I am on the Flat Side - 4 years later!!!!

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Hello my name is Tjuana. I am 38 with five kids. I...

Hello my name is Tjuana. I am 38 with five kids. I had 4 natural and the last one was an emergency C-section. Which occured on May 15 2012. Before I had my first child in 1990 I weighed 130 pounds. At my highest weight I weighed 260. I am now 186 trying to get back to 160. I've been wanting a TT since forever. I now have the money and gonna get it. I am at the stage of finding a PS. I will post some yucky befoe pictures soon maybe lol. I love this site and Im addicted.

Hey TT's I called a PS today and would you believe...

Hey TT's I called a PS today and would you believe my luck they had a cancellation and i can get in tomorrow. How lucky is that. Hopefully i like this PS and can get the ball rolling. I still have'nt gotten up the nerve to posst pictures yet. LOL Have a great day.

Hi all...I had my consult today. The seemed ok but...

Hi all...I had my consult today. The seemed ok but really let me talk. His staff seemed all chatty about personal stuff, very unprofessional. I just did'nt get the vibe i was looking for. So as i was leaving i saw there was another PS in the same building. So i went to schedule a consult. Can you believe that they also had a cancellation and i was able to see the PS today. How cool is that. That has to be sign or something. So his nurse comes in and tell me that the Dr is the best she has ever seen. She says tightens the muscles perfectly. I mean i didnt have to ask anything she told it all. WOW!!!! He comes and he was awesome, he gave the vibe i looking for and feeling. He actually does the procedure in the hospital unlike the other PS. He will give me his personal cell phone number and says when or if i have any questions, problems or concerns to call him and no one else. I liked that. But the only down side he says he wants me to get back to my pre pregnancy weight which is another 25 pounds but i can do that in my sleep. I guess its for the best because he says once i do that he will guarantee me a flat stomach. OMG im gonna finally see my V jay jay after 20 years lol..... i will post befor pics soon i promise. so im hoping to get my TT early October. TTFN have a great night.

Ok.... I'm so excited! I'm so ready to loose this...

Ok.... I'm so excited! I'm so ready to loose this kangaroo pouch with the lil joey still inside. I mean seriously do I really need to loose the 20 pounds now. I can't wait any longer. I have not seen my Vjj in over 18 years. It smells under there. Any thoughts anyone. I may get the nerve to take pictures today.

Good afternoon everyone.... Ok i have my surgery...

Good afternoon everyone.... Ok i have my surgery date which is August 24th... Now im nervous but so excited. I cant wait to get this kangaroo pouch off of me. My Pre OP is Tuesday, Can someone help me with the things i absolutely need during recovery.
Thanks so much.

Good morning... So i go for my pre op today. Hope...

Good morning... So i go for my pre op today. Hope all goes well. Here are a couple of before pictures. They are so gross i cant stand to look at it.

Ok i went to see my PS today. Took the horrific...

Ok i went to see my PS today. Took the horrific before pictures. How gross. Got all my meds wow were they expensive i even got some mederma. I am all nerves now. lol i got the nesting bug bag i am cleaning everything i can think of.

Hello everyone.... My day is next Friday. I will...

Hello everyone.... My day is next Friday. I will finally get to say so long to my kangaroo pouch. I am so nervous im making my self sick. I could not even make it the whole night at work. i think im gonna have my PS take me off work now. I do ok at home cause i have so much to preparing to do. I got my recliner today just have to get it upstairs. Hope all is healing well.

Hi everyone... I hope all is healing well. My big...

Hi everyone... I hope all is healing well. My big day is Friday. I am so excited im about to burst. LOL This is so unreal. I have my recliner all set up. My hubbs will be my nurse until Monday then my mom is gonna come stay a week with me. Good ole moms there is no one like moms. I love her so much. I got everything but qtips and few pair of yoga pants. I will pick up today. Im still wondering if i should get the toilet riser? What do you all think?

Hello all...Woot Woot the fat beast will be gone...

Hello all...Woot Woot the fat beast will be gone on Friday. Well i am 2 days away. I got me recliner all set up. Im doing my last minute cleaning. Got the fridge all stocked for me and family. I even got my cucumber water in the fridge. Im so excited and scared at the same time. Im definitely going to take something to calm me tomorrow night. Happy Healing.

Hey guys.... My day is tomorrow. I have to check...

Hey guys.... My day is tomorrow. I have to check in at 830 am. I am so ready to say good bye to my kangaroo pouch. See ya on the flat side!!!!

I got a call today from one of nurses saying they...

I got a call today from one of nurses saying they pushed my surgery from 10:45 to 8:30. Now im super nervous and excited.

Hello all, sorry for any typos im high off these...

hello all, sorry for any typos im high off these drugss. i ha my surgery friday morning and all is great. last night was a rough on my im doing great now. i will post more later i cant keep my eyes open

4 days post op.... help me i cant fart or have a...

4 days post op.... help me i cant fart or have a bm... im bloated ass hell help help

Thx everyone for all your thoughts and concerns. I...

Thx everyone for all your thoughts and concerns. I will post pictures soon. I'm loving the look with my cg on!!!!!

Hello everyone... I hope everyone is healing well....

Hello everyone... I hope everyone is healing well. Well i finally had a bm to day and it was heavenly lol it didnt hurt at all. As for my drains they really dont bother me. My mom and hubby have been great. I have not taken any pain meds for two days just taking motrtin. Those meds had me having hallucinations and crazy dreams. Here is a pic.


OMG OMG OMG SWELL HELL IS JUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL LOL

Hey guys. Getting drains out on friday...

Hey guys. Getting drains out on friday yeah!!!!!!!!!!! here is a pic.. lol im loving the new me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's up my lovely friends. I am a week po op...

What's up my lovely friends. I am a week po op today. I had those god awful drains removed today. Boy was that hell!!!!! I feel better and move around better. I am so in love with my results so far. I brought PS office some Eistein Bagles today lol they loved it.I think they deserved it I think they are the best. Here is a couple of pictures.

Po day 11.... oh boy the itching is about to drive...

po day 11.... oh boy the itching is about to drive me nuts. I got out today and went to Kroger. It felt good to get out of the house. I am still walking bent over. My back does not hurt too bad. But it was all worth it i would do it a hundred of times over. My sis says i look funny cause my waist is so tiny now but my hips are like WOW!!!!!!! lol i got some hips but i am loving my new look without that damn kangaroo pouch in the front. lol happy healing everyone...

13 DAYS PO!!!! Feeling great. Saw PS toady got...

13 DAYS PO!!!! Feeling great. Saw PS toady got stitch out my hip and BB. I can start putting neosporin on now then scar treatment in 2 weeks. will add pics later today.

23 days PO. I got a seroma, but i will survive....

23 days PO. I got a seroma, but i will survive. Anyway here are a couple of pictures.

Hey gals, I will be 4 weeks PO tomorrow. Yeah...

Hey gals, I will be 4 weeks PO tomorrow. Yeah me!!!!!!!!! I feel great except for the thing!!!! Went to the PS today i was told that it should be starting to heal up soon. Im so over this thing. I bought some jeans today even though i have not tried them on yet. lol I will do it later today and if they fit i will take some pictures. My scar is looking great on the right side but the left looks as if its gonna have a dog ear.The assistant says not to worry about it that if it doesnt go down they will do a revision. I asked does that mean i get numbed up and you all cut it off. She said yes. lol I said thats ok i will live with it. After the ordeal with this thing heck no.

4 weeks today!!!! Sorry in advance for typos i got...

