Rhinoplasty to Reduce Tip and Alar Base Reduction - Edinburgh, GB

I never hated my nose but in photos I didn't like...

I never hated my nose but in photos I didn't like my large nostrils and wanted a more refined tip. I researched rhinoplasty for along time and the more I read the more scared I became, however I still decided to go ahead with it. I am currently 9 weeks post op and it is one of the scariest journeys waiting to see your final outcome, some days I feel hopeful I'm going to be very happy and others completely unsure, waiting for the swelling to subside is the hardest part, especially like me if it has been uneven. Most rhino patients will know what it's like! You really do look in the mirror every hour to see if it has changed, I'm not going to add my surgeons details until I can give an accurate review but I will add a before and my nose as it is 9 weeks post op

Open rhino

This is me 9 weeks post op, not 5 months as its states!! Still swollen in tip

Getting better?!

9 month post op update

Hi just thought I would update, I am now 9 months post op, nose still seems to be pulling to one side but not sure it's worth the risk and worry of a revision?!

9 month post op

Mark Butterworth

Left with multiple issues after first surgery. My surgeon had been very good at answering my concerns but has told me to remain patient to allow healing to subside, at present will Leave his details

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