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I have been stalking this wonderful website for...

I have been stalking this wonderful website for months and think I should add my own story to the rest. I am 39 and weigh 140 lbs with my bra size now being a 36F. I have always needed to wear a bra starting in grade school with a b and shortly after a c. During my high school years, I blossomed into a D cup. When I was in my 20's, I gave birth to each of my daughters and my cup size increased even more to a DD. Ever since then, I have squeezed into any bras I could find that fit that allowed full coverage and minimized at the same time. I have always been self conscious of my chest and when I go out....everything is covered. I wear big shirts and hide them as we'll as I can. Maybe about 6 years ago I experienced shoulder and neck pain that I couldn't handle and started treating for muscle spasms thinking I just had weak neck muscles. My primary care dr sent me for physical therapy and that helped for a few months but again the pain came back. I have been seeing my doctor 3 times a year to help pain treatment. He even helped me get a Tens unit to help block the pain when it gets unbearable. This February at my most recent checkup, I suggested maybe it was my breasts. He said he would put in a referral to a ps and we would go from there. I received a call from the ps office and they scheduled a consultation for April 22. The ps was wonderful and made me feel relaxed and told me I was a candidate and she would contact my insurance and submit the paperwork. She took pictures, did measurements and said that she would use the keyhole technique and bring me down to a big c or a small d. Both of those sizes sound good compared to what I've been living with. It took a little less than 2 weeks to hear back from the ps office. I have United healthcare and they wanted to know what my restrictions were in order to get approval. I said I had none but the amount of time I was able to do certain things before I ended up hurting was the issue. Within 10 minutes, I received a call back saying I had insurance approval. They sent me a paper in the mail telling me my preadmission testing date, pre-op appointment with the ps office, the surgery date and time and lastly the first post-op appointment date. So now, I have been to the preadmission testing at the hospital and they asked me to fill out a questionnaire on anesthesia, checked my weight and did some blood work. I met with the anesthesiologist who told me how they perform that part of the surgery. I think I'm the most nervous with that part. She said they'd add something for nausea to my I/v and if I was still feeling sick after I was in recovery to mention it to the nurse and they'd make me more comfortable. So I'm sorry for rambling but that's my story so far. My next appointment is with my ps for pre-op this Monday 7/8. I. Not even sure which questions i should be asking....wish me luck! weeks to go!!!

I had my pre-op meeting with Evan the np. Everything is set....the bloodwork came back normal so we can proceed with the surgery. He checked to make sure there were no changes and went over what would happen the day of surgery. I was given two prescriptions to have filled before and told to pick up a tub of Aquaphor for the stitches. I will have approximately 1000 grams removed and he said that I will be proportionately a d most likely. I am starting to get really nervous and hope these 2 weeks fly by so I can wake up on the other side! No drains! I'm happy about that part of it!! It will be a 3-4 hour operation. There will be a one on one nurse to watch me until I am fully awake and then my family can come into recovery with me...
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