4 weeks today!!!! Sorry in advance for typos i got the fat baby in my lap. Lots of swelling today. i go to the PS on Monday so they can check and repack the thing!!!! I am gonna see if it's ok to get a masage. I had gotten down to 175 pre surgery and shot up to 180 post surgery. i got on the scale today and i am at 172 how cool is that. My goal is 160 but think im gonna strive for 150-155 range. My hubby following me around the house like a sick puppy. I keep telling him i can't even stand up straight how am i gonna have sex. I need a new excuse fast!!! lol i told him i will give him some next weekend lol as long as he stop chasing me around the house. Hell i cant even run!!!! lol here is a few pics!!!! love ya gals!!! happy healing

I am 30 days PO. What a journey!. I actually feel...

I am 30 days PO. What a journey!. I actually feel pretty darn good. Except for the thing!!!!!! Im still hunched like the Hunchback of Nortre Dame!!!! I can't see me going back to work on the 5th. I so need to go back to work. I'm off with no pay. I'm so broke I can't pay attention!!!! Lol. But I'm blessed. Thank you jesus for allowing me to have this opportunity.

But guess what!!!! I have a flat tummy. I look in the mirror and I want to cry. I look that damn good. Yes I am vain. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. I never thought I would ever have a flat tummy again.

Happy Healing my pretties!!!

Hey all. I am 31 days PO. Feeling pretty good. I...

Hey all. I am 31 days PO. Feeling pretty good. I am adding a pic of my puckered side the other side is the same way. I am still very swollen but pretty darn flat and will get flatter once the swelling goes down. LOL i can't imagine being flatter. Hope everyone is healing well.

Hey my TT friends. I am almost 5 weeks PO. I am...

Hey my TT friends. I am almost 5 weeks PO. I am feeling pretty darn good if i must say so. I am walking almost 100% straight. Saw the PS today to get the THING checked. It is doing great. I even went to buy some jeans but these damn thighs just wont act right. It felt good to get out and about. I even took off my CG. I went to the grocery store where i got stared down by some guy lol. I think i spent 2 hrs in kroger with my coupon binder. lmao yes i am one of those crazy coupon ladies. I love it!!!! Here are a few pics. Im working up the nerve to model nice underwear lol

Hey gang. Can you believe I am 5 weeks PO today? I...

Hey gang. Can you believe I am 5 weeks PO today? I am feeling great. I can now wipe my a$$. Lol who knew this would be such an accomplishment. I walked my 4 miles today. Came home made the family a great breakfast. Im going to make my famous spinach lasagna for dinner. All is right with the world!

38 days po..... I gave up my shower chair 3 nights...

38 days po..... I gave up my shower chair 3 nights ago. It feels kind of good to shower standing up. I start work in 2 days. I feel like I'm ready. I'm still pretty swollen but I can see once the swelling is gone my results will be great.

I will be 6 weeks po tomorrow. I go back to work...

I will be 6 weeks po tomorrow. I go back to work today. I don't want to go, but for financial reasons I must go. Im really not looking forward to the stares and questions. I work at the post office and all they do I gossip. They always in somebody business. I swear it's like high school. Lol there will be tons of haters, now that I'm looking forward to. I may just wear spandex to really make them mad. Lol ain't I terrible. But really I'm feeling wonderful. My seroma is almost closed. What a journey. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. Happy healing everyone!!!! For those yet to cross over to the flatside it's worth it and you can do it!!!!

Good morning my friends. I can't believe how great...

Good morning my friends. I can't believe how great I feel. So just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

So I started back to work last night. Whew!!!! I made it the whole 8 hrs. I thought I was going to be supervising but nope they put me back in my operation. Which consists of alot of walking and lifting. I probably walk between 12 to 14 miles. Lol as long as I eat good I should drop these last 12 pounds quickly. Ok I started my shift. I had one friend that I told about my tt pull me in the bathroom and said let me see lol. I was doing good until I started swelling like a yeast roll. But lucky I had on spanx and brought my best friend (cg). One person had to be nosey and ask what kind of surgery I had I told her nosey ass back surgery. OMG my husband works with me too. He would not stop peeking at me!!!!! Too funny.

Cont... Lol ok can you imaging using the bathroom...

Cont... Lol ok can you imaging using the bathroom at work? Fooling around with spanx, the seroma and cg. OMG one time while I was using the bathroom I heard something fall. Lol my marble feel out of my belly button. I was like WTH!!!! I should have started work next week because of how our pay periods are my check will only be for one day. Lol I'm so broke I can't pay attention. I so need a better cg cause this one keep rising up and I have like 50 buck too last me til the 27th. Lolnot!!!!! But ladies I've had a rough year last year but I continue to be blessed. Thank you jesus!!!!! When I dragged my butt home lsat night Ihad a mysterious check for over 1200.00 how cool was that. I'm gonna go find me a new friend (cg) lol happy healing!!!!!!!

Well guess what ladies!!!! I found my new...

Well guess what ladies!!!! I found my new BFF!!!(cg) lol I found it at my local mall the darn thing cost a whopping 130 bucks. sheeeesh!!!! but i love it. I am wearing it in the new pic. It comes up under the breast and down past the knees. It closes in the front with about 12 closers like a bra. And comes with straps which i left at the store omg and they wont be back open til tuesday. uggggg.. Its very comfortable and has a whole in the croch. I have it on early so i can test out how easy it is to go to the bathroom. Don't want to pee myself while i am at work. I think i may take some extra clothes today lol.

Oh you guys should have seen my trying this thing...

Oh you guys should have seen my trying this thing on in the store. These damn hips and thighs ugggg. lol the sales lady had to come help stuff them in. LOL My hubby had to help me get it on at home too. lol i aint taking it off til i shower. Im gonna get me a backup one too. OMG i love it.

Hey gang.. I tried to update from my phone, i had...

Hey gang.. I tried to update from my phone, i had all mess of stuff written and then the fat baby deleted it. Sheeessh!!!!!! Anywho lets try again from the laptop but now he got his fat feet on my keyboard.

I will be 7 weeks PO on Saturday. I feel and look amazing lol. The seroma is closing nicely. But as a side affect from the antibiotics my hair done fell out in the front.
WTF!!!! Now i look like a hot chick ( and i am hot) with a receding hairline lol. So now i am stray painting my scalp OMG. Is this a rough recovery or what. Well at least i got a flat tummy.

I too agree we need to get together and close down someones joint. I am in the ATL and hell i can put up a few ppl we can also have a slumber party lol. As Jmoms say!!!! We deserve to turn heads when we wall in the room. We deserve to strut our stuff. We deserve to be able to walk in a store to buy whatever clothing we want and look damn hot in it. And the most important we deserve to feel great about our bodies.

I will post new pics sometime this weekend. Happy healing my pretties. And for those that waiting to join the flat-side club its rough in the beginning but worth it so welcome.

Whewww!!!! is all i can say. It's been a rough...

Whewww!!!! is all i can say. It's been a rough ride. But i am loving every minute of it.

Ok let me tell ya how work is going. Everyone has been ok and i say that lightly. Two days ago this COW calls me over and and says hey Miss Tummy Tuck. Boy i went the f&^* off on her. But at the end of our shift she did come and apologize for coming to me that way which she should have damn COW!!!! I also apologized for going off on her which i didn't have too. She went on to say that what i did was a good, great and beautiful thing. Blah Blah Blah she can be so fake sometimes damn COW!!!! She also said that on my day off i was the talk of the day. But i don't care all them heffas is just jealous cause now im HOT!!!! lol. But on a great note one of my co workers came up to me and said you deserve this i should her my before pics and she bout cried and so did i and we hugged. Not only did i deserve this i needed this. I decided 7 years ago when i was weight 232 pounds i could go like that any more. I dieted and exercised my ass off and that damn kangaroo pouch would not budge it only got flabby. So i said to the little joey living down under since you won't vacate im gonna evict you. So long moocher!!!!!! lol

My new BFF (cg) is so freaking awesome lol.

