22 Yrs Old, Septorhinoplasty w/ Dr. Andrew Miller - Edison, NJ

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I've hated my nose since I was a child.. I...

I've hated my nose since I was a child.. I remember begging my mother for a nose job in high school. Of course she said no, and said not to be so vain. She didn't understand (I inherited my nose from my Dad's side of the family, Italians). So, here I am, finally about to get it done!! It's always weighed on my mind and bothered me so much.. it's not like hating yourself for being overweight, because if you're overweight you can at least try to do something about it.. Having a bad feature that you can't physically change yourself is frustrating..

I'm pretty nervous and equally excited for this surgery. I'm naturally a pessimist so there's a part of me that worries that I'll come out looking worse.. It's hard for me to imagine my face any different than it is, and I'm relying on Dr. Miller's expertise to work some magic on this nose! I've never hated my front view as much as my side profile. My lose is long and skinny, with a drooping tip when I smile. I also have suffered from horrible allergies and difficulty breathing, which with also be addressed in the surgery. Dr. Miller assured me that I'll come out looking & breathing great, "I'll be an enhanced version of myself". He said he will shorten the tip, file away the bridge, and also fix the little section of skin that is on the underside of my nose.

So far I've met with him twice, and I'll be seeing him one more time next week before my surgery coming up in couple weeks. I'll post updates of everything that's happening if anyone would like to stay posted :)

Before & After Morph

Here's a quick computer simulation Dr. Miller did for me on my 2nd visit of the possible outcome

I'm waaay over this look..

I cannot wait to get my nose done.. My fiancé took this picture today, and I'm cringing!!

1 week until surgery!

Can't wait for my new nose :D

Another Morph

Top - My nose now.. WAY, WAY too long.
Bottom - A morph I did, hoping it's shorter..

And it's done!

I was so nervous before they put me under.. but it was all mostly because of the anesthesia (I hate needles, etc!) but it all went well. Tip is definitely shorter and my fiancé said the hump is gone as far as he could tell... I owe it all to him I couldn't get through this without his support!!


i am actually not in pain right now! so far im really happy with Dr. Miller's work!! I can't wait until this swelling goes down :D

I should've iced my face more yesterday..

Because today I am BEYOND swollen!!!! horribly!! But, no more pain! Haven't taken pain meds at all today. Dr. Miller personally called this morning to make sure everything was alright. How great is that?? :)

Lookin' like a trainwreck..

Still don't need pain meds but I took one last night before bed to help me sleep. My mom bought me some arnica gel to help my bruising & I put some on before bed and my eyes are looking better today. The only thing is I now officially have squirrel cheeks!! Ughhh. I was told swelling can peak up to day 3 & it sure is getting worse.. The worst part of anything right now is the congestion in my head & the headache that accompanies it.. Especially when I swallow. Oh, and getting an itch under the cast is preeeetty frusterating .. I'm just cleaning my nose out with saline & putting bacitracin on 2x/a day. My nostrils are completely uneven due to swelling, which is normal, I imagine.. This isn't a fun ride, can't wait until the worst is over with :P

Swelling, swelling, swelling..

This stuff is great

Helped my bruising reducd drastically overnight :))

Day 3 Post Op

Day 4 Post Op

Sooo last night I might've ended up sleeping somewhat on the side of my nose.. I'm a side sleeper, so trying to stay on my back has been very difficult and at this point I've been laying with my cheek against my pillow.. my nose doesn't make contact but when I stir from my sleep half awake and try adjusting my position, I've been rubbing my cast against pillows and such.. it's not painful so I guess that's why I don't notice right away. I've also awoken trying to scratch an itch below my cast.. I hope I haven't been putting any pressure on my nose to have affected the healing process/results.. I'm not going to panic or worry cause I'm sure people have done worse and things have come out just fine.. I'll just have to wait & see what Dr. Miller says at our next appointment! I'm not looking forward to having the stitches/cast removed at alll.. If it was up to me, I'd wear a cast for six months to ensure no damage would happen to my nose.. Hahaha

First car ride since operation ^_^

Decided I felt well enough to accompany my wonderful fiancé to get some dog food.. Not getting out of the car, though... And that's just purely due to laziness :P I tried covering up the bruising with some eye concealer, but you can still see it-- oh well!! :P

Day 5 Post Op

I can tell that the swelling in my face is finally beginning to subside! And my bruises are super yellow under my eyes, so they should be gone soon :) But for some reason my nose feels very "stiff" today, and I'm a lot more aware of the stitches being there.. But no pain or problems, really.

