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Well I wanted to wait to write a review until I...

Well I wanted to wait to write a review until I was approved for a reduction, and after calling my insurance I was!! I think it took about three weeks from initial consult to approval from BCBS of Michigan. But anyways...
About me; I am 35, no kids, non smoker/very lite drinker, 5'7"-195lbs ( I know I am overweight, but hope to loose it). I have been on HRT for almost 23 yrs now, so I didn't have the large breast experience most have growing up. I was about a 34C until about age 25 (though I may have been the wrong bra size). Then my dosage was doubled and my breasts really took off in size! I am now at a 34 H-I, and hate it. Now looking at other reviews I feel like maybe I'm not as big as other people, and maybe I am just silly for wanting this. Then I feel the constant pulling sensation in my back, along with a burning pain in my shoulder blade area. I also get marks on my side from the bra digging in (strap size is right as a 36 lets my boobs fall through. And I think my dear boyfriend is sick of cracking my back for me :). As other BBL (big breasted ladies) can attest to, finding bras is a pain and when you do it costs an arm and a leg. Forget about bathing suits, either one or two piece; they either aren't supportive and/or leave painful dents and red marks in your neck. I have to wear a cover up for fear of popping out. But we all know these things....
I was super nervous yet excited to go to the first consult, the whole time thinking I should turn around and go home. But the staff and doctor were super nice, and though i was still nervous, was feeling better about my decision by the time I left the office. They took some pictures, asked a few questions, and sent off paperwork. So the waiting game began, and I got tired of waiting so I called my insurance and found out I was approved! I thought I would need supporting documentation (chiro,doctor,prescriptions,etc) but nope; maybe I am bigger than I thought?
Now comes the fears, I am super scared now that I know I can have it done. Main fears are recovery, being left too small/large, and scarring (I have other surgery scars, but don't want to look like a road map). But now just waiting for my surgeon to receive the confirmation letter, and will schedule a second appointment.

Date scheduled

So not much to update besides the date is now set for October 23rd...eeeek!! Now I'm just trying to work as much overtime as I can beforehand, as though I get short term disability, its only 60%. How long before you guys went back to work? I can't just sit around and even though being off will be nice, I would like to be able to get back to a routine.

Some images

side pics

I am also getting lipo of the sides, though I am not sure I need it (I easily can feel/see my ribs on the side), but I am putting faith in the doctor that he knows how to achieve the best outcome

received paperwork

Not much new to add except I received paperwork from my doctor about pre-op stuff, so def getting more nervous/excited now. I also started running again, though uncomfortably, as the only sports bra that "works" is too small and leaves deep grooves on shoulders and across top of breasts after running. But I will keep it up! I actually love running, and hopefully more after the surgery..
Also tried on some small bras for a kick, in b/c/and "d" (a 36c, no 34d available), it was pretty funny how small they were, but left me full of envy. All I could think was soon, very soon!
Had a strange dream last night that I had already had the surgery, had small boobs, and was so happy! It felt real, and I was sad for a minute when I realized I was dreaming, anyone else have that happen?

fun in the changing room

getting closer

So I told my mom I'm getting reduction surgery, and she's like "because one is bigger than the other?" lol. I guess if she can tell....Boy I hope my PS can even out my situation! Counting down the days, two weeks to go :p, and I am excited! I have books, and tv shows ready, just need to finish a couple projects from around the house (painting, etc)

the final countdown....

actual size video
Eeeek!!!! Surgery coming up Friday, kinda weird to think the only reminder of my old boobs will be on here, but cest la vie! I just told my sister and good friend about it, they are both happy for me. The only person at work that knows is another female who also wants a reduction, lol. I mainly work with guys, so they all think I'm having knee surgery, that's all they need to know. Just got meds for pain and pre surgery, so just have to finish up painting project....also included video of breasts before as sometimes pictures can be deceiving will include a video of after as well

at hospital

Well at the hospital waiting for preop, nervous and tired, getting butterflies

aaaaaaand im small now!

