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31 year old had gyno since I was 13 or 14....

31 year old had gyno since I was 13 or 14. Basically a little more than half my life. I was OK with it for the most part throughout my late teens and twenties because I was pretty muscular otherwise. I could wear muscle shirts and wife beaters and still look good. My gyno from under the shirt just made me look like I had massive pecs. But the biggest problem was when I had to take my shirt off. I couldn't create an illusion then. It was obvious I had gyno.
So for the vast majority of my life I refused to do activities that required taking a shirt off especially when women were present. I tried solving the problem by focusing on bench pressing and other chest exercises and although I could bench up to 365 at one point I could not get rid of the female breast apperance.
After realizing exercising the chest was not enough I turned to anti estrogen pills. The pills seemed to reduce the symptoms a tad but it was still obvious I had man boobs. To make matters worse when I stopped taking the pills my symptoms seem to come back even more pronounced.
Desperate not to let this condition ruin another summer of my life I started looking into surgery last year about this time.
I researched the procedure online for a couple months then started searching for surgeons. I saw 5 surgeons in total over the last 7 or 8 months. I decided to pick one based on the best combination of price, skill, and method.
So here I am. A week in a half away from getting rid of a condition that has tormented me most my life. It's a little surreal to be honest. Hopefully everything goes well and I can provide some positive feedback for others suffering from gyno like many on this site have done for me.

couple days out

Just a couple more days out from my surgery. Feeling a little nervous and anxious. Even getting a little cold feet but there is no turning back now.
Everything is paid for,my ride to the surgery is arranged, and my time off from work is in place.
Only thing left to do now is wait for the day which sucks because it's all you think about.

Surgery completed!

So surgery was completed today. I went to the facility approximately 8 am and was discharged around 1pm.
The wait time for the surgery to get started was slow. It started about 45 minutes later than scheduled for. It wasn't to bad but I was craby and annoyed because I was tired, dehydrated, and hungry.
The nurse brought me to a pre-op room first. Had me change to a gown and inserted an IV in me. Then the anesthesiologist came in asked me some questions and left. Finally the doctor came in made his markings and answered my last minute questions.
Once in the OR I was laid down on the operating bed and put out like a light right away. Next thing I remember was waking up in the recovery unit with a nurse asking me a bunch of questions like how are you feeling and my pain level.
Not gonna lie the pain was worse than I expected. It felt like I had an anvil on my chest with a slight burning sensation. I would probably score the pain 4 or 5 out 10. Still not too bad. They gave me pain medication right away and that helped.
I did end up with drains which I did not want one bit but the doctor told me if needed them then he was going to put them in. So not a huge surprise and in all honesty I barley even know they are there.
Once home I ate a bunch of food my dad picked from a restaurant for me and then I took a much needed nap on a recliner. After I woke up I felt much much better.
The pain subsided quite a bit but I'm still uncomfortable moving around. I can feel my chest pulling with every little movement. I'm hoping my range improves fast. I wouldn't drive the way it is right now.
Doctor said I can shower Friday and my post op and drain removal is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.
I'll keep you guys posted.

first shower

Hey guys,
So I took my first shower today and got a look at my chest for the first time since surgery. I have to tell you it was pleasantly weird. I couldn't recognize my own chest. I couldn't believe how different and flat it was.
There's till some swelling and bruising obviously but I can already tell I will be pleased once my results are final.
The shower itself was difficult especially because of the drains. They get in the way quite a bit.
I used a sponge instead of bar soap just cause I didn't want to press anything against my chest to hard. It's very tender and squishy right now.
I decided to for go any deodorant for now. I didn't want to infect my drain sites. Besides I'm not going anywhere anyway nor am doing any physical activity.
I put the vest in the wash cause it's the only one the hospital gave me. To be honest I feel naked without it. Feels like my chest is unprotected.
Anyway my first post op appointment is on Tuesday at which time the drains will be removed. I'll update you guys again then.

Drains out!

So had my first post op appointment today and had the drains removed. I was so afraid that it was gonna be painful based on what I read from other reviews. Let me tell you it was surprisingly not painful at all. There was a slight burning feeling immediately after they were out but it goes away quick.
Now I am super happy that I can shower without those damn things getting in the way and that I don't have to feel the stitches pinching against my skin.
I am glad I did have them in though. I feel they reduced the amount of bruising and swelling in my chest quite a bit.
I think the worst part is over. I feel great and feel like I can return to normal daily activities. It will still be a while before I can hit the gym though :(.
I'll update again in a week or two. Until then I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!

