450cc Natrelle Inspira Extra Full Silicone Unders - Edinburg, TX

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Hello everyone! I want to post a review on my...

Hello everyone! I want to post a review on my plastic surgery experience. I am scheduled for surgery next week and I decided on the Natrelle Inspira implants extra full profile 420cc's. I am 26 years old, mother of one (almost 2 yrs old), and breast fed for 2 months (stopped milk production). I've always had small breasts using an A cup bra and barely filling it in. After breast feeding, they changed their shape quite a lot and I notice them even smaller now. I have zero upper pole fullness which is why my Dr recommended extra fulls which are also called ultra high profile in other implant brands. I am getting silicone under the muscle, with the incision on my breast crease. Honestly cant wait to have boobies! Ill be posting my progress to help girls who are looking into getting this type of implant. It's been very difficult to find results with these implants for me.

Feeling pretty good

I am one day post op and i've been feeling very well. My arms are sore and my I feel pressure on my boobs but not much pain. I've been icing them 20 minutes on and off as my doctor recommended. I was prescribed tylenol #3 and Valium.. taking those 2 hours apart and even set my alarms in the middle of the night to take them. There's an app called Round Health that notifies you when its time for your medication. It really helps! I've also kept my breast strap on almost all day and took it off to sleep. Looking forward for the swelling to go down!
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