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Hello ladies, well let me start saying that i...

Hello ladies, well let me start saying that i admire everybody here, it seems that post op is a nightmare lol.. specially having a bowel movement lol.. anyways.. i am a mother of 4 kids, i just turned 40 years old on the 13th.. so this will be my birthday gift :) .. i have been putting off, because of there is always something needed or somebody else that need the money.. but this year i been firm lol.. I am planning to have it done in June or July.. it is supper hot down here around those months so i am little concerned about that.. Als, i know it sounds pathetic but i have no family to take care of me after surgery..maybe a friend or two.. i have my initial consultation scheduled for the 29th.. he didn't have any other appointments sooner.. basically there is about 3 plastic surgeons here where i live lol.. and i have been researching online and it looks like candidate numer 1 is Dr Filiberto Rodriguez.. if you have heard anything about him please let me know, i beg you LOL!! I had a breast augmentation 3 years ago, but this surgeon apparently does not have experience with BBL.. because it is not even listed on the website.. and he is about 30 minutes from where i live..i don't even know whos gonna take me to surgery and back home.. i guess i will worry about it after initial consultation if i choose this doctor. Ladies would you be so kind to tell me what are the questions i need to ask this doctor. And what should i look out for.. i have heard some horror stories from friends.. one has one buttchick obviously bigger than the other one.. lke this 0.o
and the doctor told ther it was her fault because she did not follow instructions.. sad.. another one has no belly button.. tummy tuck gone wrong.. So any advice is very much appreciated.. my kids are 17, 15, 8 and 6. 3 boys and a girl. My kids are my life, i loved them so much, they are my reason to live. I been married twice, my 17 and 15 year old kids are from my first marriage. About 3 months ago they moved in with his dad. He bought them brand new trucks and the rule was that they moved in with him so they did ... :( .. so now i pay child support.. needless to say that had me very depressed, but thank God im doing better, i have 2 little ones at home that need me.. I never spend money on me so i feel kinda guilty..selfish..my closet consists of about 15 pairs of scrubs and some shirts and jeans (about 5+years old lol.. i have one pair of nikes..black.. thats it.. so i keep telling myself i deserve this :) .. im 138 lbs..about 5'5 .. and basically i want to have a booty like JLo's... LOL... or Beyonce's.. LOL..

Meeting Dr Rodriguez

Im excited this wednesday i get to meet Dr Filiberto Rdz.. I hope i hear what i need to hear from him..and i get to see a lot of before and after pictures..im ready to get my new booty :)


So i met with Dr Rodriguez today, his staff was very nice and he seemed very nice too..he showed me some before and after pictures and we talked about my expectations..he explained to me the difference between the tummy tuck and the lipo..i can not afford the tummy tuck so i went with the lipo and brazilian butt. I am so excited but nervous at the same time. June 13 is the day.. Less than a month away..so tomorrow i am asking for time off at work and i hope i do get it!! im thinking i should of wait until later but he is going on vacations.. So please pray for me :) .. A friend is driving me to surgery and back home and also picking up my kids from daycare. My kids leave for 45 days to his dads (summer divorce thing).. so i just pray God let me out of there healthy to keep taking care of my kids. As far as labs, garments and preop, i have not gotten anything yet. They explained to me that labs, and the garments are included in the surgery price..which is a whooping $8900 dlls.. The tummy tuck and brazilian butt was $13000 so i couldnt afford that. I have anxiety over the surgery.. I wonder if its something normal..

Preop visit

So i have the pre-op visit on thursday..i think im gonna ask Dr Rodriguez to tell me what exactly he is going to lipo from..i don't want any surprises..i was counting the money few minutes ago and it is a big sacrifice for me so i need to make sure we are in the same page. I worries me that he said that without a tummy tuck the results would be just ok..and then when i showed him my wish pictures he said he could not do that because JLo's butt are implants. So i need to tell him that is something is really bothering me. Then what the heck is he planning to do? ... i hope i can get to talk to him again and not only on the visit or on the surgery day. Im getting little scared.. i know i want this and i should be a big girl and go on with it. But 3 hours under anesthesia sounds like a lot to me... oh and i also don't know how is he going to put me to sleep..im anxious about that too... Here where i live this doctor does not have any bad reviews.. i was thinking of maybe waiting for one or a couple of his clients to exit the office and approach them and ask them how satisfied are they with his work? ... Do you guys think its too much? do you guys think that maybe the clients would feel offended or mad because i approach them with that question?..... it is a lot of money and this is a one time thing.. so i just want to make sure im choosing the right surgeon.. any thoughts??

:( depressed

So i thought my bra roll was included in the 9000$ lipo deal..turns out its not and it would be $2000 more..i never look at myself in the mirror in detail..today i did because i took this pictures..i look so horrible..no wonder nobody pays attention to me..i feel so depressed.. now i want to cancel the surgery but its in the quote that they would keep the down payment.. Yea im stupid..and ugly.

Pre-op visit

Pre-op visit was kinda fast.. one of the staff there is rude..helda i think is her name.. other than that everything was ok.. I got blood drawn, i had to sign a lot forms and consents, first thing was to pay the remaining amount due and i talked to Priscilla about the bra roll she said it would be $995.. and that she would let me know about Dr Rodriguez payment plan, til today i haven't heard from her. Sometimes i feel cancelling this surgery. I am very nervous and scared. Praying everything would be ok. I also went to the hospital to pre-register, had an ekg done and more papers to sign. the nurse was nice. If anybody is reading this, please pray for me. Thanks.

