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I had a rhinoplasty in 1991 to straighten the nose...

I had a rhinoplasty in 1991 to straighten the nose. I remember the doctor telling me there is no such thing as a nose job. It straighten up a bit but as I aged it became more crooked from an accident. I'm not really sure when I broke it. I do have a picture and it was pretty bad looking (post op), and I remember the headache. In 2014, I seen dr. Saldana in duluth mn. He specializes in fave deformities. I think I'm in good hands. He spent a lot of time just staring at my nose, and he thinks that he can fix this. I'm so tired of only talking to people with my good side or avoiding pictures. My date is June 4th.

Two weeks

Almost two weeks to my surgery. Just looking at that picture makes me want to do it tomorrow!

Today's appointment

I see Dr. Saldana for the last apointment before the surgery next week. He is very king and patient. I am feeling pretty good. I'm just going to jump in. He thinks that maybe that accident I had in my teens broke my cheek bone and nose. Funny, my parents brought me to the er. The left side of my body was all cut up, and no one thought to check? Anyway, I'm ready to do this. Thank you for all your positive comments. I have been hiding it from my family. They are always so negative. I'll try to post the day of.

The doctor is going to break my nose and straighten it, replace cartilage on the right side and make the ends even!!

So excited and scared.!!

Three days to go.

I have been taking pictures and showing the kids. My 6 year old said you have a problem and it's bad mom. I guess I'm looking for reasons to go through with it. I'm just so scared of the pain. I'm so scared! I'm trying to keep busy.


Well, tomorrow's my big day. I'll keep updating on recovery. So scared!


I'm 3 hours post. Pain is minimal. I'm not even bruised. I think it's because I started the arnica. The doctor took cartilage from both ears. I think my ears hurt more than my nose.

Forgot it mention...

I have no cartilage what so ever so he took it from my ears. My ears hurt so bad. Still no bruising. When I did this in 91, I was so bruised I could even seen.

Anyway, it's not to bad.

Post 3

Today is day 3. I'm still taking the pain meds. I don't think I could have done it without them. With that said it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. My ears hurt and I'm stuffed up. When I woke up in recover I felt so much pain. After I got into regular recovery, I felt much better. The worst was the hour in recovery. I have no bruising. Odd! I'm not sure if it's the arcina or I just had an excellent surgeon. I'm not ready to make any calls on my noise. I'm going to wait until I see Dr. Saldana on Monday.

Post day 5

I'm feeling pretty good. Every once in a while I get a sting in my nose and of course my ears are hurting still. The swelling has gone down a lot. My follow up apt is tomorrow. I'm off the lortab as of day four, but plan to take to before the follow up tomorrow. My nose looks a lot straighter. I think I'm going to be really tomorrow. It's almost over.

Ent vs plastic surgeon

I was going to say I'm thinking that there is a big difference between a plastic surgeon and an ent doctor. The ent doctor I had twenty years ago did a horrible job and I was so bruised (I always bruise easy) but I didn't bruise at all this time and the plastic Surgeon did an excellent job. What do you guys think?

Day 14

I'm so disappointed! It's crooked and I still look deformed. I waited two weeks to reply hoping for a change and I almost feel like it's worse than before. So disappointed.

Silly me!

Everyday as the swelling goes down my nose looks straighter and straight. It's smaller and I'm starting to like it. I was so disappointed for the first two weeks. I'll post a picture tomorrow. I guess we should listen to our doctors and wait.
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