315cc Round High Profile Polyurethane Implants - Birmingham, GB

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I wanted to write a review of my experience as...

I wanted to write a review of my experience as this website has helped me greatly - however I struggled to find anything on the particular implants which I chose.

After visiting my surgeon for my consultation just three weeks before my surgery date, I decided that either 275cc silicone implants (behind the muscle) or 315cc polyurethane implants (in front of the muscle) in either a tear drop or round high profile shape. My surgeon explained the pros and cons of each and said that both would work well for me and he was happy to recommend but he ultimately wanted it to be my decision. Whilst the polyurethane implants were slightly more expensive, I decided this was the best option in the long run as the rate of capsular contracture is 1% at 15 years. My surgeon was incredibly knowledgeable and took time to answer my concerns in great detail via email just a week before surgery and even asked if I wanted to come back in to have a chat, or if I wanted to postpone the date of surgery if I didn't feel quite ready. Equally, all of the other staff were there to answer any questions almost immediately - I could not fault the effort and time they put into making you feel comfortable and excited about the surgery without feeling pushy.

My decision on which implant to go for was greatly influenced by a girl who I met at the clinic who was there for a follow up appointment. She was around my age and also had polyurethane implants. She kindly had a chat to me and even showed me how great they were and how natural they felt after just 6 months. Seeing my surgeons work first hand was definitely a massive plus when you know you're putting your body into someone else's hands. I was also aware that the clinic had some kind of buddy scheme where you were able to speak to other willing patients to get their views on specific implants - however, I was happy enough after I had seen the work of my surgeon first hand.

Two weeks later, I travelled up to Solihull Parkway hospital for my pre-op - the hospital was nice and the pre-op was a quick and easy process. The only negative was the nurse carrying out my pre-op. I found her rude and almost judgemental. She barely spoke and didn't seem to want to answer any questions I had. Obviously this was nothing to do with my surgeon as this is just one of many hospitals that he uses for his patients and this did not reflect the behaviour of his staff.

A week after my pre-op I was back at the hospital for 10am. I was shown to my private room and bathroom which was nice. First, I was visited by a trainee nurse who wasn't much older than me and she was super nice and just went through some details and took my blood pressure etc. I was then visited by a qualified nurse who ran through the plan of the day and said I was first on the list! My surgeon then came in to check I was ok, take some pictures, and draw all over me! Next, the anaesthetists came to visit. I am terrified of needles and believe it or not this was my biggest concern. By this point I only had 20 minutes until I was going in for surgery and I was panicking because I knew the numbing cream wouldn't have time to work its magic. The anaesthetists was great and re-assured me I'd be ok as he put some local amnestic in my hand before the IV. I know I'm very sensitive to pain and the local amnestic did hurt, but the anaesthetist was great and kept me talking and put an extra dose in so I didn't feel the IV. I don't remember falling asleep - the next thing I remember was waking up to a nurse next to me telling me that I was going to be pleased but I just started to cry because I could feel the pain (I'm a big cry baby). She gave me some liquid morphine and I was fine. My surgeon came to visit me in recovery but I don't really remember the conversation as being in there was all a bit of a blur.

The pain was much worse than I was expecting and I could barely move. The amnestic made me sick a couple of times and I was feeling really rough. It was difficult not being able to lift myself up but the nurses I had during the day were so kind and made me feel like it was all going to be ok because they were there and they gave me all the pain relief I could have and kept checking to make sure everything looked normal - they couldn't have done a better job. Unfortunately the nurse I had during the night was the opposite, she didn't seem to care how much pain I was in or about my concerns to why I was in this much pain. She woke me up every two hours during the night to check my blood pressure and when she gave me pain relief she would put it on the side without saying much and walk back out, turning the light off before I even had the chance to take the tablets or liquid morphine - again this doesn't reflect any of the staff relating to my surgeon and his clinic. Thankfully she left around 7am and I had the lovely day nurses back who were equally as nice as the day before. I was very emotional and expressed my concerns about the level of pain to my primary nurse who called my surgeon who then came to see me to check everything was ok. He re-assured me that everything was normal and that the pain would subside and that it was likely due to my skin being young and not being as stretchy etc. My post surgical bra that he had put me in felt a bit tight so he went and fetched me another which felt better.