I hope everyone is healing well. I also hope that all that is waiting to join us on the flatside is fairing ok. I know you guys are nervous and anxious but hang in there it's great over here.

Just a quick update. Just left my PS and got...

Just a quick update. Just left my PS and got clearance to do whatever I want. Except he wants me to wait a year before doing ab work. BOoooo!!!! Lol like I want to do ab work. Lol Still no baths, but the seroma I just about closed. Happy healing. Will update this weekend with pictures.

What in the world is wrong with this site. This is...

What in the world is wrong with this site. This is my second time trying to update!!!!!!

Overall i am feeling 100% better. I feel and look like a new woman rooaaarrrrr!!!!!!! lol

I have not felt my abs in over 18 years and boy does it feel great. I am going to start my kettlebell workouts next week and some jogging. I really want to get a gym membership but it can be kind of pricey when you have to bring 2 little ones with you.

Enjoy the new pics. Happy Healing and welcome to the flatside newbies

Hey gals. I had bought a corset from a fellow TT...

Hey gals. I had bought a corset from a fellow TT on realself can't remember her name. but i can pull it from pay pal if anyone wants to get one. I had gotten it a week before my surgery. Once i was cleared for spanx i tried to put it on. Oh my word i could not fit not even close. but my mom had stole it lol i just got it back today and low and behold batman i can fit it!!!!

What can i say. OMG I love my PS. I can now look...

What can i say. OMG I love my PS. I can now look in the mirror and say wow!!!! I can now look in the mirror and love my body!!!! I am feeling great. I have not started exercising just yet. Not that i can't it's just life. LOL these kids keep me pretty busy but next week I am gonna carve out some me time.

And the corset I got is the BOMB!!!! It does not ride up on ya and it feels great at the same time compresses the hell out of you. LOL I am still swollen but i can see it coming down nicely. With the corset on i don't have the swelling up feeling.

Hi gang!!! Feeling so darn awesome i tell...

Hi gang!!!

Feeling so darn awesome i tell ya!! This is a small update. I will do another on Wednesday which is my Birthday. Yes I am a Halloween baby.

My seroma is almost closed up and don't bother me at all. I still have numbness from my BB to the incision line, which really feels funny. I also have the pins and needle feeling time to time.

Still have not worked out yet. Life is really hectic with an 11 year old and 2 small children. I so want to work out. But i continue to eat right and i am slimming down nicely. At my first consult i weighed 186. At the time of my surgery i was at 176 now i am at 164. How cool is that. I want to get to 160 and may try 150 but we will see.

Pics will be added on Wednesday!!!

Have a great night and continue to heal and rest ladies. As for those yet to cross over relax your time is near and you will be so happy too. TTFN

Yes It's my birthday today!!!! I will do an update...

Yes It's my birthday today!!!! I will do an update tonight after my b-day dinner. With pics and all. Have a great and safe Halloween. Muahhhhhhhh

I so hate my freaking lap top i just typed a huge...

I so hate my freaking lap top i just typed a huge update and 1 hit of the wrong key and its gone. I want to throw a tantrum like a 2 year old. arggggggggg. Damnit!!!!!! Ok lets try this again.

I am 100% satisfied with my results. I have 3 issues though. The seroma that is closed but needs to flatten out and the dog ear. My PS says that is an in office easy fix. YEAH RIGHT!!!!! After what he did to me with the seroma fiasco i can live with them but his assistant says he will not be happy if my results arent perfect and will want to fix it. I really do appreciate that but i dont know if i can handle it. Well we sill see in the next 4 months.

Ok yesterday was my birthday and boy was it awesome. My son bought me some 200$ weave. Bless his sweet little heart he spent all that hard earned money on his old mommy. He is really sweet. I so love him. He came to me last year and told me he was bi-sexual. I told him so what you are my son and i love you no matter what. I said as long as you are happy and just protect yourself. He said he thought i was gonna go off on him. lol ahhhh no. Well anyway we went to my sister's shop and sewed in this long weave. Now mind you ive been prancing around since i had my TT talking about getting a long weave. so i guess they said let's shut this fool up. lol But its a body wave and i don't like it. I look like a black version of Ugly Betty lmao. But i am gonna flat iron it today and see how that looks. My son said i have to at least wear it for a month. SMHHHH!!! Ok Ok Ok i can at least do that. LOL But im gonna have to wear my spare glasses cause the black ones really look like Ugly Betty.

Ok let's get on to the hubby bless his heart. He asks me what i want for my birthday. I told him i wanted an orange charm for my Pandora bracelet. Why orange you say? that's my favorite color. LOL my whole kitchen is orange from the walls to the kitchen aid stand mixer lol, So i see the Jared bag and get super excited. I get 3 charms ok i only wanted one he always over do it. I love him to death but he is so hard headed. The one that was orange i already have and the other 2 aint orange lol bless him. Plus he bought me another bracelet. lol what am i gonna do with him.

My dinner turned out to be the BOMB!!!! I had about 23 guest. The resturant was called Bay Breeze. It's like a Red Lobster but cheaper. They give you a ton of food that you have enough leftover for lunch the next day. Let me tell ya i starved myself all day for this meal. I cleaned my plate i wanted to lick it. I even tasted my sister's and my hubby's. lol I got a fist full of cash (160). Enough to get my new phone the Samsung 3 lol.

I am having lunch with one of our TT sisters today. That will be so cool. I can't wait.

Ok here is a few pictures. Tell me what you think of the hair!!!! lol

I am officially 10 weeks PO. I feel pretty darn...

I am officially 10 weeks PO. I feel pretty darn back to normal. My seroma is completely closed. The scar looks great. I still have the pins and needle feeling from time to time. I still can't sleep on my stomach. Yes i am still swollen blahhhh!!!!! I still wear my BFF during the day and the corset at night lol. I can wear a size 10 in women's before the TT i was in a 12-14 and i can wear a 11-13 in Juniors which feels pretty darn good. I am 4 pounds from my 160 goal but gonna try for 152 which i think is a good weight for me im only 5ft 2in.

LOL with my crazy work schedule i still have not worked out. I think i am kinda of scared but Monday i'm gonna get to it. I want to be at goal or close to by Thanksgiving.

But i feel great. I love the looks i get. I feel so sexy.

I had someone ask what I had in my BB? So I...

I had someone ask what I had in my BB? So I thought I would share with everyone.

In the pictures I have fine mesh gauze which is infused with XEROFORM. Which is Bismuth Tribromophenate in a Petrolatum blend. I got it from my PS and it's made by KENDALL. It is used to keep the BB from closing and to keep it from drying out. My PS says the new BB is a wound and will try and close itself.

I was also told to get an hollow marble and put string threw it and put neosporin on it and push it in my BB to shape and keep it from closing. The string is so the marble won't get lost in there and easy to pull out. I could not find a hollow marble but found jewelry beads at Hobby Lobby and Joanne Fabrics. But they were smaller than what I wanted. I anyone finds some hollow marbles please let me know.

Hey my TT friends. I am officially 11 weeks PO and...

Hey my TT friends. I am officially 11 weeks PO and i feel marvelous. I had got off track and gained a few pounds. But I back on the wagon and i am back to 164 only 4 pounds to my pre fat baby weight!!! How cool is that. I am shooting for 152 since the PS took off 8 pounds of skin and fat.

I have started working out so i should get the four pounds off before Thanksgiving. Hopefully at least 3 extra cause i am cooking a feast!!!!

