Infection!! Edina, MN

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2 days after surgery I felt like I had the flu,...

2 days after surgery I felt like I had the flu, went to regular doctors twice and both times after blood work they said it's viral, about 7 days later I saw my plastic surgeon dr. Kovanda and he said yes they are infected and prescribed an antibiotic. However after 7 days of barely functioning,body aches,severe head aches,over 102 temp,chills, naseaus I went to ER. From there I stayed 7 days and 2 surgeries to clean infection out and breakup some hard spots. Dr.Kovanda was out of town so a different surgeon helped me out..dr. Hatfield..she did a tremendous job. Dr. Kovanda didn't even want me going to the ER and hasn't called me once to see how I was doing. I lost my job because of this and had to cancel my Vegas trip. I hope i don't need more surgery.

pre surgery pics before fat transfer and infection

Thsee pics were after implant and capsules removal I had done in July of 2015.

4 1/2 weeks post fat transfer and infection

Still have some volume, but I bet I'll lose alot more. Still have the indents unless things settle and change...not sure what to expect since I had to have 2 additional surgeries by a different plastic surgeon to clean up infection while in the hospital.

5 Months Post Fat Transfer Infection

Still dealing with hard lumps in breasts especially in the left...right is pretty soft with just a few spots...left has a hard chunky are right behind nipple area. I massage coconut oil daily and have used an at home ultrasound unit called the Froghop box. Bought it years ago, it was suppose to help with fat/cellulite but that didn't I happened to remember I had it and thought it might help break down the scar tissue and possibly some fat necrosis. It helped tremendously!!
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon

Saw doctor a week after surgery, said there was infection, prescribed antibiotic. The same evening I couldn't take it anymore went to ER, but I first called Dr.Kovanda..he really didn't want me going but if I needed to, to have them call him and that was the last I heard from him. I was admitted for 7 days and had 2 more surgeries while in hospital to clean out my breasts. The prescription he prescribed wouldn't have did anything with the infection because it was penicillin resistant and I even had mold grow from the drainage they plated at hospital. This isn't all Kovanda..the Minnetonka Ambulatory Surgery Center wasnt apparently clean. All I know is that I haven't even had a phone call from Dr. Kovanda to see if I was ok or give advice. I lost my job over this and had to cancel a trip to Vegas I had planned. Plus previous to this 2 days before my original surgery they had to cancel it and reschedule it for a week later. I had to yet again rearrange my work and appointment schedule. I'm just really disappointed that he has had no concern over my well being. I want a Refund and Reimbursement for 7 day stay and 2 more surgeries in the job loss and pain and suffering. I should have never of even done the surgery

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