25 Yr Old Female , Finally Have the Guts - Edison, NJ

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Hey Everyone, I finally have the guts to start...

Hey Everyone, I finally have the guts to start this new nose journey. Just to give you guys an insight on things. I have been thinking about a new nose since I was a kid. I have a very unique nose, which makes it difficult for me to know what my outcome could be :( I have not found any one with a good before and after picture similar to mine. To give yall a lil back ground, my nose looks nothing like my mom,dad,brother,sis. not even grand parents or any other relative. My Mom swears when I was born the doctors had something to do with the shape of my nose (hopefully that would be determined during consultations) When I was born I was very quiet, wouldn't breath because of mucus buildup and so the doctors forced something up my nose to suck out the mucus, my mom swears that's the only explanation as to why I have such a low bridge and basically no tip lol anywho I was bullied everyday at school and always came home crying. My mom suggested me to get a nose job when I was 16 but I was too scared and too embarrassed to go through it. Now that I am grown and have the guts to do it, I have decided to start this journey and I am soooo excited and nervous. I will be seeing DR. Andrew Miller. I have heard great reviews about him on this site. And let me tell you I am SO happy Realself exists !!! .... will keep posted !

Had a great consultation today

Today I had a consult with DR Andrew Miller and it went great. This is my very first consult and I honestly feel like I dont need to venture out anywhere else. I did do extensive re search on other sergeons and felt he was worth my time. He was friendly and informative, he had me look through a binder of before and after pics and Let me tell you his work is amazing. I am very excited to have him work on me!! Anywho, he did explain how building a bridge for my nose will help it project more and ofcourse work on the tip since my cartilage is weak. He recommended an alar base reduction aswell I am still not sure if I want to go for that i will still be thinking about it. He mentioned as a graft he would be using Gortec , has anyone had their bridge done using this??? I wilI would be doing my surgery hopefully sometime in January.


Booked my procedure!! Dec 29th 2016

Happy to say I have called in to book my Rhinoplasty procedure with Andrew Miller ! I spoke with the person that schedules and she sent over an agreement and I do have to put down 500$ . I will be seeing Dr. Miller about 2-3 weeks before surgery to touch base on any questions or concerns I may have. I booked for Dec 29th .. so yes I will be awaiting New year all bandaged up lol so no pics for me!!

Baby photos

Wanted to show you guys how my nose looked when I was a baby. You can tell it was really flat then. As I grew older my bridge and tip developed w/ poor/weak cartilage


Spoke to Eileen and booked my preof for the end of the month. Will speak to DR Miller about preperations and what to expect.

Pre-Op went great

Yesterday was my pre-op and it went great, pretty quick process too. Dr Miller and I spoke about what Gore-Tex looks like and his experience working with it. He looked at my nose and did mention he might not have to do an alar base reduction witch is great, BUT he did say it all depends on how it looks once the graft is put in place. We agreed that if during the surgery he feels it needs to be done then I am okay with it, I trust him completely in making that decision. The nurses at the NY office were wonderful, I always have a hard time drawing blood so both arms are a little sore, but they were gentle. I am soooo excited. one more month to go !!

Excited ...

Bought a few supplies for the surgery, humidifier and mouth spray. But ive been searching to see what can help with bruises... I can always cover up w/ makeup but that wont help the swelling. For the last month I have been waking up @ 4:30 to hit the gym, I know my body and know I will heal a lot better if I work out 2 mnths before surgery. Everyone's review is so helpful but ive been bumping into botched reviews and thats not helping me at all lol ..... surgery is just a few weeks away.

ONE MORE WEEK !! ( kind of )

a week from Tomorrow is my surgery date and I am still so excited. not even nervous. YET. Today I am putting in my last payment and I will be all set. surgery is at 7:45 AM. so I have to be in at 7AM. I will be speaking to Dr Miller and the anesthesiologist before the procedure.... again.... so excitedddddddddddddddddd


Just adding a couple more photos, Side profile is not much of an issue to me but threw a pic in there so everyone can see how it looks.


Really excited... going to get some rest now. Posting a pic of what I have for post op!


Surgery was so smooth. Dr. millers staff is amazing I Have had no pain. Changed my gauze 6 times yesterday, alot of dripping today I woke up and not bleeding much. When I got home yesterday I had bruising and today a little swollen. Arnica gel and ice bags are helping alot. Getting used to sleeping with ny mouth open is so hard. I think I was finally able to sleep 3 hrs straight last night. Medication is the best thins ever!!!


Confusion with "packing"

So I was told the next day I should take out packaging from both nostrils. Now The nurse did mention it will be like a 2-3 inch long cotton thing. Yesterday I went ahead and used my tweezers to remove the packing but it was like a long strip of tissue. Thats what it looked liked. Both nostrils had that, I was still stuffed up my nose but I called to make sure. Dr. Miller was not available so I tried to speak to someone who knew if I still had something up my nose. The person who picked up could not get a hold of anyone so I just asked her. She mentioned I would still feel stuffy until I see DR. Miller for cast removal, to make sure I use saline to keep everything moist so when he cleans me out it wont be as painful. The problem is I dont know if I have splints or maybe I didnt take out the packing properly. When I use saline it does not go all the way up to my nose it just stays in the front of my nose. So im guessing I did not take out the packing properly. I know its a holiday but I called the office and someone took my message. I also emailed DR. Miller concerned. I hope he gets back to me somehow.

I was literally expecting it, but not expecting it at the same time

Lol. I was expecting a swollen outcome and thats exactly what I got for my cast removal appt. Dr. Miller is so talented in what he does I know for sure I will end up loving my new nose with in the next few weeks. I immediately snapped pics when the nurse was done taking my stitches out you can see in some of the pics Im just like "omg what did I do" lol Dr. Miller gave me instructions on massaging my bridge 3x a day using peroxide twice a day and saline 4x. Once I got home washed my face and settled in I noticed my nose wasnt as swollen and took another shot. Thank you everyone for being so positive on this site. I really hope my journey helps anyone who is thinking about rhino!

Feeling and looking better and its only been 8 days :):):):)

Pre op- Vs. 8days post op.

2 weeks post!!

Let me tell yall, My nose looks different everyday. Some days im like whoah, others im like hey cutie, certain angles I do not like and then 2 days later Im in love lol. This ls most def a process. Really cant wait for it to stop playing around and settle lol.

One month post!!

3 months post

It has now been 3 months and although I know The real results will take a year. So far I have notices my nose has settled into my old nose with minor changes. Still wide, with projected bridge. My tip could be more refined, but again.... I must wait. My nostrils look like I should of done an alar plasty but since DR. Miller said my nose would "look boxy" I didnt go for it. Here are a few pics of how I look now.
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