I added a pic of my BFF Lucy lol yes i named her. But she is truly my BFF. She holds and mold me. I got a large and i have shaped up and i am now ready for a smmmmedium Baby!!! lol just not ready to shell out the 130 bucks. My BFF is by slender touch and can be bought from their site or lipoexpress.com.

My BB is looking pretty amazing!! I am so happy with my PS. He said i was gonna have a tiny waist and boy do I. I love it I love it I love it!!!

I think i may take down some of these pics. Takes...

I think i may take down some of these pics. Takes forever you update. but i want the new TT ppl to see how the process is.

Hi everyone... I hope all is healing well and...

Hi everyone... I hope all is healing well and resting as need be. And for those yet to cross over don't fret. Your time is near.

I feel fantastic!!!!!!

I have seen were some of you have some extra skin. I too have more than i want to have. But I am gonna trust my PS when he says it will get much better. Like you all i say yeah right. but however a few weeks ago while sitting i noticed
a bit of skin that i can pinch. But i started wearing my corset and CG together and i see a big difference as the swelling is going down. I see my PS right before Christmas I will talk to him about it. I meant to take pics of the skin but when i remembered i was already suited and booted lol and did not want to disrobe lol.

Well i am back in the size 8 i was wearing before i had the fat baby and they fit so much better with out the kangaroo pouch. I want to stay in an 8 but im afraid if i get to 152 lbs i may be in a 6. lol i guess that would not be so bad.

Hey my TT gal pals. I an so thankful for the...

Hey my TT gal pals.

I an so thankful for the following.... I was able to have this wonderful surgery, I'm not in debt from it, I woke up from it, my mother and husband took great care of me and the kids, I'm in a size 8, I'm at my pre fat baby weight how cool is that, I love my new body, my family and overall health. Oh im so thankful that I don't have to left the pouch up to clean underneath and the smell is gone!!!!!

I'm bummed cause I looked down while sitting and I can still pinch fat. I still have some belly in my lap. I can see all kinds of overhang on my sides. I will post some pics when my hubby gets home.

I know it's still early in the recovery but good lord.

Hey gang. Just wanted to let yall know i am still...

Hey gang. Just wanted to let yall know i am still here!!!! LOL 13+ weeks and yes i am still swollen. Its not bad but still swollen. For all the newcomers it is a slow process. I see my PS on Dec 20th. I am kind of ready to stop wearing a cg. I still wear it faithfully all day i only take it off to shower. LOL my hubby see me come out the bathroom with on and be like well i guess i can't get none. LOL

I still get very tired, well hell that can be just from working a full time job and taking care of a household. lol my fat baby kicking me as i am typing he is so high maintenance lol. I will try to post some new pic this weekend. I want to get some new underwear sets i have not had one in years cause let's face it with the kangaroo pouch who wanted to wear matching underwear. lol.

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Don't get me wrong i love my...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Don't get me wrong i love my results. I can't stop looking at my self in the mirror. I AM SO VAIN!!!! You guys should see me. Boy do i flaunt it!!!! I had a coworker say ( you think you cute huh) lol I said i sure do. Actually i said OF COURSE!!!!! My PS is brilliant. He did an awesome job.

Now at 14 weeks i am still numb. MY BB is so freeking cute. I get the pins and needles sometimes. But let me get to the meat and potatoes of it all. When i am sitting down my tummy is still flabby. It's 1000 times better that before but i had this vision of being super flat so when i sit it would be perfect. But hey we don't live in a perfect world. lol I just wish i could do my hula hoop it would knock out this little belly fat and fat back. My PS says no ab work for a year WTF!!! I go for a checkup on the 20th and i am gonna beg and cry to do the hula hoop. I mean it's only 10 mins a day,, Hell i don't want to do crunches and sit ups.

But really im so happy. I am at my goal of 160 which is just peachy. Now that is my pre fat baby weight. so now i am gonna try to loose the 8 pounds my PS cut off me. Hopefully i don't look like a crack head. CRACK IS WHACK MAN!!!! LOL

OMG i have the best husband in the world. I could not have gone through this whole process with out him or you guys. He loves my results too. I mean he be chasing me around. I get attacked when i get out the shower. He says i look like a teenager. lol Life is good!!!

Check out the pics!!!! I lolhad to give you all a pic of the fat baby and lil girl

I love going shopping... lol i give myself an...

I love going shopping... lol i give myself an allowance lol

This is a slow healing process. But i can honestly...

This is a slow healing process. But i can honestly say it was worth it. I still think that i am dreaming because never in my wildest dreams that i would ever, ever, ever have a flat tummy again. I do!!!!

I love being able to go to any store and buy whatever i want and look damn good. LOL I went to the Salvation Army today and bought a true religion hoody that would normally cost 119 for 4 bucks and a pair of guess jeans for 4 bucks boy did i score big. Im going to some other thrift stores on Friday why pay retail when you can a bargain. lol

I went to drop the lil girl to my sister's and got my hair did. I look damn good if i say so myself. I feel like a million bucks lol even though i shop at thrift stores lol. Here is a pic of my hairdo. This is my fav hairdo.

So with me being such a super mom and all. I get...

So with me being such a super mom and all. I get up to the sound of the fat baby done started scooting and scooted his self right off the bed. smhhhh We start our day. The lil girl is with my sister don't know how long cause she likes to kidnap people's children. I get the fat baby to daycare and i go to the mall to do my 4+ mile walk. I get there and realize i forgot to put on my garment. I say i should be ok. NOT NOT NOT!!!! OMG i am so swollen i look like i am about 4 months preggo. LOL anyway I guess it will go down but when i go to work today i will be wearing my corset and my BFF lol have a great day and happy healing.

Hey gang.... I hope everyone is doing good and...

Hey gang....

I hope everyone is doing good and healing well. For those yet to join the flat side good luck and come on over it's great!!!!

I just did day 2 in the gym and feeling awesome. I wore my corset and did not swell. I am only doing the step classes now but will ease into it. I still do my mall walking.

I try to sleep on my tummy and it feels like the fat blob is still there lol!!! Tummy and BB are still numb. I still wear my CG BFF everyday. That thing has slimmed be down quite a bit i had to sew it in twice all ready. It's a size large. I go see my PS on Thursday if he says he still wants me to wear it i am gonna have to bite the bullet and buy a medium SHM!!!

I can see my tummy slimming down too. It does not look so puffy but not quite
as flat as i hoped it would be but i am working on it.

I tell ya i feel so damn sexy in my clothes it's so unreal. I still think I am dreaming. I love going shopping for clothes now. I am gonna go broke lol.

Check you my new pix

Oh BTW im down to 157 lbs i think 155 will be my...

oh BTW im down to 157 lbs i think 155 will be my lowest. I don't want to look sickly lol..

So i went to my 16 week PO appt. Everything is...

So i went to my 16 week PO appt. Everything is great. He doesn't seem to think i need a revision. My seroma area has healed nicely not perfect but good enough no one will notice. But once i get to the 6 month point i will go back so he can look me over again.

Still no hula hoop and no ab work til a year PO. Booooooo i want to hula hoop so bad. But i will follow orders. I was told to keep wearing the cg. He says he has changed his policy which use to be 6 to 8 weeks in the cg to wear it as long as possible. Hell mine is a large and Ive shrunk and had to sew it in twice. I guess i will bite the bullet and spend the 130 and buy another one. After i grew out of this one im done lol.

Have a great holiday everyone and happy healing and don't overeat... lol im gonna try to follow my own words. Good luck to those traveling to the flat side!!!

Hey gang.... Just dropping by to add a few random...

Hey gang.... Just dropping by to add a few random pics. I just want to keep the everyone informed. This is a slow healing process. AT 4 months out i am still numb. I sleep on my stomach last night and it did not feel so weird.