Just got back from the hospital, all is well, staff/doc were fricken amazing! The hospital staff were so nice would have surgery there again in a heartbeat if it wasn't so far to drive lol. trying to walk around house now so as not to get clots and whatnot, but need sleep pronto!

3 days post

So I had an anchor lift/reduction with drains, just had drains removed today (ouch) and not feeling so great. Super nauseous and clammy, like I have the flu. But boobs look good so far, but keep getting twinges of pain, still happy I did this!


More pics from post-op


So I still feel like crap; dizzy, nauseous, itchy, and have a rash on my torso. This has me wondering if I may be allergic to the keflex as that's all I've been taking since Sunday. I'll call the doctor in the am to see if I can stop taking it, but other than that only other pain is on sides from lipo and left nipple being super sensitive. I noticed right nipple feels numb, but reacts to air/touch, so hopefully that is a good sign. Getting in and out of bed is easier, and took first shower Tuesday. Just trying to deal with a kitty that want to sleep on my chest but is finally learning to stay at the foot of bed!

Aargh the itching!!!!

So I am finally feeling better, no nausea or headaches, it seemed I just wasn't eating enough. I am now getting shots of pain in right breast, the zingers everyone gets. Hopefully this means the right nipple is waking up? I also have been getting pain at the bottom incision site, but it seems to get worse depending on how I am sitting. But the worst is the itching! I am so itchy at the incision lines and all I can do is very lightly rub the area for some relief. I am not taking any medication, and trying to rest and take it easy, but it is so hard!
I find myself waking up with my arms over my head, and freak out worried I'm stretching the incision line, or I start to do to much and then worry about healing being extended. But I hate not being able to do anything, I am actually looking forward to going back to work! I wish it was two months post already lol so I can get back to my life. I am still so happy I did this, I don't get the awful burning and pulling sensation in my back and neck, jury is out on headaches right now. I'm just looking forward to the day I can sleep on my stomach again.

More pics

A bit over a week postop concerned about redness near tape especially righty. Righty has more bruising and redness, and is also more swollen. Hopefully not allergic to tape.

two week checkup

So I had my two week checkup today where he removed the tape and looked things over. I didn't see them until I got home, and am pleased so far with how they've turned out! Nipples are a bit wonky and will hopefully even out with time, but considering where I started I am more than happy with them. Incision lines look good, but I'm a bit worried about t junction on right breast, and will keep it covered in vaseline/neosporin. I plan on keeping my breasts taped and will be doing massages to keep scars to a minimum. My doc said I'm cleared for exercise, side sleeping, scar therapy and no weight restrictions! I'm still gonna be cautious though, as I don't want to wreck anything. I'm most excited to sleep on my side as I'm tired of waking up in a pool of back sweat, yuck...... Just hoping everything else goes ok healing wise, and boobs don't drop too much! Next appt in two months, but I'll try to add pics weekly?

more pics

Back to work

Well I started back at work last week, and it went fine. My job is very physical and I'm on my feet the majority of the 12 hrs I am there. The first night I was tired by the end of the night, and couldn't wait to go to sleep. The second night I felt better and like I could do more on my own. By the end of the week, I was almost back to normal as far as lifting and pulling, but I could tell when I was doing too much.
I'm sleeping on my side and back now, and sleeping on my back has become easier, though I still wake up sweaty that way. My t junction is healing with the help of neosporin and gauze, and I am still taping and using a generic scar cream. My breasts are still discolored, I am hoping it's just internal bruising and will go away. The only other issue I am having now is the left breast muscle has been seizing up, like a Charlie horse. It kinda knocks the breath out of me, but just a part of healing. Just waiting for my breasts to feel like " mine". They are getting a bit more jiggly, loosing the bolt on feeling but still feel weird. All that being said I love them, and am happy with them again for the first time since my teen years. My boyfriend keeps asking when he can touch them, lol, so I guess he is happy with them!

