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I am due for a TT with Liposuction of the flanks...

I am due for a TT with Liposuction of the flanks and MR in 2 weeks -- so I thought it was time to throw my hat in the RealSelf ring! I have struggled with Body Dysmorphia Disorder most of my life. So getting plastic surgery is both a thrill and a threat to me. But after 40 years, and as a therapist for 10, I feel like I am doing something for myself which will greatly improve my self image, and yet not lead to one after the other surgeries. I don't want breast implants or a nose job, nor have I done anything else but learn to live with the body I was given. Yet after two pregnancies I was left with a belly that was saggier and more anxiety-provoking than before. I have read about body acceptance and how women's bodies change after pregnancy -- but I have also worked with the wonderful and troubled transgender population, who have long felt "this body is not me." And that is how I've felt. I have breast hypoplasia, which I didn't even learn about until I could not breastfeed my first child. Until then, I had just learned to live with "ugly breasts." I have cellulite on my thighs and upper arms. But I know diet and exercise can take care of those. I lost 35 pounds after my second birth, only to realize that it created an obsessive and eating disordered thoughts. I let it go... and consequently gained it back, because I love food and wine. I am proficient at yoga, work out 4-5 times a week for about 30 minutes, mostly watch what I eat and YET -- the BELLY. I don't want to be skinny or perfect -- these things I have learned to accept -- but my belly was given to me by birth and it has never been flat, and now it is stretched, and saggy beyond the core strength I consistently build. This is it. I turned 40 this year and I thought: I could get this done, should I do it? After much MUCH research (thanks aplenty to RealSelf and YouTube), reading about and watching copious testimonies about the before, recovery and after, that this will give me a better sense of self-confidence that matches who I am on the inside, reflected on the outside. In this day and age, we have the technology to change ourselves if we feel it is necessary. Is this a good thing? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But after all this time, I AM READY. I am ready to be me in ways I had always imagined I could be. Will it be perfect? Hell no! Easy? Not even. Worth it? Well, from the sound of most of the testimonies I've seen: YES. So it is worth it. And I cannot wait. :)
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