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I'll try to write this chronologically: For as...

I'll try to write this chronologically:

For as far back as I can remember, I've never been able to breathe out of my nose. I was always known as the mouth breather, and the girl who constantly blows her nose amongst my family and friends. I had wanted to have my septum fixed forever, and simultaneously alter the shape of my nose, but I was terrified. I did a MASSIVE amount of research, and finally found Dr. Miller. (Please see more on Dr. Miller in my Doctor Review section..) I decided to take the plunge, because I had nothing else to lose. Needless to say, I wouldn't have gone in just for cosmetic work, but I figured since I was already going under, I might as well fix some small issues that have bugged me for years.

Now, I say "small" cosmetic issues, because I wanted a very slight change, but the method of achieving that change is extremely difficult. I'm certainly no professional, but from what I've read and seen, this is no easy feat. Unlike normal people who usually want to raise a dropped tip or flatten a bump, I wanted the opposite. I had a very upturned nose naturally and I hated it. If you looked at me straightforward you could see right up my nostrils. To me, I looked like Ms. Piggy or like a resident of "Whoville." Plus, this made my nose project out rather far, which was very unsightly. All I wanted was to bring down my upturned tip and de-project. Almost like if I had a bad nose job, and I wanted it revised. **This is NOT easy to do from a surgical standpoint, trust me I've done the research and been to countless consults.

In the 5 days leading up to my surgery I had terrible headaches, due to extreme anxiety/nervousness. So bad that I would just cry each night, which of course made it worse. And, pre-surgery you're not allowed to take ibuprofen which is the only thing that helps me. The source of my anxiety was mostly because I was terrified of looking like Michael Jackson, or coming out with a pinched look, or a nose-job look. I was pretty confident that my septum would be fine, but like most women, I was more concerned about vanity. (ugh)

The day of my surgery I arrived in NJ around 7am, was prepped by a few very lovely nurses, and finally brought in. Next thing I know I'm on my way home. That day wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, pain-wise.. I just rested and slept and made sure to take the meds. I'd have to say that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days were the worst. I had every side effect in the book.. Insane migraines (still not allowed to take ibuprofen after surgery), constipation (didn't use the bathroom for 7, YES 7 days), yeast infection (from the high dose of antibiotics), and for some reason I could not pee. I had the urge constantly, but nothing would come out. I think the combo of antibiotics/pain killers really didn't agree with my body at all. What's funny is that the thing that hurt the least was my nose! The worst was definitely the migraines though. So bad that I couldn't see straight and I got nauseous. They were made worse by the fact that your head is so stuffed up you feel like it's gonna explode. The pressure in your face is pretty bad.

I think it was day 3 that you can take out the inner gauze packing (I didn't have any splints), with a tweezer. This didn't hurt as much as it sounds, it was mostly just awkward. That definitely alleviated some of the head pressure, because at least some "stuff" could come out. The one thing I learned to do (out of sheer necessity) was hock phlegm through my mouth. I've never really done this because all my life i've been blowing out mucus through my nose. It sounds stupid but you MUST learn to do this effectively or you will literally choke. I trained myself to kind of suck it in and gag it out (sorry this is gross, but reality). The first few days you do this you'll see giant balls of blood (don't be alarmed, this is apparently normal). Slowly but surely it'll just be regular mucus. You are not allowed to blow your nose for a few weeks, so get use to this being your primary method of purging out all the crap.

During the 7 day recovery period you must make sure to keep your nose very moist inside, so keep the saline spray close by. Also, you should keep applying bacitracin with q-tips to keep the scabs moist and help the stitches heal. You will become very swollen in the face, and you'll have to eat very soft foods. I couldn't open my mouth too wide to eat or talk for a while. Luckily, my surgery didn't require the Dr. to break my nose, so I didn't have to experience that pain, nor did I have any black and blue at all. Only my septum was broken inside, so nothing really hurt outside. Where I had my cosmetic work was on the very tip of my nose, so it was just numb cartilage. There's a cast on your nose though, so you can't see anything.