3am Update

I'm starting to feel a reallyyyy uncomfortable pain inside of my nose, and I came to the realization that it's proooobably due to that fact that I have internal splints... I wasn't really told much about the splints being put in or anything like that (after the procedure they just said I could remove the *packing* the following day-- which I did) .. buuut, from reading so many reviews I know that internal splints are used during septoplasty & turbinate reduction (which is what I had) to help support the structure of the nose while healing. It feels like they're irritating the crap out of my nose and I'm dying to get them out now.. It's funny because I actually didn't even notice or feel them until today. Ughhh!!! This is bothering me more & more every minute.. I hope I can sleep.. I'll probably be calling the Dr. in the morning to see if I can do anything to alleviate this pain.. I have such a narrow nose/nostrils and I know how HUGE those splints are, cause I looked up youtube videos of people getting them removed (it looks scary).. So I'm just guessing the pressure of the silicone (or whatever material it is) is just becoming too much for my nose to handle.. Two more days.. that's all... Twoo daysss...

Finally washed my hair!

I could not waaait another day to wash my hair. Buuuut I didn't want to risk getting my cast wet.. So I decided to saran wrap my face, hahaha. I looked ridiculous, but it worked!! Was so worth it. :P

Here comes drama...

So to be frank, my fiancé & I have been having a tough couple days with petty arguments & such due to the typical stressful thing called life.. And we were sitting on the couch, snapping at each other when he thought something I said was funny and we both ended up laughing. So, he got up & came over and for the first time in a week he leaned in to hug me and guess what-- he loses his balance and his face (or head, I don't know, I closed my eyes at that point) hits me straight in the nose with all of the weight he couldn't control. So I burst into tears because not only am I already emotionally drained from all that has been happening but of course something would go wrong. And the funniest thing IS all week whenever I'd be cautious if he was near me he would get mad and offended and say "I'm not going to hit you in your /precious/ nose I'm not an idiot!!" .. and guess what... it was the one time I wasn't on guard (for fear that he'd get annoyed at me for trying to protect myself) and I let myself down. So, my advice to all of you is, screw whatever anyone says to you. You're not being paranoid or anal, it's an investment you're making on your own body, so do whatever you can to make sure YOU will be ok. Cause in the end, if anything happens, YOU will feel stupid for letting your guard down and it'll be YOU who's sitting there, crying with an ice pack over your face hoping your results aren't ruined & if they are and you need a revision it's YOU who's going to have to pay for it and go through the healing process alllll over again. Anyways, he got in contact with the doctor (I felt bad it was 11 pm.. only took 2 mins for him to reach the doctor, that's pretty amazing on Dr. Miller's part) & the Dr. said said I'd be fine and to just ice my cheeks. Then again, all my fiancé claimed was that he "touched" my nose when he went to hug me. Very different from actually falling on me, but whatever.. I'll be seeing Dr. Miller in the morning so hopefully he'll tell me nothing was ruined. I honestly was not in severe pain but my nose did go completely numb for a while and swelled up. I have a horrible headache right now.. I noticed my cast is uneven because it's as not tightly glued on one side anymore, making my nose look crooked. If my bones were shifted I wouldn't want them to heal like that so I attempted to put some tape on the loose side to make it as even as possible. It kind of worked... buuut not really.. It's 3 am and I cannot sleep.. All I really have for support is this community & I thank you all for the kind words and best wishes you send to me. :) I'll post an update tomorrow after cast removal. Night, y'all, & sorry for the rant!!

Cast Removal!

Ok, so, when I went to get my cast/stitches removed, I found out that I actually didn't have internal splints! I thought I did but I guess the excessive swelling and bloody crust made me feel like there was something in my nose. Getting the cast removed was nothing-- no pain at ALL. The stitches pinched a tiny bit, but was nothing as bad as I thought it would be. When I looked in the mirror for the first time I was completely taken aback. I knew I'd look different but I didn't expect to look like a different person. I'm honestly not too thrilled with how I look from the front right now, because the swelling makes me look like a monster (I was hit in the nose last night which also didn't help). I'm in love with my profile, though. Dr. Miller said I'm off to a good start & that I'll be seeing a lot of improvement as time goes by. He had to remove a lot of crust from the inside of my tip, which hurt the most. I'll be seeing him next week to make sure that my cleaning & massaging of my nose is going well. I'll be posting updates as the swelling goes down so y'all can see how I'm doing! Thank you for all the support I couldn't do it without this community :)

Before & After

Before & After

Some more pictures

Some more pictures

Day 9 P.O.

