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Hi All, I am scheduled to go to Dr. Davoudi and...

Hi All, I am scheduled to go to Dr. Davoudi and want to know how your pre & Post op went and if you were happy with results, I am scheduled for TT & lipo soon and very nervous as I have seen very mixed reviews any insight would be helpful. Some review sights absolutely slam his work and some are good, however I am looking for the "good, bad & Ugly" comments because it will help me tremendously as well as anyone else considering. Real Self People please sound off!

pre op pics for surgery I had on 6/28

I was initially nervous and a little anxious pre op as I wanted to hurry up and get to the other side of things to see the final results. I had some initial concerns with my Dr. But after speaking to him and his staff , I felt very assured. Post op pics coming soon!

I am 1 week post op

I had lipo of the epi gastric(above belly button area), flanks (sides) and lowerback above buttocks and full TT. I am hugely swollen from all the lipo which is normal. Sore, stiff, and have to make myself remember why I got this in the first place.
I go back and forth with wth and hooray moments. YOU MUST have a good support system, do not attempt this surgery if you dont.

The doctor decided to keep me overnight for observation. The first 72 hours afterwards were the worst for me. Once I got home it was good and bad moments. I developed gas and those pains after surgery will have you very uncomfortable. I use phazyme from cvs to help with gas pressure and bloating.
You will not have much appetite but get good protein shake to accomodate nutrition and healing.
I also rented a hospital bed, very useful cost me about 125.00 for the month.
You will need lots of guaze and tape and bandages , make sure you buy enough.
I will try to add pics later today if possible, I still have drains in.

The first 72 hours post op was the hardest for me. The Dr. Decided to admit me overnight for obdervati

11 days post op

okay I am a little frustrated I am now 11 days post opand I have called my doctor's office twice to ask for compression garments and both times I got basically no answer I had extensive lipo and I do not have a compression garment I called the doctors office to try to get one and they said just wait until your appointment my appointment will put me at 13 days post op I have a lot of swelling and discomfort the doctor ask me to get biker shorts after the surgery I really do feel someone should have called me into the office knowing the amount of lipo I had with this TT and had me fitted for one that accomodates drainage tubes.
I I am still draining a lot so not sure how long I will need drainage. I will ask on thursday.
does anyone have any suggestions on reducing the swelling and pain of lipo again I called my doctor's office twice about this and no one gave me any answers. I appreciate any help on this

16 days post op

okay I am 16 days post op I still have my drains in ugh, both of them. I am completely over sponge baths! However better safe than sorry with having the drains come out to quickly. I will post pics once the drains come out. I had lipo on the lower back and that discomfort far exceeds tummy tuck pain which is negligent. I am hoping to feel normal soon. Nothing prepares you for this. This is major surgery. I am so swollen
still I cannot really tell my results. I know this is a process..

16 days post op cont....

I forgot to previously mention. I still cannot wear a compression garment due to drains. Cant wait to have a uniform compression garment on, right now I use the binder they give you after surgery with a mans tank top underneath and a thigh length
girdle that I cut the crotch out to try and give myself some compression, however it doesnt give a good balance so my legs and feet swell. If anyone has any tips on what they used for compression for lipo and TT I would greatly appreciate it.

4 weeks post op

My TT made my breast look bigger lol. Still a lot of swelling in this pic. But good results

after care options to tummy tuck and lipo

Ok I found out that if your insurance covers chiropractic care you can get lymphatic drainage massage from your provider. You can also seek a physical or occupational therapist through you insurance for massage and compression garments. Also seek a medical supply company for hospital bed, I paid for mine out of pocket for 125.00 for the month but your doctor can get one through your insurance as well depends on your plan.I used a cane to maneuver in and out of bed but awalker also helps both relieve the pain and pressure from walking hunched over.

drains out at 5 weeks

My last drain gave up and started leaking, and it stopped suctioning the first drain came out at 4 weeks and tge second at 5 weeks by default. The second drain was stillat 40-45cc when it was removed. I was relievied because I could now do away with sponge baths and take a shower. I am using really good compression to help all stay well.
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