What's up my TT sisters and brother out there...

What's up my TT sisters and brother out there somewhere.

All is going well. I am still slightly swollen. Tummy still numb and i still can't feel my BB.

I started back at the gym. I just absolutely love the step aerobic class. So i went to class today. For some reason they don;t heat the place so i had on my jacket a t-shirt and a wife beater. Once class started i took off my jacket. About 5 min into the class i had to take off my t-shirt so all i had on was my wife beater and my corset. SOOOOO im following the routine and i look in the mirror and i see this freakin HOT chick with this tiny ass waist. Boy i was like damnnnn and i started messing up and almost tripped over my step. So i look again and then OMG it was ME!!!!!!! Wow my waist and hips are like WoW!!!!

I know i crack myself up... really i do.. but i am so happy with my results. Even though i hope get a little flatter and im so hoping once i am cleared to do ab work i want to see my abs.

Happy healing and welcome newcomers.

My new year resolution is.... 1= To embrace this...

My new year resolution is....
1= To embrace this precious new body.
2= Drive my hubby crazy.
3= Eat more healthy.
4= Educate any and every on the TT process!!!
5= To at least try on a bikini.
6= Go to church more!!!!! This is a must.
7= Potty train the lil girl... lol
8= Enjoy life more... you only get one go around ladies make it count.

i got a story for yall.

I was at work and my supervisor and another supervisor walked by me. My supervisor knows i had a TT, The other said dang girl you got to tell me what you did to get in shape. You are all sucked and looking great. I told her i exercised and after i did all i could do i cut it off lol. My supervisor said damn girl you aint even going to lie. I said for what i am not ashamed of having a TT i will tell whoever wants to know or listen. lol then the other supervisor says see that's what im talking about i want one too!!!

Wow i can hardly believe it's been 4 months. I...

Wow i can hardly believe it's been 4 months. I know i still have some healing to do and boy if it's still gonna get better what am i going to do with myself. LOL This journey has been amazing and i could not have imagine doing without all my pals here. You guys have been an awesome support group!!!!

I think i need some help cause i can't stop shopping. LMAO i done started trying to make it justifiable by shopping at thrift stores and i think that's worst cause now i buy more cause it's cheaper and don't know them thrift stores they got some fabulous JEANS and other awesome clothing lol.

I am on a new mission to find me a bikini since i have never worn one lol oh boy. Help me lord!!! I need new work out clothes especially sports bras lol. What is a vixen suppose to do.

I needed gym clothes so bad. So This is what i...

I needed gym clothes so bad. So This is what i found at Target. Man sheesh gym clothes are expensive i need more!!!

Oh my word!!!!! Ok so you all know im addicted to...

oh my word!!!!! Ok so you all know im addicted to shopping lol. Well im out on the hunt for jeans i am so in love with the boot cut. So I go to Tommy Hilfiger and try on a 6 but before i try them on i ask the lady if she could find me an 8 cause i didn't think i could fit a 6. So i put them on and they fit kind of snug on the waist. So i do my jean test i could bend over very well, the sales lady comes back with an 8 so i say let me do my squat test. I did the squat but heard i little rip i look at the lady i say does that mean if i break i buy lol. she say naaaa i wont tell. lol so i bought the 8 but they fit better anyways.

Ive come to a conclusion that i am happy with wearing a size 8 so im just gonna maintain and tone up my arms and legs and work on this dreaded back fat. Sheesshhh

OHHHH Yeah i almost i got a new nickname. lmao BARBIE!!!

Happy Healing ladies... Its a slow process. Even though it looks like im all healed im not. I too have a long way to go.

Hey gang. I was trying on a bra and panty set and...

Hey gang. I was trying on a bra and panty set and to my surprise my scar place is spot on!!!! Can't ask for much more. Just thought I'd share the photo. I ordered my first ever bikini once it comes in you know you guys will be the first to see!!! Muahhh

But on a TT note.... My tummy is still numb. I still get the pins a needles sensation but that's pretty normal. Oh i had to order a smaller corset cause my other one was too big. I will post pics of that with the bikini. But if ya gals want one contact www.hughlondathomas@yahoo.com they are called slim by night and boy i saw a difference with the new one in one night. I am getting flatter. WOOT!!! I so can't wait for spring and summer so i can show off this smokin hot bod!!!!

Happy healing and to the newbies welcome. Just remember it gets better everyday!!!!

Hi gang!!!! This has been a wonderful journey....

Hi gang!!!!

This has been a wonderful journey. I have had my ups and downs. I've been scared, mad, frustrated, happy and ecstatic!!! I just want to take a moment and say thanks to all of you that has followed this journey with me. Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns. I love you all.

And for those yet to join us and for those that is just starting this journey hang in there. It is rough, hard and slow. Just take it one day at a time. The first 3 to 4 days are the hardest. But once you make it pass that it gets better everyday. I will be 5 months PO in 2 days. And I am loving my results. And i am not even at my final results yet.

This past Saturday i climbed stone mountain. Look it up Stone Mountain in Georgia its a beast. Its a real mountain 1 mile up and 1 mile back. It was a group of us called Lace Up I think it was forty of us. After climbing the mountain we walked the park which is 5 miles. WOOT i did 7 miles that day. I felt great but i tell ya my legs are still on fire!!! I had to go to the gym today i did Zumba and plan on going in the morning for my step class. I have to keep going.

lol I was at work yesterday in the bathroom and looked at my self in the mirror!!!! Holy smokes Batman my waist is super tiny and i am getting thinner. I am the shrinking woman. I love it. So guess what i did i had a photo shoot in the bathroom at work!!!! lol I got the new Samsung Note II and you can hold down the shutter button and take 20 pictures at a time. LOL i had a blast. Yes in the bathroom. Oh the little joys that make us happy.

I've always dreamed of looking like this. I would just daydream about looking like this!!! But never in a million years did i think my dream would come true. It has and guess what I'm still not at my final results. I can't wait. I am not a vain person believe me i am very humble person. But i tell ya i love the looks i get. I get the looks like damn girl WTH lol i love it!!!

I love you guys and thanks again!!!

What's up my TT's peeps. I am feeling great i tell...

What's up my TT's peeps. I am feeling great i tell ya!!!! Yesterday i was on fire in a good way. I had the feeling of electricity flowing through my mid section. lol it's my nerves waking up. It kind of felt like some of my haters had a voodoo doll just going to town. Well you know carry on haters lol. All in all i am doing great. Still no ab work but i started doing Turbo Jam and Zumba I love it!!! I wanted to upload some pics but my stupid new phone taking forever to send it to my email. So here is one. I will ad the rest later tonight i guess. Oh Im sorry you are gonna have to scroll cause i want to try and keep them in order for the newbies!!! Have a great weekend.

What do ya know they showed up lmao!!! Technology!!!!!

What do ya know they showed up lmao!!! Technology!!!!!

Hey gang. I am almost 6 MO PO!!! I hope every one...

Hey gang. I am almost 6 MO PO!!! I hope every one is healing well and those yet to join us, relax and get ready cause its a bumpy ride but so worth it.

My hubby and me went to brunch with a coworker on Sunday. I had to use the bathroom. After i did my business and as i was washing my hands i turned to leave the bathroom and caught a glimpse of someone in the mirror. Scared the crap out of me I was like i thought i was alone!!!! So I turn around and there I WAS!!!!! OMG looking hot as ever..... I crack myself up sometimes.

Hi gals. I will be 6 months PO in s few days. I...

Hi gals. I will be 6 months PO in s few days. I will do an update soon. Happy healing!

I going to warn you gals. I am uploading a lot of...