3 weeks in

Hey guys,
So I am 3 weeks in today and my chest is making progress. Still swollen a good bit but it's improving week to week. Incisions sites are getting better as well.
I've been back to work for a week now and I feel pretty good. I work a desk job so straining my self physically is not an issue.
Still wearing the compression vest night and day. It's not all that bad to me except I don't like sleeping in it. I also don't like that I have to wear looser fitting shirts to hide it but oh well. If it helps my healing then I'll deal with it.
I'm still sleeping on my back which is something I got used to since surgery but man do I miss turning over. I sometimes fantasize about the day I can sleep on my side again lol.
My range motion is pretty decent now, but my chest tightens up if I stretch my arms to far back or above my head.
I'm probably still weeks away from a return to the gym which sucks because I'm loosing some bulk and muscle tone. I'm hoping the doctor clears me for some light cardio work later this week. I can't stand not being active.

week 4 review

So 4 weeks are in the history books now and not gonna lie I had some mixed emotions about my results this past week . The swelling got to the point where my chest looked robust again (although still way improved) and I thought I might be having some recurrence. I went to the doctors office two days ago for another post op. doctor said I was still swollen and should still wear compression but could switch to something less bulky (they actually ordered me another one at the office that looks just like a tank top that is made for gynecomastia compression). The doctor also said I should not work out for another month. I was a little bummed after hearing that because working out is a hobby of mine and I miss it dearly. But healing right now is the priority so I will obey.
After researching the swelling issue I started to feel a little better because the general consensus is that it can take 2 to 3 months to go down. Pheew....As long as it's not gyno coming back I'm ok with it.
If been feeling around my chest just to make sure I don't feel anything hard and lumpy but there is nothing. All I feel is the soft squishy tissue due to the swelling.
I posted a couple pictures again. From the front you can't really tell I'm swollen but the side picture shows you what I'm talking about.
I guess that's something everyone considering this procedure should be warned about. You will have some emotional ups and downs as you heal. The important thing is to be patient. It takes time.

6 weeks post

So it's 6 weeks now and I haven't really seen an improvement in my chest since week 4. Physically it is feeling better. The numbness is improving and I can lay on my side without any discomfort. It is still a little stiff which I'm guessing is from the swelling.
As far the look goes I'm not satisfied with it yet but I'm being patient and gonna give it a couple months to improve.
I plan on having sex this weekend for the first time since surgery and I can't wait. It's been tough trying to avoid it this long but with the swelling, bruising, and scaring my chest was not a pretty picture but now it's at least presentable.
I'll update again in a couple weeks. Happy New Years!

8 weeks

Hey guys so I'm 8 weeks in or so now and I'm starting to get pleased with my results again. Swelling is going down and my pectoral muscles are starting to take shape.
About two weeks ago I finally decided to do what my doctor told me to do which is to eat a low carb/low sodium/high protein diet. I think this helped a lot. Plus I got the added benefit of loosing a few pounds.
I did start going to the gym again and doing some low intensity cardio. Basically just 3 to 3.5 speed on the treadmill. I am also cautiously lifting light weights for muscles other than my chest and back.
I started getting sexually active again too and I've got some wonderful compliments from my girl. She can't keep her hands off my chest lol.
As of right now I have to say it was worth it guys. Get this procedures done if you have the means to.
Since I'm probably not going to post again for a while I'm gonna leave you guys with some advice:
1)find a good doctor with experience and skills
2) make sure the procedure will involve both lipo and gland removal
3)be prepared for a invasive procedure that involves a long healing process
4)be prepared for some emotional ups and downs as you heal.
5)remember results take a while to finalize so be patient
6)follow doctors orders as closely as possible
7)enjoy the new you :)
Hope this review has been helpful. If you guys have any questions for me just ask on here. I'm pretty responsive.

3 month update

3 months in and everything is going great. I'm still not completely healed though. Still feel minor discomfort in my operated area when I lay flat on my chest or press it against anything for a particular exercise.
I am, however, back in the gym full speed with no limitations. I still don't push to hard on my chest workouts but everything else I do.
I am still a bit swollen and skin hasn't completely retracted so I continue to wear a light compression garment about 80% of the time. It should improve over the next several months but even if it didn't I would still be pleased with my results.
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

He was the perfect doctor for me. Nice guy, skilled surgeon, and charges a modest price. His staff is very friendly and helpful too. My only complaint would be that the post op visits are brief but its not to big of deal because they are frequent. Overall very good trustable doctor and I would go back to him if I ever wanted another cosmetic procedure.

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