Long Overdue Tt for 59 Year Old -Flowery Branch GA

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After giving birth to my last child in 1981 I knew...

After giving birth to my last child in 1981 I knew my abdominal skin would never go back to normal. I exercised consistently for over 3 decades, ate healthy & kept my weight in the range it should be for my height 5'3". I was so tired of feeling uncomfortable in my clothes & sometimes seeing photos of myself where I looked like I was either in early pregnancy or having a small beer belly. My daughter had a mommy makeover by Dr Davoudi & was very happy with the results. I had a lump growing between my eyebrows thinking it was from frowning but Dr Davoudi told me it was a lipoma & removed it for me. He did a good job on that so several years later I decided I would like to get a tummy tuck. I had consultation with Dr Davoudi & he gave me a good deal for 3 procedures. I was hesitant about the lipo & fat transfer to buttocks because of the recovery but decided to go for it. It's been 1 month today. It's been rough..lots of discomfort, anxiety & crying. But it's definitely getting better & I think I'll be happy that I had the courage to go through with it.

healing coming along slowly but surely

This photo from last week. I had several blisters from the binder being pulled too tight so I started using antibiotic ointment on them & covered with gauze & tapes. Lo & behold the tape and/or ointment created rashes! Stopped the ointment& gauze with tape...then came the itching! Hydrocortisone creme helps alot and it's all starting to clear up.

discouraged..5 weeks po & still having constant discomfort

Nights are hellish! I've tried to sleep in my waterbed but I wake after about an hour because of the discomfort. Back to the couch where I continue to sleep restlessly. Wearing cg 24/ 7 except when pain becomes unbearable. I'm so sad that this isn't going as well as I'd hoped. I think I may have to call the surgeon's office on Monday. Seromas may be making a reappearance? Anyone else having this slow recovery?

compression garment

so tight but hopefully it's helping

5 weeks post op today

Much better but still have trouble sleeping through the night. Getting out of the house more & trying to start back into my fitness walks. I don't get very far but the area is very hilly so it's a start.

Spider veins since surgery

I've never had spider or varicose veins. After my tt, lipo, & bl I noticed my legs were very swollen. The swelling subsided after a week or so leaving me with spider veins. Anyone else experience this? What's the best way to get rid of them?

spider veins photo

feeling better but I know I have a ways to go

I've been able to sleep in my waterbed the last 2 nights, but only for a few hours. When the discomfort wakes me I get up so my tossing & turning won't disturb my husband. I'm still having some issues with seromas. They aren't bad but I worry they'll become a problem. I'm trying to wear the cg & have added an abdominal board. When I'm not in a cg I keep the binder on with washcloth folded over the seroma area & bike shorts with holes cut out in the back for my bbl. I so hope this all turns out okay. I know there are women who have troubles with these surgeries for years after. I pray that I won't be one of them. Still not sure if I should have done all of this to my body.

Better but feeling depressed

Anyone else crying a lot?? I've been crying almost nonstop all day. I rarely cry so maybe this is good for me? I don't really have anyone to talk to so that's probably a reason I'm sad too. Also anyone having the sensation of bugs biting your surgical area (s)? It just started yesterday. I'm 7 weeks post op.

9 weeks feeling much better

I'm able to get around a lot easier!! Swelling mostly just above incision & below. Also still have swelling on left side from lipo. Haven't really looked fully at my bl so not sure how well that turned out. I didn't go into this for a bl but Dr Davoudi made me an offer I couldn't resist. The bl was not meant to make my butt big just a little bit of fat transfer. I want to post some more photos of my belly before. Will do when I have time.

before photos are reminders of why we chose this path

It helps me to look at these photos when I'm feeling a little regretful due to the pain I still feel & swelling that still lingers. I know I made the right decision and in due time the swelling & pain will resolve & I'll be able to continue on with my life with a nice flat belly.

more before photos

looking back at how I looked before procedures helps keep me positive

Worth it!

It's been just over 10 weeks since my tt, lipo & bl. It has been an up & down experience but I'm now at a place where I can say I made the right decision to get this done! I'm still having some swelling, stiffness, & discomfort when I cough. I know that in time I'll be back to my "old self."