I going to warn you gals. I am uploading a lot of pictures with this update.

Well at 6 months i can do everything except ab work. Which are my doctor's orders. I saw my PS on Tuesday the 12th of FEB. He says i do have a dog ear but wants to wait til i am at the 9 month mark to fix. He says i am still swollen and will shrink more. Thats what i want lol. He also wants me to continue wearing my garments. I had to retire my BFF and buy a new one which was a size large, i had sewn it in 3 times lol So i am now in a medium it comes with 2 rows of hooks but i am on the smallest. I tried a small but i could not get these hips and thighs in it. I also had to get a smaller corset which i usually wear at night, gym and during the day before i go to work then i put on the full body garment. Yes sounds like a lot. It is but its what you have to do if you want great results. And i won't settle for nothing less than greatness. Because let's face it that's what we paid for.

Some times i feel as if i am so vain. lol but who cares i really love my results thus far and i am enjoying them. I got so many people that just want to talk TT and i can talk about it all day. I love educating ppl about the procedure and recovery process. I am honest to the T. I give the good the bad and the dreaded ugly. I have tons of great feed back and of course there is always one bad apple in the bunch. LOL i love watching her squirm its hilarious. Now i did have one guy just disrespect me when i walked by.. he was like godddd damnnn. I thought it was rude and i wanted to tell him so but you never know with ppl these days he may have shot me or beat me up or followed me lol so i just kept walking like i didn't hear him. some ppl have no home training.

I went to the gym today and could not stop looking at myself lol. I did not wear my corset and i did not swell much at all. I can't wait til it gets warmer so i can start running in the park.

But in the end I am truly happy. I still think I am dreaming. I still tear up when i look at my self in a mirror. I still am very humble. I am still the same person but with a banging body lol!!!

So for you ladies that is new to the neighborhood hang in there. It really does get better. I know you guys are tired of hearing that but it really is true. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of you may even need revisions like me. But once it's all said and done it is worth it. You deserve this. You deserve to look good in your clothes. You deserve to love your self on the outside.

And ladies that are waiting to move into the neighborhood. Welcome home. It is a rough recovery. There is some ups and a lot of downs. But it will pass. I know you are scared, worried and nervous. Believe me you wont regret it. So set back, buckle up and enjoy the ride. And know that you are not alone. We are here so just ask any question you may have.

Darn it uploading pictures is a real pain!!!!

darn it uploading pictures is a real pain!!!!

Hey ladies. My PS told me my waist will be so...

Hey ladies.
My PS told me my waist will be so small that I would have a hard time finding pants! Lol he was not joking. All my pants are big in waist. I have to wear a belt all the time and I hate wearing belts. What do I do? I don't want to have to pay to have them taken in. Lol but what a great problem to have.
A fellow TT told me that my summers will never be the same. Lmao never looked at it that way. But she is right. Our summers will never be the same. Hell our lives will never be the same. This is a life changing experience.

But for those who are just starting this journey. Please be patient. The greatness that is coming your way will not come easy and it won't happen overnight. Please wear your garments faithfully. It holds all the power lol. Happy Healing ladies. Sorry I'm updating from my phone or else I would add pictures. I'm a picture junkie lol. Toodles

Hey my gal pals. I was going trying to wait til i...

Hey my gal pals. I was going trying to wait til i was officially 7 months to update. But since i was summoned i will update early. Warning i will be adding pics through out the day cause as you all know it takes for ever to upload.

I bought my first bikini ever!!!!! Yes i have never worn a bikini. boy did it feel good. I think it looks great buy my i am not happy with my thighs so i will wear it with the swim pants or sarong. Tell me what you think.

The spot on my scar where the seroma was has heal almost perfect. I've noticed that my scar has gotten darker. But it's not an issue cause no one can see it. But i am noticing the dog ear but my PS says he won't remove it till i am 9 months PO. My tummy is still numb and i get the pins and needles sensations every now and then.

I can see my waist steadily shrinking. But my tummy is still too fat for me. Plus it's supper fat when i am sitting. I defiantly going to address these issues. But i really think it will flatten once i am clear to start ab work.

I am sticking on my diet. I am finding it hard to get to the gym cause the hubby works midnights and needs his sleep. But i still get some walking in. I am down to 150lbs. Holly cow!!!! I had got to 146 but i looked really skinny in the face. I dont want to get lower than 150 but i think that i will end up smaller if i want to flatten my tummy more. lol What's a gal to do!!! I officialy put my foot down and put the whole family on a diet. Team Johnson will be one fit and fabulous family this summer. I want people to look at us and say wow look at them!!!! Not look at that fine fixen then look at them and be like what the hell!!!! lol I love my family but i am going to whip them in shape. Hubby is down 16 pounds. I had my 11 yr old son get on the scale and he was at 173 i was like you weigh more than me!!!! But is at 164 now.

So my dear friends hang in there. This is so worth all the pain and swelling.

Hay gals, Here are some pics. I know you guys love...

Hay gals, Here are some pics. I know you guys love pictures. So do I!!!

Just adding some pictures. I put in a split pic of...

Just adding some pictures. I put in a split pic of before my TT. Boy have i come along way!!!! I still think i am dreaming. But ladies please don't be so hard on yourselves. This is a slow grueling process. Look at me i am 7 months post op and i am not where i want to be. But if it does not get any better than this i am more than satisfied. lol well sort of i just want my waist to be a 28.

But on a positive and serious note. You must diet and exeercise. You must you must you must!!!! Cause i know for a fact that if i had not got up off my but i would not look like this. Oh I know it's hard i got a family and a full time job but i make myself find time to get it in. Cause i won't i repeat I WON'T let all the pain and money go to waist. I will not be doing this again so i must stay on top of it.

So for the newbies be patient patient and more patient. Once you are clear to exercise do so with ease. But work on getting to where you want to be. With a little effort any goal can be achieved.

Happy Easter!!!! Stay away from the baskets!!!! My poor kids aren't getting one. No candy in my house. LOL

What's up my friends? I have pictures but I'm on...

What's up my friends? I have pictures but I'm on my phone and if I can upload my phone won't let me. If someone knows please let me know.

I'm so freaking happy I'm about to burst. I love the new and improved me! I can't stop shopping for clothes. I mean I've always liked nice clothes but wouldn't buy what I really wanted cause why bother if it wouldn't look right. My pouch just made my clothes look frumpy. But now money is not an issue. Lol I bought a pair of 100 jeans the other day. Shhhh don't tell the hubby. I, we deserve to be able to buy whatever our hearts and bodies desire.

But I am still numb from my BB down to my scar. Weird thing I felt my tummy itching so I started scratching but I couldn't feel myself scratching. I was also in the shower the other day and for some reason I decided to pinch myself but felt nothing.

This weekend I'm going to enjoy some great Passover goodies. ComemondMonday I'm back on my grind!!!

I've officially got my sexy back!!!! My hubby won't leave me alone. I'm so glad I got my tubed tied lol.

Toodles girls. Rest and relax and let your body heal itself. Get ready for greatness my pretties!

I must say I now have my dream body!!!! For...

I must say I now have my dream body!!!!

For the newbies I can't stress enough. Please just relax and rest. Let you loved ones pamper you. Let the house go. Let the laundry go. Let the dog feed the kids and the kids feed the dog lol. Just Let it all go. Just till you can get around better cause in the beginning you must rest. Because the more you do the more you swell and the more fluid swishing around. I know you look at your self and say what in the world have i done. Believe me Iv'e been there and it will pass i promise. I know the pain meds make you loopy. I remember seeing things and having weird dreams lol omg i was a mess. Oh and some of you lucky gals have to shoot yourselves daily with blood thinners. Let me tell you I was the patient from hell!!! My hubby could not wait till 8:30 am to stick me!!!! I tell ya when i opened my eyes in the morning the first thing i saw was this big grizzly looking man with a needle in one hand and an alcohol pad in the other. Whispering roll over with a sinister grin on his face. LOL we still talk about it and laugh. So just relax and enjoy the ride you will look back at these times and laugh cause i am cracking up just typing.