Before & Afters

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween :)

I used to hate my silhouette/shadow...

Worst 2 Days so far

I have to say, yesterday & today have been the worst days so far.. and all because I'm pretty sure that I have an ear infection :/ I woke up crying yesterday morning from severe earache pain, my fiance called the doctor to ask him what could be done. Dr. Miller didn't seem irritated at all at the fact that we were contacting him on a Sunday, and he said that I should take some nasal decongestants. I also wanted to know if I could blow my nose (because I haven't yet) & I think that I got the ear pain from NOT blowing my nose for so long. He said I could do anything, because I'm healed. I felt better toward the end of the day, after whining in pain for about five/six hours.. I thought I would be fine today but I was wrong. I woke up with a fever and my body feels completely achy and pained, especially my legs and mid back. My head is congested and my ears still hurt (though, not as bad as yesterday). Tomorrow I have an appointment to see Dr. Miller to make sure I've been cleaning/massaging my nose correctly. Hopefully he will help or suggest what I can do to get rid of this possible infection asap!!

2 Weeks Post Op

Left & right views, 2 weeks post op. Sorry for the shiny/oily looking skin. It was just before bed when I took the picture, & every night I put arnica gel & vitamin A+D on the outside of my nose to help with swelling and dry skin :)

Before & After

Sometimes when I look at my nose it looks like it points off to the left side a little more than the right, hoping it's just swelling, but I don't even care because it's such an improvement from what I had


I love my profile but from front on you can see that my nostrils are uneven... Don't be thrown off by my lips, I know the bottom one is more swollen looking on one side due to a lip ring that went bad when I was 16, haha

Hoping my front view improves

Nose points to the left... I noticed it before but it really hit me when my fiance said "you know your nose is crooked, right?" Ughh. At times it looks REALLY crooked, and then sometimes it looks fine.. so weird..


Love my new nose :)

Healing has been going well. So happy with the results. Swelling has gone down a LOT since the surgery, thank god! Very grateful.

Devil's game this year vs. Last year

Last time we went to a game, I hated taking pictures because of my nose! Now I can delete pictures for normal reasons--like bad lighting or blurriness-- not because of how my nose looks! Yay! :)

Post holiday update :)

I saw Dr. Miller about a week ago for a checkup & he said everything looks fine, so I'll be seeing him again in about 6 months. Breathing is ok, but half of the time I'm congested ( probably due to allergies ) . I can tell there's swelling present, and the tip of my nose still hurts when it gets bumped. My fiance looked inside my nostrils and said it looks creepy- raw looking and veinyish (ewww). I think one side of my nose isn't exactly perfect because at 3/4 view a small hump is visible, and in pictures, when I smile, my nose curves to the left. But I don't care!! I wasn't looking for perfect, I was just looking for an improvement and I'm super happy with what I've got :) I can't wait until I'm 100% healed and don't have to be so wary or paranoid of bumping my nose anymore ^_^

Everything's going well :)

Moved down south where it's much warmer, so finally no more stinging feeling in my nose from the cold weather :))

Update w/ photos!

It's so nice, for the first time in my life I haven't had problems with stuffyness/breathing, even during allergy season!!! It's amazing! I am so grateful.

Recent photos

(didn't upload with last post)
Edison Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Miller is a pleasant, soft spoken man with an artful eye when it comes to the nose. Initially I was worried that we didn't spend enough time discussing in detail exactly what would be done during my surgery. We simply agreed to shave down my hump & shorten the tip. He did a quick computer simulation of my profile that I liked off the bat. He said that I should not expect it to look exactly like that, because it was just something I could get an idea off of. That worried me because I wasn't sure if that meant he couldn't achieve what the simulation showed. However, I decided to have some faith in his skill, and my nose turned out even BETTER than the simulation itself! For such a big thing like surgery, this has been such an simple, easygoing experience. I am so glad I picked Dr. Miller to do my nose, he knows what he's doing!

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