Exactly 7 days later I returned to Dr. Miller's NY office to have my cast removed and the stitches taken out. I was pretty scared that was gonna hurt, apprehensive/excited to finally see what the outside looked like, and embarrassed because for the 1/2hr or so that I walked around the city everyone stared at me. But, who cares I guess. The lovely Vanessa was the one to help me that morning. Now taking off the cast, which is literally glued to your nose, was definitely painful, but bearable. However, I can imagine that those who've had their bridge bone broken must go through the roof during the removal. I shutter to think of the pain, and I would probably pass out. I was told that people actually cry. Cutting out the stitches was definitely tough. it's only 4 little stitches, but it's a very tender spot and each one pinched like hell. When it was all said and done I looked in the mirror and almost ripped my face smiling. I could not fathom that Dr. Miller actually achieved EXACTLY what I'd asked for. Although I was very swollen, I could already see how perfect it was.

Now, 3 months later, I still feel as if it's swollen, and slightly sore but I'm still absolutely elated. Best money i've ever spent. Dr. Miller did the impossible. He brought down my tip considerably and gave me a perfect sloped look on top. You no longer see nostrils when looking straight at me. Let's not forget about the breathing though (lol).. I definitely can breathe clearer, and I think this will also improve over time, as I still have some hard scabbing and scar tissue inside. If I had only one recommendation, it would be to NOT do this surgery over the winter months. I didn't think it was possible, but I actually breathe a little too clearly now. So much so that the cold air really affects me, and I've gotten 2 colds since. This is most likely because I'm still very raw inside so the cold air feels like fiberglass breathing in. If I had to do it again i'd choose a warmer month, so that it can fully heal before the NY winter.

I thank RealSelf SO much, because I definitely relied on the reviews I've seen here. That's mainly why I'm writing one, to help others in my position, and to hail Dr. Miller for his fabulous work. I'm sorry that I cannot post more pictures (for personal/professional/privacy reasons), but I'm more than happy to answer any specific inquiries via private message. Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best of luck :)
Edison Facial Plastic Surgeon

So, as I mentioned in my main review, that I've done very extensive surgeon research. I've seen several Doctors, all who've made promises and were very smooth talking. I finally landed on Dr. Miller's website, and what caught my eye was the fact that not ONE of his before/after pictures looked unnatural. NOT ONE. Every other website I looked at had some people with a slight pinched look and/or upturn, too much thinning, or the nose-job look. Not necessarily bad, but like you could tell they did something. Every pic on Dr. Miller's site looks natural. Literally, there's nothing more to say about it. Also, most of his reviews are excellent, which is important too. I booked an appointment. I should note that he has a NJ office, where he mainly works from, but also a NY office that he's at once a week. The staff there is really lovely. Vanessa is a doll, and gave me such great advice and helped a with scheduling. I work until 6pm, so she was very accommodating with the evening appointments. Most Doctors will only see you on "their time" which is usually like 12-2pm on a weekday when most normal people are working. Dr. Miller has fabulous hours, and it's easy to get an appointment. I will say that Dr. Miller has an interesting personality. He's a bit quiet and standoffish, but very nice and genuine. He's not the most outgoing or friendliest person, but I think that's just his demeanor. Some people may misinterpret this, but I understood it, and it didn't bother me at all. I've met several quick-talking, charismatic surgeons who frankly suck, so I've learned no to recognize when someone's just giving me a sales pitch. Dr. Miller may not be a smooth talker, but I respected that more because he knows what he's doing. That's probably why he doesn't feel the need to overcompensate with bullshit. Another great thing about him was that he was very realistic. He didn't make any ridiculous promises, and was very honest about my expected results. I told him that even a 20% improvement would mean the world to me, and what I actually got was much more. I appreciate that he didn't give me such false high expectations, and didn't "bs" me. Another factor in my decision was the price. The price is definitely reasonable for this procedure, not to mention that mine was double the complexity as usual rhino/septo techniques. They allow you to pay with installments, no interest, and I should also shout out to the lovely lady at the NJ office who handles billing, her name is Claire. She was so sweet, and I had no hidden fees or issues. There was no consult fee, which is great too. I have paid $200-$400 to see top surgeons, and I find that obnoxious. During my recovery week Dr. Miller called to check on me at least 3 times, and whenever I called his office with questions or concerns, he called me back right away and put my mind at ease. He was really great, and I knew he was there if I needed anything. His follow-up is fabulous, and I've been back to the office at least twice since my procedure to see him at no cost. All said and done I am so happy, and would most definitely recommend this Doc to anyone. I do plan to return to him in the future as I contemplate other cosmetic procedures. Bravo Dr. Miller!!!

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