I left the hospital at 10am the day after my surgery with paracetamol, ibuprofen, codine, liquid morphine, and some constipation relief (apparently something caused by taking codine and liquid morphine). The pain gradually got better throughout the day and later on that day, my surgeon's nurse from his clinic rang me up to check how I was and give me advise on which painkillers to take and when to take them. By the evening I was shattered, but I was feeling much better within myself.

It is now the evening of day three and I am sat in bed with some ice packs over my t-shirt to try and reduce the swelling, but I don't really think its doing much. I felt well enough to get out the house today so I went out to some shops with my good friend who has been looking after me throughout this process. Walking around actually seems to help quite a lot. I've only taken one lot of codine today as the pain isn't too bad, but I have been taking paracetimol and ibuprofen too. The pain is something I'm now coping with and a lot of the time barely notice, but my breasts are still very hard and tight, as well as itchy sometimes. My nipples are also swollen but I know all this will get better in time. The restrictive movement is the only annoying thing for me - but my new boobs are definitely worth that.

P.S I will get before and after pictures from my surgeon to upload.

Day 4

Day 4 - Feeling worse today than yesterday. Although I'm sure that's got a lot to do with the fact I have spent more time in bed. Being up and about really takes your mind off things and the light excersise seems to ease the pain. I've taken paracetamol, ibuprofen and codine twice today.

I heard some weird noises today and I couldn't work out if it was my tummy or my boobs and then I figured it was both. I checked out what others had said about this on here and it seems pretty common so nothing to worry about.

I also received a really nice fruit basket from my surgeon and his team so I've been making my way through that :)

Almost a week!

Wednesday 9th March, Quick update:

Everything's been going pretty well, I worked from home on Monday and tried to go into the office on Tuesday but only lasted until lunch time and so I worked from home again today. I feel so much better today and have only taken one lot of paracetamol. For someone who is super sensitive to pain I'm pretty impressed with myself. Showering has been the most difficult thing as I struggle lifting my arms and so I advise stocking up on dry shampoo! I literally just got out of the bath as I took my dressings off today. I didn't quite manage the steripstrips so I think I'll leave them until tomorrow or something. The only other thing I'm struggling with is sleeping on my back - it's making my back ache so much and this is now hurting more than my boobs!

8 days post op

I got the steristrips off! HURRAY ????

Almost 3 weeks

They're getting squisher which is great however they are much more sensitive than they previously were. I think this is because the feeling is coming back rather than them remaining numb, so I guess that's a good thing really! My scars are also healing pretty well so I'm pleased. I've got an appointment with my surgeon in a couple of days to see how things are going but I don't have any issues which I think need to be raised, it's more for piece of mind that he thinks things are looking well.

Advice to anyone considering a BA is don't go too small just because you want them to look natural and numbers seem big. Whilst I'm not complaining because now I actually have some boobs rather than no boobs, I definitely think I could have gone bigger and still gained a natural look. If I were to go back and choose a different size it would have been high 300's rather than low or perhaps even 400cc's. Don't let higher numbers put you off!

uh oh

So I went to see my surgeon on Wednesday (now Saturday) and he said he thought everything looked great but my scars where a little angry and I had a little scab on the end of my left one which he said to keep an eye on. Since then my nipples have been really sensitive the scab now appears to look more like a hole so I'm really worried. Sometimes a little fluid comes out but this is very minimal and I haven't actually seen it but felt it if I have run my finger across. Nothing hurts enough for me to be super worried but I will definitely give the nurse Tish a call first thing on Monday or perhaps even go to the doctors if it's open (it's bank holiday) as my surgeon is about an hour and a half from me. Has anyone else had this?!

I've got a while to go as I'm only a few days post op - but so far I couldn't have asked for better from Jonathan and his team at Staiano Plastic Surgery in Edgebaston, Birmingham. The receptionist, Laura, is so nice a friendly and replys almost instantly to any queries she can help with. The rest of the team are equally as nice and helpful and the clinic has a 'family' feel to it. Understandably, Jonathan is a busy man, but he always made sure he had time or offered extra time to make me feel like I fully understood everything.

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