Transgender Female 800 CC Silicone. East Syracuse, NY

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I am hoping for a full D cup. I want some cleavage...

I am hoping for a full D cup. I want some cleavage but not really touching, but i dont want my breasts with 9 miles of space between them. I am a Transgender female in my 40s I am getting implants so i no long need to wear inserts in my bra. My family average for mom and sis is small C, so with hormones , i would be lucky to get a B cup.

This is day 3

Hello folks. This is Sunday the 20th. I'm still in pain especially when I change positions ie sit to stand. My goal was 800 cc implants but 716 both sides is what was implanted, due to safety, Mt surgeon told my wife and I that at 750 my skin was screaming.
Saturday evening with wife's help removed ace bandage took shower and put on a sports bra.
Once naked I took Lil peek at them I know they are high and tight but I think when done they will look awesome.

Pic update day 2.

Thought I had these posted , better late than never
Syracuse Plastic Surgeon

I have had my final consult before surgery , I felt at ease and comfy, he didnt rush me nor try to upsell me.

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