The dreaded swelling. omg i know it's awful. But just wrap yourself up and deal with it. Until your skin reattaches itself you are gonna swell. I say it should last a good 6 months. Yes i said 6 months. But take tons of pictures so you can see the progress. It's amazing!!! So wear that garment with pride cause onces it's all said and done you will be looking awesome like me!!! LOL yes i am full of myself. But hey we deserve it!!!!

OMG i just had have my update wrote and went to...

OMG i just had have my update wrote and went to the bathroom came back and the stupid laptop just turned off.....

Hey gang...

I am so tired of wearing this damn garment. So on Tuesday i decided to go with out it. I got all cute and stuff in my hot pink shirt and orange skinnies. Yes i was cute and flat when i left the house. Now i had bought these skinnies a while ago i had originally bought a 27 but could not get them past my thighs so i bought a 28. They was fine but when i got to work they decided to keep falling down so i had to tighten my belt super tight lol. 2hrs in to my shift old mr swell starting creeping up on me. By the end of my shift Mr was like BAM here i am did you think you could just get away!!! I was like please go away!!! lol when i got home i couldn't get that garment on fast enough!!! So ladies yes at 7+ months PO it's a possibility to be still in swell hell. But every one heals differently.

Team Johnson is looking amazing. Hubby is down 22lbs his pants is falling down too!! But i won't let him buy new ones until he looses 15-20 more. My son is down 10lbs and looking very slim and handsome. I am down to 149 but want to stay at 150. Me and the hubby is going to start this system called Yoli. Stay tuned going to see how it works for him. If it works like it says i will start selling it. google it ladies cause it sounds amazing!!!

Hi gang. I'm over 8 months PO! and I still swell...

Hi gang. I'm over 8 months PO! and I still swell and still wearing a garment at all times!

I am 2 weeks into Insanity! My son does it with me. Even the lil girl joins in. It's so funny. I am determined to get some noticeable abs.

I will have to have a dog ear remove. May sometime in October. I want to enjoy this summer. I'm almost as flat as I want to be.

I am on the Flat Side ALMOST 9 MONTHS!!!!

Hey gang... Yes I'm still lurking around. LOL Almost nine months and still swelling sheeesh!!!! It is getting to be less and less. But I am so tired of wearing this garment. It's time to let my BFF go!!!! It's getting hot and who wants to keep putting on this thing. Aint nobody got time for that!!!!!!!

But boy am I still shrinking. I got asked last night dang girl how much smaller are you going to get. LOL. This is my dreams size. I just want that ab definition which I'd say is coming right along. MY goal was 160lbs but with a good healthy diet and exercise i now weigh 145 i can't go no lower don't want to loose the booty lol. Be it seems the smaller i get the booty get bigger lol.

I got a friend at work that says i should turn this journey into a job and make some money. I have a lot of people that want to know what i do. lol Nothing special really. You just have to be ready to make a change and have some discipline. With a little hard work anything is possible.

Hope every one had a great Mother's Day. My son bought me the Beyonce Bikini. OMG its gorgeous. Pics coming soon!!!

On a sad note. lol I still have my hater club. They are too funny. They just talk about me not knowing who my friends are lol. But as they say let your haters be your motivators. lol and yes they are!!! I love it!!!!

Hang in there gals. Everyone heals differently and at a different pace. Wear that garment!!!!

9 months po!

Hey gang. I'm still lurking around.
I'm still in my garment. Sheeeesh I still swell. I was looking all cute yesterday but mister swell hell ruined it! Here are some pictures.

Team Johnson!!!!!

My team is getting healthy and fit too!!! Hubby is down 30 lbs. My 11 yr old fell off the wagon but i got him back on track he is at a 5 lb weight loss. I have to watch him like a hawk cause he will inhale everything. I am at drum roll please......141 lol omg. My 20 yr old son does Insanity with me and is slimming and toning. We are doing P90x next.

Let me tell how bad they are hating on us. Me, my hubby and son work at the same post office. Now you know they talk about me anyway!!!! But the word is that my hubby was had a weight loss surgery. Come on now he only loss 30lbs and he hasn't missed any work to have had a surgery. My son is on drugs and has an eating disorder. LMAO the things ppl come up with. Like my son says let them talk it only means that they noticed. too funny i tell ya.

Still shrinking!

Here is a side by side in almost the same outfit. The left is today. The right 3 months ago. I'm in my garment in both pictures.

Crying on the inside!

Wow is all I can say. Ladies a little hard work is all you need.For the newbies and those yet to yet cross over. Your PS is only giving you a head start! It's up to you to cross the finish line! I'm living proof it can be done. I'm not perfect but I sure feel like it!

celebrity status!

Hey my friends. I hope everyone is healing well.

Yes!!! I am still in my garments. I just had to sew it in again. I think I'm about ready to let it go. But it feels so good.

I've finished 2 months of Insanity. Boy was it intense. I shrunk some inches and my 6 pack is forming. I'm now doing just cardio for 2 weeks. I've been climbing Stone Mountain at least 3 days a week. I ran a mile in 13.22 minutes today. Yeah!!!! SStarted at over 16 minutes. Aiming for 10 minutes.

Guess what!!! I got a call from my PS asking if I minded talking to a few potential clients. Lol I said sure. I love helping others. Not only about the Tummy Tuck process but about being healthy.

I can't stress enough how this is not a game. It's not just a diet. It's a lifestyle change. It should be a way of living. You can't reach your goals and just go back to what you were doing before. Get your families on board too. Life is too short. I want me and family to be around for a long time. And to be healthy so we can enjoy this lifetime. Cause you know what you only get one time around!

Gonna try for bikini pictures for next update! Take care guys. Love your self. You've made it this far take it to the end! Love ya!

Team Beachbody all the way!

Hi guys! I'm doing great. I still swell like puff pastry lol. But it's getting better. I try to tell everything about my journey. I forgot something at the first part after surgery. Before I could go you have to use the bathroom first. I had the urge but couldn't go. So I went home with my pee bag. I had it for the first 24 hrs. Lol omg the blood thinner shots. They are needed to help prevent blot clots. You can die from those. Not every PS reccomends them. Well mine did. I had to have a shot every morning for 10 freaking days! I didn't think I could shoot myself so hubby did it. Smh. Did I tell yall I was the patient from hell? Yes sweet little me. And since I was such a sweet patient NOT my hubby couldn't wait to shoot me. I swear every morning when I opened my eyes he was standing there with the needle. Omg it's hilarious now. But I'd be like can I go to the bathroom first! He'd say nope. We still talk about those first weeks of recovery and laugh our heads off.

I found some more pictures!


Lol crazy site or my phone


Ok they say the 3rd time is the charm!

Shakeology is the bomb!

I've been on shakeology since Monday. I'm down 3 lbs! I can see my abs!

With a little hard work and willpower to eat right. Anything is possible!

new garment

Bought a new garment. I got a corset from Lipoexpress SIZE XS!!!!! omg can you believe that.

new garment!

I got a corset from Lipoexpress. I had to get a SIZE XS!!!!! Unbelievable

New garment

I got me a new corset from Lipoexpress. I had to get a SIZE XS!!!!! Unbelievable.

Whew Focus T25!!!!!!

What's up my besties!

