Davoudi Me for my 34th Birthday! Wife and Mother of 3 (All Boys) - Duluth, GA

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Love Dr. Davoudi and his staff!! Felt like they...

Love Dr. Davoudi and his staff!! Felt like they got to know me on a personal level and I didn't receive this comfort at any other office! I'm praying and thanking God in advance for a successful surgery and speedy recovery! I'm having tummy tuck/lipo/fat transfer and I'm excited about these results!!!


Post op pics! Will post more when swelling goes down

8 days post op

So it's been 8 days and I must say that things have not been so bad thanks to my mom and husband for really helping me and being patient! I will admit that there is a lot of discomfort, I can't describe it as pain but more as discomfort, however the pain meds (which I am still taking) takes away my discomforts. I am still swollen but the swelling is going down daily and I am very pleased with my results thus far. The lawn chair with the seat cut out has been my bed however my husband purchased the oversized one from the clearance section at Walmart with the big cushioned pillows. Getting in and out was a problem at first, but I've mastered that. I did not purchase a walked but I advise others too. It would've been very helpful the first few days. The frozen pineapples have been a big help with swelling and they just taste so good lol!!! I had a BM on day 5 and have gone 3 more times since then with the help of Milk of Magnesia which I only took once. I've been mainly eating eggs, grilled chicken, activia yogurt, and salads. One time I ate the progresso light chicken and dumpling soup and boy was it good but it was full of sodium and caused even more swelling! Watch your sodium intake ladies! And drink plenty of fluids. I've been drinking at least 2 liters of fluids a day, mostly water mixed with light apple juice, gingerale and plain water..I also put myself on a schedule with meds because I wasn't use to taking 3 different meds a day, plus a shot! Oh and the shot is not bad at all. I can barely feel the stick but the medicine that goes in burns only a little, i promise it's not bad at all. The only items that I've really needed at home are pillows, non stick gauze to pad my scar for comfort under the binder, neosporin, large bandaids, antibacterial soap and hand wash, and my hubby and mom to remind me to walk every hour, stay on top of taking my meds, to breathe in the little breathing thing lol (can't remember what it's called) and other small things. I will say this, I feel great WITH PAIN MEDS. When the meds wear off, the muscle tightness is hell!!!!!! It doesn't hurt just feels really tight, that's the only way I know how to describe it. Anyway, I've talked enough. If you have any questions, ask, don't hesitate. In going to drop a few pics.


Swelling going down more and more each day!!! Drains are out (yay), mom and I removed one Friday and the other one on yesterday! It was painless!! I'm not taking pain meds anymore, I have transitioned to regular Tylenol and I'm feeling great and recovering well!!!!! Loving my results!!!!!


Loving my results! Have lost about 10 lbs, not intentionally however, I feel great. I take a pain pill every now and then mostly due to the muscle tightness but not pain! I am finally out of the lawn chair and sleeping in my bed with tons of pillows!!! I hope you guys are recovering well!!
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Love Dr. Davoudi and his staff!!!!!

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