14 weeks post op

I'm weary of the swelling that persists along the incision. I have cramping similar to menstrual cramps but I've been through menopause so I know it's not a period on its way. I'm happy with my new figure. I feel it now matches the rest of me. I went shopping today for shorts. I've dropped from size 8 to 4. I want to buy a bikini but am still wearing cg & binder. One day soon when I not having any discomfort I'll put on an easy to remove Spanx & go try on some suits. Anyone else this far from surgery still having discomfort? I'm way better than I was & improving each day. Some days are better than others. Patience!

4 months post op & feeling discouraged

My healing is slow. Everything looks really good & I'm fitting into clothes that I didn't feel comfortable in before the tt. But I have discomfort that is starting to get to me. I've been wearing cgs & binder during the day & spanx at night. I'm tired of the cgs. I have to wash them by hand and I can't wear some of my clothes over them. My Dr believes in compression for as long as possible. I have some swelling just above & below the incision that won't let up. I'm told compression will help with the swelling. Honestly the cgs sometimes cause pain, especially with the abdominal board inserted inside one. I'm going to try to go without a cg tomorrow & just wear a spanx. Anyone else having a slow recovery? I need some encouragement!

1st day without cg

I only wore a Spanx under my clothing yesterday & didn't notice much difference in swelling. It felt okay without the cg. A little odd at first but after a while I didn't really notice much discomfort. I took it easy all day so not sure if I would have had more swelling if I'd been active. I tried on an old bikini from the 80's (I guess it used to be my daughters - certainly wasn't mine) Top didn't fit but bottoms fit almost perfect. I'm going to wear my cg today because I have to go out & don't feel comfortable being away from home not wearing one. I went for my walk this morning without the cg but did wear Spanx & a binder. It was actually my easiest walk since surgery. Getting better everyday. Yay!!!

more pics

Still wearing cgs over 4 months post op

I tried to stop wearing cgs due to my upcoming drive of 600 miles to FL to meet my brand new granddaughter. I wore just a Spanx & sometimes put on a binder with it. I still have some uncomfortable swelling along the incision & the area where I had a seroma early in recovery which is where muscle repair is just below breast line and now seems to be a little puffy. I know it's not fluid but it looks a tiny bit enlarged? I'm having discomfort from it and with slight pulling sensations along incision. I think it's all just part of healing but I'm not sure. I'm conflicted about the cgs. I've been suffering with shoulder pain. Been for 4-5 neuromuscular massages but they haven't helped a whole lot. I think that the tight cgs contribute to my shoulders hurting. I've started to wear the cgs, etc. again this week. After going almost 2 weeks without cg & wearing just a Spanx I didn't notice any difference in the swelling along incision. Anybody else this far out having discomfort or still wearing cgs? I'm so hopeful that all of this will resolve but I also worry that I may need to have some revision. NOOOOO. I never want to be cut open for any repair! I'm trying very hard to think positive that it will all heal nicely.

Back to wearing cg & binder

Almost 5 month post op & I'm still wearing cgs. I went 2 weeks wearing just a Spanx under my clothes especially while I was visiting family in FL for 8 days. I have a little swelling mainly below incision. I feel more comfortable in my Marena cg & I wear the binder until it becomes too uncomfortable. My surgeon thinks it's best to continue wearing compression garments for up to a year for best results. I feel I should follow his advice. I don't sleep in a cg but I do sleep in a Spanx that is very soft & comfortable. I keep reminding myself that patience is important. This too shall pass. :)

6 months after tt, lipo & fat transfer to buttocks

It's not been easy for me but I realize it could have been worse. I never had any emergencies or scary situations after my procedures as some have. The worst I had was a seroma which isn't bad at all. It just makes you aware of seromas & to be watching for reappearance of one. I have some issues that may be minor & hopefully will be long gone soon. My only complaint now is some stiffness in the fat transfer area, tightness & slight swelling in the ab repair, & swelling that stays the same along the incision area & below. I'm happy with my smaller waistline. I've gone from a size 8 to a 4. I only wanted to be rid of the loose skin but have come away with more than I even expected. I still wear my compression garments of various types, my binders when I feel I need them, which is pretty much every day, although not all day. I sleep in the tightest Spanx I have & about the only time I'm "naked" is when I take a shower. I don't regret my decision to go through this but I have to admit that sometimes I cry & wish I hadn't done it. But the crying is temporary & I think normal for all the courage & stamina it takes to actually do it! Hang in there ladies (& men) It does get better!!!