My swelling is finally getting under control. My tummy is still numb. But I'm still getting flatter. Can you believe that! I must go see my doctor just to say hi!

I'm currently doing Shaun T's new workout out Focus T5 and I'm loving it. I had to restart because I had contracted tonsillitis and strep. My doctor had me on steroids so I gained weight!!!! Uggggg. . So I'm on day 4! I'm using Shakeology too. I had gotten down to 138 but I'm back to 142. But I've decided to stay at 140. I think that's a healthy weight for me. Here are a few pictures. Love yall! Check out my sites Www.beachbodycoach.com/tjuanas and Www.myshakeology.com/tjuanas

I got hula hoops! get yours today!

Wantvto strengthen and tone your core? Want to burn 100 calories every 10 minutes? Want to shape your body? Want to get a great cardiovascular workout while listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite tv show? Well you can do all that with a weighted hula hoop. My hoops weigh 3lbs. It comes in one piece. No pieces to put together or lose!
Get Hoopin! Www.gethoopin.bigcartel.com
WARNING! !!! This is not a toy! Start off slow with about 2 minutes. If you have to do 5 2 minute increments to reach the 10 minutes that's ok! The goal is to do 10 minutes all at once. But take it slow. Once you can do 10 minutes increase your time for even better results! I've been hooping for 8 years! I do 30 minutes a day and I love it!


1 year later!!

Hey gang! It will be 1 year tomorrow! Wow I can't believe it!

I'm still numb. I still swell sheesh! I was looking about 4 months pregnant today. What's up with that! Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm still wearing that darn garment. I'm gonna wean myself off.

Getting my dog ear removed in November! Other than that all is well.

I've started my own hula hooping business!! It's doing pretty good . It's a great workout I tell ya! Ive been hooping for 8 years and it still works me good! Burns 100 calories every 10 minutes. Strengthen and tone your core! Check out my site!


I haven't forgotten about the bikini pictures. Soon I promise!TTFN!

trying to maintain!

Maintaining is harder than loosing the weight! But this is a lifestyle change not a fad.

I'm in the process of starting my fitness business! I'm tweaking my meal plan. My home gym is almost complete.
I tell my clients you can never go back to eating the way you use to. I give my clients 1 cheat meal a week.

Me and hubby went to Vegas for the first time! Had a blast. We stayed on our workouts. But I'm back on the grind tomorrow. Leaving Vegas today. I'll add more pictures through out the day! Love you guys stay strong and wear those garments. Lol


My tummy is still numb

more pictures



I've really been working on my abs and it shows! I'm starting to think our tummies will stay numb. I have a friend that had a TT 5 years ago and she's still numb. I guess that's a small price to pay for a flat tummy. Lol I am getting a tattoo on my scar after I heal from my revision. Can't wait. Still thinking of a breast lift next year! TTFN!!!!

Revision wed 11-13-13

I've had this revision schedule for about 2 months. As the day got closer I got nervous and scared. I had finally decided to stop wearing my garment. The dog ear had disappeared. Lol I was so happy. But I was keeping my appointment so I could get an estimate for a breast lift. I was talking to a friend the day before the revision. I told her how it had flattened and out. She says it's just your mind playing tricks. Lol so I get to the PS high off the Zanax and Percocet. I undressed and waited for the dr. He says stand up and that damn dog ear flopped out. Lol. The procedure wasn't so bad. But I could feel him cutting. But it all went well. It's sore but not unbearable. I get to shower tomorrow I'll add more pictures!

Happy healing ladies

another revision picture

What a journey!

Hey gang!

This has been such an awesome journey! I am so happy with my results. I didn't expect for my TT to turn out so great. But my PS was straight up and honest. He said I would look fabulous and I do!

So for those of you who are just beginning this journey. Hold on. Hang in there. Take it one day at a time. Listen to your PS!

I went on my 1st cruise last week! I had such an amazing time I'm going on another cruise in May!


Just some pictures

Cruise #2

Leaving for my 7 day Caribbean Cruise on Saturday May 3rd!!!! I will definitely be strutting my stuff. Pics definitely.

But I feel great. My tummy is still numb. Sometimes I feel this itching sensation. But this has been the best thing since sliced bread. Lol I never thought it would turn out so good.

TRIPLE THREAT!!!!!! 2 years, 100 lbs weight loss and 28 in waist OH MY!!!!!!

Hello everyone. Yes it's been 2 yrs. I can't believe it. I can't believe my amazing results. I am so happy I did this for my self.

I started my weight loss journey in 2005 weighing 232 i now weight 130. But I think I will maintain 135 lbs - 142 lbs max. 130 lbs is just too small for me. I don't want to start looking like a crack head lol. Plus all my clothes started falling off. Who wouldn't want that problem.

I was in the gym the other day and I was hooping with a friend. We were talking about our goals. I shared that i wanted a 28 in waist. She looked at me and said honey you're there. I said no i am not. So she went and got a tape measure and what do you know. I have a 28 in waist!!!!!! Shut the front door!!!!!

I still exercise daily and eat a clean diet. Remember this is a lifestyle change!!!! I can't stress that enough.

My tummy is still numb. Yesss still numb. I sometimes feel like there is something crawling under my tummy gross i know. I still swell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been on 2 cruises and going again in May of 2015. I am addicted. But I wore my first ever bikini on my first cruise. I'll add some cruise photos later. Don't have them uploaded to PC yet.

I still go see my Dr just to say hi. I sometimes ask him for lipo on my tummy. LOL he kicks me out saying you ain't got no fat to suck out. lol I just want that 6 pack!!! But it's so hard to get. It takes alot of hard work and great eating. I won't give up.

To those that's just joining the TT journey. Listen to your body and your Dr. This healing process is slow but so worth it.

Enjoy the flatside. But don't ruin your hard work and don't waste the money spent.

Cruise pictures

Had a blast!

Don't know what happened to the pictures

Ok gonna try and upload my cruise pictures again.

3 yrs later!!!!!

Yes 3 yrs+ omg I'm still in love with my results. Yes i still swell. I really think swell hell is gonna be a permanent resident!!!! Yes i still wear my binder occasionally. My best friend (binder) is always close by and there whenever i need it. Lol but for the most part I'm still very satisfied. I have been Semi Vegan for a week now. Loving those results. I say semi because I do eat salmon if i need some type of meat or for a protein boost. I work out 6 days a week. So for all of the newbies hang in there. Follow your Dr's orders, wear that binder! Adding pics from my phone sucks.

oh i forgot

My tummy is still semi numb!!!! Sometimes it feels like something is crawling under my skin!!!!

3.5 years still lovin my results

Hiya gang!!!!! Here's a few pics. I'm leaving for cruise #5 in 8 days!!!!! Pics to follow. I'm also planning my 2nd and final surgery next year. Breast lift, arms and thighs. I'm scared to death and excited. I'm still wearing my garment. I still experience swell hell!!!! The funny thing about swell hell I feel as though I'm about to burst but it looks absolutely normal lol

pic b4 my weight loss journey

I was over 230lbs!!!!! I started with just walking and hula hooping

Scar 3.5 years later

So sorry for the hairy pictures. Someone wanted to see my scar. You can't see the small indent from my saroma ( sp).

Cruise #5!!!!! We had a blast!!!!

I'm so in love with my results. I'm not at my goal weight! I don't quite have my dream body! But I'm happy and definitely rather have these results over my before pics!!!!! Swell hell still makes an appearance. I still wear my binder some nights. It really does help with swell hell.

4 years later!!!

Good morning. It's hard to believe it's been 4+ years. I'm up a few pounds but I'm working on it. Lol I'm scheduled for a breast and thigh lift in October. I'll be posting a detailed review early April.
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