36 Yr Old with 2 Kids, Fed Up with Yo Yo Dieting, Looking Forward to Being Sleeved! Dyer, IN

Excited that I just got my approval through Aetna,...

Excited that I just got my approval through Aetna, did not think I would get approved because my BMI is only 38 and only co-morbidity I have is high cholesterol. I am super excited and can't wait until December 13 ,2016. Would have been sooner but I have school and that was the latest date I could schedule in December since my Dr. leaves town for the holidays. I am 230lbs. 5' 5". So happy to finally be able to get the weight off for good this time. I had a tummy tuck a few years back which only improved my shape, and I looked really good until the pounds started to come back on a couple years ago. Been taking all kinds of diet pills for years and as I get older they just don't seem to help at all anymore. Getting my approval is the best thing that could happen to me.
Oak Lawn Bariatric Surgeon

Have not had it done yet, but I hear he is great since I have friends and family he has sleeved and they look great and say it was the best decision and the best doctor to do it. Looking forward to a great experience!

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