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I've been wanting this procedure for years now and...

I've been wanting this procedure for years now and it has always been the price that has been so discouraging for me and then finally one day I was like... screw it, money is money and I can always making it up in a few months, this surgery will be a living changing experience. I've always been self conscious of my labia minor as it hangs down a bit and I just always found myself super self conscious of it, especially in bikini bottoms and tight clothing.

I looked into doctors who do Labiaplasty's locally in Vancouver, BC but I found that the reviews on Dr.Wilke were very mixed. I then started to look into areas around me and stumbled across Dr.Michael Lau in Edmonds, Washington. I gave their office a call and talked to a very friendly woman named Jennifer, who she then set up a phone conference and within an hour I had talked to Dr.Lau and felt very comfortable. Literally the next day I made an appointment and a month later I was sitting in his office.

The whole experience so far has been easy breezy! I drove from Vancouver Canada and arrived in Seattle for my appointment at 12:30pm. Paid for the procedure and then met Dr.Lau shortly after. I did my consultation where we talked about everything and he showed me what I could expect. I felt very comfortable in his hands has he has done some fantastic work.
After signing all the consent forms and agreeing on what will be done, I then changed into a robe and numbed for the surgery. While they set up for the surgery and the numbing was taking effect, they set me up with a pillow, nice big blanket and a movie. When it was time for the surgery they just moved me into the room next door, where my movie continued to play. I was very comfortable and honestly did not feel a thing through the whole surgery!

At the end of the surgery they were all so very kind. They fed me some tea and crackers, packed me up a goodie bag and then I was on my way back home to Canada.

I am just on my first day of recover and I really can't complain. I have had no real pain, just mild discomfort! I've been icing it constantly since after the procedure and will continue until tomorrow around 4pm. Other then that I have just been spraying it with black tea after I go to the washroom and patting it try.

I will try to keep this post updated until it is all healed up. I am a little discouraged to put a picture up 1 day after the surgery as it looks pretty scary haha. So maybe i'll give it a few days and put it up as a comparison once some of the swelling has gone down.

Day 5

Day 1-3 were my rest days. I essentially sat on an ice pack for the first 2 days and for day 3 I just laid low at home with very little discomfort.

Day 4 I went into work and found myself walking pretty funny. I work a desk job so once finally at work it wasn't so bad. By the end of the day I was actually able to work perfectly fine. The only thing that bothered me was feeling the stiches poke me a little.
I found what made the last 2 days easy breezy has been because I've been wear looser pants/even jeans with men's boxer briefs!

Here I am on day 5 and I'm very happy with the results so far. I still have swelling of course but I have had no pain at all this whole experience!
I can feel all the stiches and my doctor said they should dissolve by day 10. He said it is very important to the recovery to continue doing the warm wash clothes for at least 2 minutes, 4 times a day from day 3 onwards. He also suggested taking a bath with Epsom salts which I'm going to start tonight as my stiches feel very prominent.

Picture time!

I don't want to put the picture I have from day one because it's a bit of a bloody mess. I suggest not examinating it too much on day one, but do take a picture. It's interesting to look back and notice the significant difference.

I noticed a huge difference in swelling by day 5. I'm on day 18 now and I am now slowly getting back to the gym. My doctor said I can do low impact cardio, so I have been doing a light work out on the stairmaster and then just weighted machines for my arms. I'm still very cautions and won't do anything vigorous until I hit the minumum of 6 weeks, I really don't want to mess up anything!

Other then maybe a hand full of stiches, I feel like I'm back to my usual self.

I know I still have lots more healing to go until I have my final results, but so far I'm happy with the healing process and how it's looking so far. The incision line is a little rough and hard but I know in time that will heal up.

Oh also I was actually about to get my Piercing back in by about day... 7 :)!
Edmonds OB/GYN

Dr. Michael Lau and his team were beyond fantastic. I am still in awe of how easy and comfortable I was throughout my whole experience. Dr.Lau is very knowledgable and I trusted him right off the bat. I highly recommend Dr. Lau and his team, so far I am very happy with the whole experience and we will see the final results in a few months :)!

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