almost a month pics

almost six weeks now

So I'm at almost at 6 weeks post-op now, and my boobs are definitely softer, especially at the incision line on the bottom (it felt hard and like there was a thick ridge of tissue) Now it feels normal and smooth except where it was stitched a bit weird on the right inner boob. All holes are healed up, and still applying scar gel(till it's used up). I'm still wearing sports bras/front close bras 24/7, I may try to find a wire free bra before my vacation at Christmas. Actually enjoying not having wire bras! The dark marks I had on my sides from wires digging in are starting to go away. The discoloration on my boobs is starting to fade, though there is still some redness and blotchiness on both. I'm still getting random muscle contractions in my left boob, but it seems to happen more if I stretch too far. On another note I believe I got all my bills in for surgery and with insurance I've had to pay around $1300 US, $2100 in total (including lipo). I am hoping no more bills come in, but I thought I would have to pay more. I am still happy, though I wish a bit more time had been taken on my nipples and the suturing of my right breast at the wonky spot. It's probably just because I see them all the time I notice these things! I know things could have gone a whole heckuva lot worse, so I am completely satisfied with my outcome! I think I'll do an update once a month from now on, good luck to everyone!

almost three months postop

So it has been almost three months now, and everything is going well. Had my final appt. with my doctor on the 11th, and was pleased as well. I decided to go bra shopping, but first checked my measurements, which are now 34" rib cage, and 41.5" bust. This puts me at around a 34 ddd, which sucks as I wanted to be reduced to a c. But I hope by loosing weight I can get them down further. I think it is still too soon, as some docs recommend waiting till 6 months for your true size, hopefully it goes down some more. I think they are an appropriate size for me, but maybe I should have said a B instead of a C, then I would end up being a 34D LOL.

bra shopping take two.....

So after trying to fit bras online, I ended up at Kohl's with my friend and decided to try on bras there. They fit!! I was able to fit a 36DD in the OLGA brand comfortably, as well as the Maidenform and Vanity Fair in 36 DD. The Bali brand didn't have a 34DDD (the 36 DD band was too loose) so I ordered one online to try out. I decided to try my luck later that week at Nordstrom and Cacique(Lane Bryant bras). Cacique bras fit weird and were uncomfortable, but I was able to fit myself in other brands at Nordstrom. Weirdly I think I fit into a 32G in the Natori brand, but a 34 DDD/36 DD fit in the other brands (Panache, Wacoal, etc). The best moment though was when I looked at the clearance rack at Kohl's, and was able to find an OLGA bra in 36 DD for get this......$7 fricking dollars!!!!!!!!! I was so giddy buying the bra that it didn't really bother me that I wasn't a C or D. I think my surgeon did a great job, I just think they are so used to doing implants that they think women really want bigger breasts than they say. My real anger is directed towards bra companies and stores that assume all women fit into their limited range of sizes, when in reality women's breasts have increased in size to be an average of a DD+ cup size. They also assume you couldn't possibly have a smaller ribcage/large bust, as anyone with large breasts is assigned the "plus size" moniker, and relegated to the full coverage granny bras/nursing bras. But rant over.....in other news, it appears my right nipple is finally seeming to wake up. I started to get a zinger in my nipple, and can feel my nipple now, not just a numb sensation. Yay to small victories!!

almost 5 months post op

At almost 5 months post op now, and wish they were smaller by at least a cup size or two. I think I should have said I want to be no more than 10 inches across my breast mound (~9-10 inches is a c/d cup). I feel like there is too much side boob, but hopefully that can be fixed easily. I like not having to wear a bra, a scars are looking a bit lighter (not using anything but baby oil)

forgot to add

Also getting sensation in right nipple, feels more painful to touch than lefty which has full sensation. Just glad to not have that numb feeling over areola/nipple.
Lansing Plastic Surgeon

I'm rating him a five as of now, he's not really a "people" person so don't expect a lot of hand holding, but it didn't bother me. He is very professional, and describes everything that he will do during the procedure, and I didn't feel rushed during the exam. Office staff is awesome, warm, and caring so it evens out. Office is nice and quiet, but parking is horrible in the morning lol.

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