35 - 3 Kids - 5'4 - 145 Lbs - Upcoming Hernia Repair/Abdominoplasty, Possible Breast Lift - Duluth, GA

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Hoping I can eliminate most of my stretch marks...

Hoping I can eliminate most of my stretch marks and my disgusting, bulging hernia. Would also like to fix the "mom boobs". I got pregnant with my first child at 18, so I've had stretch marks my entire adult life. I was a full D cup before having children, but I moved up to a double D after having my son. I went through a terrible divorce and the stress took me down to 96 pounds.... That reeked havoc on my body- especially the boobs! I had two abdominal surgeries very close together, and several months after I noticed scar tissue forming. I don't feel like myself and no amount of exercise will fix this mess!

More pre-op

More pre-op.

Surgery cheduled

Surgery scheduled for February 17, 2017 :)

This binder and I - We are NOT friends...

I know a time will come when I like this this BINDER, but that time is simply not here yet. This IV pump beside my bed is probably a close number 2 of my "most hated" list this morning. Who thought it would be a good idea to make such a loud pump when they KNEW it was going beside someone's bed?! ????????????????. "That guy" is probably sitting on a beach somewhere and I've dreamt about smashing his machine in the middle of 285 all night last night. IN OTHER NEWS- Gwinnett Medical Duluth IS TOP NOTCH AND I'M STILL IN LOVE WITH Dr. Davoudi! I'm very swollen, but I think it's HUGE improvement! Goodbye Front Butt!

Can't wait until the swelling goes away!

Taking it a day at a time....

No I'm not dead....I had just removed my binder and the lighting was florescent. ????

Finally seeing some shape. Still VERY swollen.

I hope the bad stretch mark that was above my old belly button will be less noticeable when the pleats flatten out. Oh well- it's much better that was it was pre-op, so I'm grateful!

Drains are out! It was nothing!

Who has a weak stomach!???? All of my friends have been trying to figure out how someone as tough and as mean I am could be so sore from abdominal surgery. The suspense is over! See for yourself! #SorryNotSorry. If this doesn't make you crave sushi, I don't know what will! ????. Here are my surgery pics!! ????. Only one will load, but I'll keep trying...More coming soon.

Surgery pics:)

Day 13 - Still Swollen

The swelling is the worst part. :(

Compression - it's a love/hate relationship.

Got my new compression garments today. Stopped to eat lunch on the way home and I swear it didn't even go down to my stomach- it was stuck in my throat! These new garments are so tight! ???????? I feel like Violet from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. It's terrible. However, once you get them on and wear them for a while, you notice a huge difference when you take them off. I know this will be worth it, but I'm just SO ready to feel better again.

3 weeks tomorrow!

I thought I'd be brave and try a tank top on without my binder. I've been very hesitant to try any of my clothes on, because I don't want to get discouraged. I know I'm still very swollen. I know things will get better every day, but it just seems like it is taking forever. It's weird to see myself without the big lump around my belly button. I feel like I'm finally getting back to being myself after years of embarrassment due to my abdominal separation and hernia. I know the old me is in there somewhere! Swelling go away!! If you're hesitant about having this surgery, just schedule it, like I did, and roll with it! Last week I was wondering if I would ever say it but ......... here I go......It's worth it.

Moving on up!

This thing gets tighter and tighter as the day goes on due to the swelling, but I can start my day out in the tightest notch now. Finally, I feeling like I'm making progress and actually getting some shape.

Looking a little better....

I'm definitely starting to feel better!

5 weeks post op yesterday....

I'm still very swollen. I was on my feet all day today, so it looks a little worse than how it looks in the morning. I'm extremely happy with my scar placement. The red marks in the middle are from my binder. Go see Dr D!!!!

5 weeks post op yesterday!

I'm still very swollen- especially since I was on my feet all day today. I'm extremely happy with my scar placement. The red marks around my belly button are from my binder. Go see Dr. D! You will love him. He has changed my life!

More pictures...

One side of the scar is almost flat, but the other side still has a little healing to do.


The swelling is getting much better!

I love my latex binder....

This thing stays in place better than any binder I've had. It came from Leonisa at Northpoint Mall.


....I can sneeze without dying!

I can't wait to get back into the gym....

I am still a long way from where I want to be, but now I feel like I can make some progress. still have stretch marks, but that's ok. I have 3 kids and I'd take them any day over a perfect abdomen. I'm going to wear a bathing suit publicly this weekend for the first time in a few years. For the first time in years, I don't absolutely dread it.


Getting better every day! Swelling still sucks....Ignore the weird shadows.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I just love Dr. Davoudi! He's straight to the point. Hoping to have my surgery this fall.

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