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So, I noticed I had an elongated upper lip after...

So, I noticed I had an elongated upper lip after rhinoplasties. I am in my late 20s, so am a younger than average lip lift patient. I don't really want to go too deep into a review right now but I am posting my photos for feedback/review. This was a skin-only lip lift, done with a subnasal approach, internal dissovable stitches and external removable stitches. 5 mm was removed from the center and I believe 6 or so from the sides. I wanted the results to be conservative.


Day 5/6

Swelling is way down and stitches removed. Nose is getting nearly back to normal. I think it will be a conservative but good change on my face. My doctor said when the swelling goes down more my lip will go up a bit more. Just looking forward now to being able to smile normally again!
Here are some tips for anyone undergoing the lip lift, since I got a few messages with questions

I traveled across the US alone to undergo this procedure and so my consult/surgery were pretty much done at the same time.
-fill your pain script and antibiotics script before the surgery. You won't want to have to stop by CVS and wait 30 min after getting your face cut like I did.
-supplements I took: arnica, bromelain, MSM with Tumeric, serrapeptase for internal scar tissue (google it), and papaya enzymes. Sleep meds are handy as well. I was pretty much resting days 1-3.
-I only took the Vicodin on day 1 and 2.
-I taped my nose immediately after the surgery as if I had just gotten a rhinoplasty with tan 3m micropore tape. 1/2 inch wide. If you've never had a rhino google it. I think it made a big diff in my nose swelling, which was pretty bad days 1 and 2.
-I'm using inesscents healing tincture from whole foods, organic rose hip oil and aquaphor on my incision area. It's looking good. Don't forget sunblock. Simply saline is good to clear your nose out too.
- lastly and most importantly, do your homework on surgeons and trust your gut

That's about it. I'll update in another week or so!

Having problem

My right nostril is not healing well. The other nostril is perfectly fine. This nostril is red, inflamed, hurts, and had some of the internal dissolvable stitches poking out. There's also some notching on the right side of my nose and white area which I'm not sure what it is. The columnella also seems to be lower on this side exposing more of the inside of my nose- red looking scar tissue and nose hair. Sorry- gross. I'm pretty worried and bummed out. Have sent emails to the doctor with photos.


The infection or whatever it was seems to have mostly cleared up. My only concern now is the indentation I now have on the right side of my nose. The other side of my nose looks perfect. I am wondering how I should go about addressing the indent...


Where I'm at currently

Hypertrophic scarring

Just to keep this review honest and up to date and due to messages I've received- I thought I would let people know I have a red hypertrophic scar under my nose- it wraps around the bottom right entire inner and outer nostril. I have so far had 2 rounds of V beam laser to this area, as well as steroid and 5FU shots. The last 5FU shots seemed to bring the area slightly down but this is definitely something I need to keep covered with makeup or I definitely get asked questions, someone told me my nose was "bleeding" when I didn't wear makeup once. I really hope this resolves a bit within time but most doctors said the skin won't go back to normal skin since it has also stretched out a bit. My columnella is also slightly lower now. :-( I continue to apply high grade silicone gel every day and keep up with the shots monthly.


Have spent thousands on scar revision. Keeps looking worse and worse on the right side. I am left with a tight raised band of pink/white scarring under my right nostril and my nose has become very assymetrical due to this. I wish I had seen the warning signs, such as, the doctor wouldn't let me pay by card (????) was asking for a money order and finally let me pay by debit if I signed a waiver saying I wouldn't request my money back because he had "bad experiences". I've been having procedures done for years. Have never once been told I couldn't pay by card. Totally insane. Just really low level experience all around. Didn't even have any photos to show me and was condescending when I exhibited knowledge of what he was doing to my face as far as incisions and etc. really regret all of this. People ask me all the time now what is the scar from and what is wrong with my nose unless I apply about a pound of makeup onto the scar. I will be dealing with this for the rest of my life.

Deleted photos

Sorry, they were a little too identifying. Might post some later that are smaller. I continue to struggle with the raised and rough scar under and wrapped around my right nostril and am going in for a Dermapen treatment on Monday.


decided to upload this for you guys. from this shot you can't see the part under my nostril that is raised... just the side that looks weird. so yeah... awesome!
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

i don't like leaving negative reviews and i don't think this surgeon should be totally discounted but ask for photos and just trust your gut when selecting a surgeon- i have been told my wound was not properly everted in this case- it is a shame, one side is nice but i am also disappointed with the change to my nose that occurred after i expressed concern about this

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