Surgery day

Surgery day was on thursday... i took the valium and the clonidine about 40 minutes before the surgery..i was very uneasy about the clonidine but the nurse told me it wouln't bring my blood pressure down so i took it. Then the nurse aid came and weigh me, took my blood pressure and tempeture.. also got me on some tight stockings for the blood circulation.. then the anesthesiologist came in, who i thought look kinda freaky, he had a green eye and a blue eye.. but i didn't say anything. The doctor came in, marked where he was gonna lipo from and marked some on my butt also..then back in the bed and i just remember the nurse saying i"ll see you later and that's it. I woke up in pain.. a lot of pain... i was in my side.. the nurse came and gave me something for pain.. then i went back to sleep.. woke up and i was super thirsty.. the nurse game a coke... that i drank in probably 5 minutes.. right away i asked for something else i was so thirsty.. she brought another coke.. i didn't throw up.. then they got me ready to go home, gave me the instructions and te appointment for a follow up for next day... i guess they put me on this super thight black garment when i was sleeping because i don't remember anything.. we got home, i was "leaking" from my back mostly... and i kept going to the bathroom to urinate..like every 2 hours.. and it felt like it wasn't gonna stop peeing lol..i was in pain.. not hungry but my friend got me something to eat and i ate little bit.. i didn't get much sleep, i couldn't sleep on my belly, the zippers of the garment felt like they were cutting my skin... and kinda bulging.. and i have never liked to sleep on my belly... so i put a pillow under my knees.. kneel down and used a chair to put my head and arms and tried to rest. Next day i woke up super swollen, even my face was swollen. I had breakast and got my kids ready and i had a roll to use under my legs to use and drove to the doctor. It was hell. It sucks being alone. Thank God the doctor is about 15 minutes away from me. So i only got to talk to the nurse, she weigh me i was 147 lbs which is 12 pounds over what i was when i went in for the surgery. She said it was normal, that the swelling was normal. She gave me another garment, that looks like a joke lol... it is super small... the one im wearing its a medium size, and this new one is a small. I have no idea how am i gonna get into that garment. Today is shower day finally. Im excited to shower but scared also. Because i am by myself. My kids left yesterday to his dads for a month and half..that has me very sad also. So i put 3 hangers inside the garment in hopes it will stretch some... but i am still thinking how am i gonna take the shower. I actually don't remember if the nurse told me to take all the gauzes off or what... so i have to call her today... i guess im just very nervous.. also i haven't had a bowel movement since thursday.. and i got my period yesterday :( >>>> i feel like shit!!! I wish i had gotten a female urine because it is hard to pee thru this little hole in the garment lol.... recovery is a bitch.. Im looking at my butt and i don't see what i wanted. He did tell me i didnt have enough fat.. the flanks are gone and also the bra roll... which makes a big difference so will see when the swelling goes down... please pray for me, i feel overwhelmed...

5 days post op

I have been feeling so bad that i regret having that surgery. I am super weak, dizzy.. And having low grade tempetures on and off.. I went to see the doctor today and they only did urine labs and came back clean but they still gave me bactrim.. My doctor wasnt there so i had to see somebody else and she said my incisions looked clean and not infected so i think they should of got a bood test. I been hetting migraines every day and this garment is so super thight. :(

back to work

so after getting a second round of antibiotics i felt a lil better. My mom really helped me get thru all that pain. The pain is no joke. And the frustration of not being able to sit down is hell. i have never been able to sleep on my tummy so im really not sleeping much. Today my mom woke me up at 6;30 and i came to work. i only work monday thru weds, and i took a week off i cant afford no more time off. I am disappointed with my butt. Is not what and how i wanted it. Doctor is nice and all but i think i made a wrong decision going with him. As far as the lipo goes my flanks are gone, i still have swelling, and my belly button hurts once in a wnile.. I work behind a desk, so i been standing up and also i have a rolled up lil blanket under my legs so my butt dont touch the chair. I been eating frequent snacks like fruit and healthy food because i noticed the 3 meals dont cut it.. i get a migraine headache. I been drinking a lot of water too. So now i have to get another garment that is smaller than the one i have but its $160.00 and also i ran out of arnica gel so thats another $20.. I think i have spent about $10,000..So i really hope this butt plumps up..it is a lot of money and lot of sacrifice too.

So sad ;(

Well its exactly a month today after the surgery and my butt is as flat as it was before surgery ;( i can't stop crying... I have an appointment intil the 24th but i wanna call monday ro see if i can see him before.. I hope he doesnt wash his hands clean and say he wont fix it.. I spent $9000 and im uneven on my waist sides too.. One side is curvy and another one straight.. I wonder if i can sue him ;(
Edinburg General Surgeon

He is nice and attentive, his staff nice too. However, i am not happy with the results when i look at my butt. It is not what and how i had asked him for. Also i really dislike that after the surgery he does not come to tell you how the surgery went or nothing, it was the hospital nurse. He did not tell me how many cc's he injected on my butt. Since i went to his office like 3 times after surgery, the nurse told me i dont need a 2 week appointment so they gave me a 6 weeks appointment. Im looking into buying the flat board for the tummy..does anybody have any info on them?

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