I feel alone in my slow recovery

I'm happy for all who are doing well but I feel like a "debbie downer" because I'm still having issues! Is there anyone out there with constant 24/7 swelling along tt incision? It stays the same . My swelling goes into my genitalia. It's causing anxiety. I haven't been to my surgeon for several months but have final appointment in early November. I hope that my worries are for naught.

7 month final appointment

Unless things get worse or don't improve I saw Dr Davoudi for last time..unless I decide to hire him in the future or god forbid I need revision from my present recovery. He said everything looks good but I need to compress upper muscle repair area. It's been a bit puffy for months. I had a seroma there early in my recovery & have kept a close watch on it. His nurse Toni took photos, which I wasn't expecting. She said I look good & she answered several of my questions. I'm going to continue wearing compression & add even tighter compression. I left feeling reassured that my swelling is normal & can take 12 -18onths to resolve. It still gets to me at times due to the genital swelling but I trust my surgeons experience & believe that I should relax & believe it will all return to normal one day in the near future. It hasn't been an easy recovery for me but I'm healing, no doubt, and I have no regrets.

more garments

Taking the advice of my surgeon & his nurse I tripled my compression today. 3 layers. A Spanx over a bra, a Marena mid thigh cg, a Dana mid thigh buttock enhancer with front closure by Vedette & panties under my jeans. Whew! Hoping it helps the swelling that persists in upper & lower areas that want to stay a bit puffy. Doing what I hope will help the healing along.


Forgot to mention that I go to bed wearing Spanx under my nightgown with a washcloth or 2 tucked under the Spanx over my upper muscle repair & a binder over that. I sleep as long as I can in the binder.

Slow healer

I've reached the 9 month post op mark. I have to say things are much better that just a few months ago but still not happy with my slow progress. I know that we all heal at different rates. I try not to compare myself to others. I've actually stopped reading real self reviews & comments as much as I had been. I'm being patient for a year to go by before making a final judgement on my feelings about my experience. Today I had a skin tag removed on my torso that was causing me some trouble due to my newest adventure on this journey. I've been having severe itching & rash development for some reason. Especially in mons pubis area. (no rash there but very annoying itching) Anyone else had this happen? I'm about to make an appointment with a dermatologist. Also not happy with the areas at both ends of incision. Seems loose & in need of some lipo? I haven't gained weight. I believe I may need a little touch up? Will continue to carry on in a positive frame of mind as much as possible. Thought by now I'd have been feeling more like my old self but I'll wait. I have a lot of hope & doing my best to be patient! Best of healing to all of you!

It's been a year already. Time flies when you're healing!

It's been a year of ups & downs. Honestly, if I'd known it would take this long to heal, I wouldn't have gone through my procedures. I love my results & am glad I had the courage to do it, but it's been rough, physically & mentally. I hate to be a "Debbie downer" but I'm still not feeling as well as I thought I would have a year post op. I have uncomfortable tightness & still feel I need to compress for most of the time because it helps with discomfort. I've had 2 second opinions and also saw my surgeon a day before my 1 year post op date last week. It seems I need a little revision but I don't know if I want to go through any more surgery. It would involve general anesthesia & liposuction of epigastric area. One doctor thinks I have a pseudo bursa but my surgeon thinks I just need a little lipo. The upper muscle repair area is a bit distended & it feels uncomfortable for most of the time. I use a lot of Arnica gel because it gives some relief. I think that I'm still healing & may continue to feel & see improvements. Overall I love my results!! What a difference & I think that Dr Davoudi did a great job. I have 90 days to decide if I want revision with him. He's waiving his fee to do lipo so that's something for me to give consideration to. I'm just afraid of more healing & possible complications. Thinking I should just leave well enough alone?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Like him very much. He is friendly & makes you feel at ease. I know he is very good at what he does so I trusted him completely. Wonderful staff at his beautiful office. I highly recommend Dr Davoudi!

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