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A few months ago, I found a lump in my breast....

A few months ago, I found a lump in my breast. Scared the crap out of me, went for a mammogram and ultrasound. Wound up being nothing...but a breast reduction was recommended by my gyno and the breast surgeon at the hospital after my tests. She sent me to see the surgeon she works with all the time that she said was very good. I have thought about doing this my whole life. I was always the one with the ginormous boobs and have been hiding them forever. I wear at least 2 shirts always, even in the hot summer months. I believe I am some where around a 38H, the G sized bra I have hurts and I ooze out. They seem to just keep getting bigger, especially after I had my twins in 2010. I keep thinking they will get smaller somehow but, it never happens, even if I lose weight. My weight comes off my butt every time. I have indents in my shoulders, back pain and headaches. I really just want to be comfortable so I can run around with my girls and enjoy them while they are still small. So, I went to see my PS and as soon as he looked at me he said he was about 99 percent sure that my insurance would cover it. We set up the surgery that same initial visit. I have been in good health my whole life, so the PS didn't see a need for a medical wellness visit, just an over the phone review with the medical staff at the hospital. I missed the call of course on Friday because they told me they were calling Thursday at 3 and never did....and the message said I couldn't call back. So I am hoping they call me back today or tomorrow. I had a cold last week so I'm not sure if I will even be able to have the surgery on Thursday. I feel fine, I had no fever, just a cough and runny nose that seems to be gone now. I am so excited and so nervous.

Before pic

Here is a before picture, I must have looked at a hundred before and after pics so I hope mine helps somebody else. Oh and I am 37 years old.

Made it to the smaller side!!!!

So I did!!! Surgery was very successful and I had about 1100 grams removed from each breast around 11 yesterday, dec 12, 2013! I already feel a huge relief in my back. Still wrapped tight and my surgeon doesn't want me unwrapped until my post op appt on the 20th. So far I've only had to take 2 painkillers. Ice packs are feeling amazing. Sleeping feels so good, I'm upright on my couch surrounded by pillows & I'm pretty sure this will be my position for a while. I am just sort of uncomfortable underneath my breasts but it's totally not as bad as I thought. I do have some drainage and what looks like some blood on my bra on the left side but the nurse told my husband that it was normal. Worst part is the sore throat from tube ..... I don't remember a thing....I was out like a light while they were taking me into the operating room.

Taking it easy...

Well I'm slowly feeling feels like kind of a burning feeling under my boobs. Still putting ice underneath...seriously makes me feel 100times better. its super hard not snuggling with my 3 year old girls. That is the hardest part. My husband has been amazing cooking and cleaning and taking care of our girls. I've been drinking a ton of water and Gatorade. I feel like I want to go out and do something but I know i should just stay put. I hope this week goes by fast. I'm a little nervous to see them. I look so crazy different already.

The Unveiling!

I am just amazed and still in awe that this is really me. I'll write more later but had to post a picture now. I seriously cannot wait to shop for bras and shirts. It has been 8 days since my surgery and they still look boxy and swollen but I totally expected that and I'm ok with it.

Side by side

2 weeks down

Woot!!! Made it past 2 weeks and I am still super happy and just can't get over the difference I feel all around. I feel like I can breathe better and I stand straighter. My clothes actually can zip up and button without making me look like I'm bulging out. It's awesome. No more pressure on my shoulders and the other night I actually sat on the couch bra-less and my boobs weren't hitting my legs. I didn't have to pick them up to get comfortable. I still have the tape on most of the incisions. My next appointment with my PS is on the 7th. I'm super sick of the medical bra....going out tomorrow for something more fitting and shape defining. I got some fun gift certificates to Victoria's Secret I get to spend, I just can't wait a few months to buy a pretty bra!!!! Seriously the happiness I have from this trumps any scars and discomfort from the surgery. And to top it off , my 3 year old daughter asked my husband "is mom ok....she looks kind of skinny or something..."!!!!!! HA! And then she told me on christmas that I looked awesome and cute. Lololol totally made my night....and of course I had to give her some chocolates for that compliment. :) So anyone having 2nd thoughts.....really write out all the pros ....because they are endless....xoxoxo good luck to everyone having surgery this coming week.


I can't stop looking at freckles / moles and how drastically different their placements are's so bizarre to see the before And after pics.

Starting to feel like mine

So going on week 3 and they don't feel hard or tight anymore. Just thought I would share a picture...I'm starting to get used to them. It's so different, I actually wore a sweatshirt yesterday that wasn't a mans size. I am so living this... And still, back feels wonderful and still no headaches.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Delia's office was informative and a pleasure to deal with, the receptionist was super nice and helpful. I was pretty nervous the first time I called to inquire about how to go about getting a breast reduction and she scheduled me an appointment with Dr. Delia right away. He has been amazing, I can't say enough good things about my Plastic Surgeon, I would recommend him to anyone. From the first visit he answered all my questions and informed me of all the information I needed to get through surgery without worry. The surgery couldn't have gone any better than it did, I had almost 1200 grams removed from each breast and I'm super happy with the results. I feel like a new person with no back pain, shoulder pressure and my headaches have subsided. I seriously had tears of joy as my bandages were removed, like many others, my only regret is not doing this sooner.

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