the trick!

Before I started accutane

End of Month 1

Lips were a little dry but that's it. Other than that no side effects yet.

End of month 2

Had some really bad break outs this month, which were more deep and hurt really bad which I never really got before. I had slight drying of skin and lips, and a little joint pain. Other than that no side effects.

End of month 3

Face and lips have dried a lot more, other than that I've noticed no other side effects.
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