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Met with dr davoudi after calling for a...

Met with dr davoudi after calling for a consulation. Latoya took my call and was so nice. Arrived at his office and was greeted right away and i must say its a beautiful office. I waited maybe 5 mins and was taken back to a room with latoya and another lady who briefly asked what i was looking for. A few mins later dr davoudi joined us and was very pleasant and nice. I was instantly comfortable with him. He explained that we would go to the exam room and look me over and get a plan together. The consulation was thorough and informative. I was instructed to get dressed and we met back in the room where we started. I really was never left by myself. Someone was there at all times and very attentive. Dr davoudi showed me lots of pictures of similar body types and what i could expect with my procedure. He thanked me quite often for coming in. He then left me fir other patients and latoya returned with a quote and options for payment for me. They gave me the chance to set a date which i was not ready to do yet, because ive got to schedule it around work. What i liked was there was zero pressure from them at all to make a decision. Ive decided that dr davoudi will be the one i chose for this procedure for me. His reviews on line do him no justice. Will review again after surgery

before photo. the day of surgery

4 days post

4 days post op

First week done

Well my first week is done and the only word i have for it is MISERABLE. Im sick of the pain, im sick of the not sleeping, im sick of the hunched over, and most of all im sick of that recliner. Ive def had that ..what the hell was i thinking...moment more than once this week. I hate being down and i guess i thought i was superwoman bcuz i figured id be a little less miserable than i am. Done with my shots of lovenox and my antibiotics tomorrow so maybe i will stop feeling so sick to my stomach. Went to davoudi and had one tube removed. The other still has to much coming out to be removed so my hopes for a shower just got slammed. I just want to feel normal. The swelling in my hips is terrible and the best way i can describe myself is a cartoon drawing of kim kardashian. Hoping that mt tube comes out monday and at least i feel like i can sleep in my bed. Hubby has been great. Sleeps in the living room next to my chair everynight. Sneezed yesterday and it was instant tears. Horrible.....has a few coughing fits but i think its just dry air so bought some mints to see if it helps. Any coughing right now is unbearable. Hoping in a few months i look back and forget abt this week and be happy. Doctor says all looks wonderful and very normal and scar i think looks fantastic. So thin i couldnt believe it. Staying in yoga pants and pajama pants. Not even gonna attempt anything else. Will update again soon

11 days post op

Well i figured since my last update was so discouraging. I figured i would update while things r up. I really feel like fri into saturday i made a turn around the corner. I feel so much better. A little more like myself. I was actually able to sit on the couch with my hubby and snuggle aand watch movies which helped my attitude alot. I still get aching back and hips at the end of the night so ive started icing down my lower back at bed and the last two nights ive had a full 8hours both nights even in that hated recliner. I helped my hubby make dinner and watched my son play basketball. Had my drain come down to 30 and got excited abt tomorrow getting it out but tonight it was back up to 40 so that did set me back a little. That drain is the one thats hurt from day one. I feel like i already have a stich trying to surface and it annoying cause its in my panty line so will ask my ps abt that when i can finally get this tube out. At really good all weekend cause ive barely eaten in 2 1/2 weeks. Prob to good. Dont wanna gain all my fat back before i can even see results so tomorrow its back to a strict regiment. All in all im feeling positive again and that makes for one happy lady

17 days post

Well I'm now past my two weeks which the first few days I thought of never get to. Went and had ny two week appt with the doctor. Finally got my 2nd drain removed, all the dressing removed so I could finally see the whole scar and just soak in what all had been done. I can saythat as she pulled all the tape off I was afraid of what I might see, but that wasn't the case at all. Dr davoudi is def an artist and as far as a scar goes it looks wonderful and I look forward to see how it looks over the following months bcuz as of right now it so thin and uniform that I may not even see it at all with some time. That day I took my first shower in two weeks and although I had only been thinking abt that for the two weeks after surgery when it came down to it I was a little afraid. You get use to feeling held together by the binder and when it's not on it's a little scary. I was afraid of how the water would feel or cleaning it or just being open but my husband got in with me to help me, and each day since wed has gotten easier. Feels nice to clean up. They gave me my garment on Wed to and I was confused at first cause I was just under the impression the binder was all I would use but she brought out this adult onesie thing and at first it took us both to get me in bcuz my hips were still so big from the swelling. She assured me this would help. So now having it on for three days. I can say ny hips are half what they were and I've dropped 7 pounds. Amazing what some compression can do and a lot of the brushing has started to go away as well. Finally sleep in my bed on wed and didn't stay all night. Was still difficult but each night I've stayed longer and last night I stayed all night. I switch from aide to side and to my back every hour at least and im still sore but it's getting easier. I just move really slow. Started being able to do more around the house and the last two days I've been able to wear ny jeans I had before surgery and with even my garment and binder on they are loose and I can see my new shape and it's a perfect hourglass and each day I feel sexier and sexier. Loving what I'm seeing and my husband has done nothing but say how beautiful I am and wow u r so tiny. He's really happy to which just raises my self esteem even more. Will take a few pics soon now that I'm almost completely standing up straight. I Start off the day perfectly straight and as the day goes on ans I get tired it gets a little more hunched but the new garment really gives a lot of support and helps me in standing up. Go and seethe doc again at 4 weeks and hoping he's as pleased as I am. Funny how my feelings change daily and only being a little over a week past my miserable update that I made it's nice to see the huge strides I'm making mentally and physically.

20 days post

Well here are a few pics. Swelling is so much better and the scar gets flatter everyday. These pics are taken at the end of the night when swelling is at it's worst. So pleased tho and with less then three weeks I'm so excited abt how the final will be with as thin as I already am

4 weeks

Had my 4 week appt with davoudi yesterday and he was so pleased with what he sees so far. Still have lots of swelling cause I've been sick from bronchitis and the coughing is taking its toll. Other than that he said I can go back to all my Medicines and light cardio. Very excited about that cause if I dont get to working out soon I'm afraid I will start gaining and need another one if these tt.He told me to make sure I keep making the garments tighter and tighter as to maximize my benefits. The scar cream he told me to get is kelocote. I picked it up at 30 bucks for a small tube. It a silicon but waiting for it to dry is the pain in the butt. Takes forever. But happy happy happy with what I'm seeing. Nice to be able to be myself again and not in constant misery. My size 8 jeans I had before surgery are big on me even with two garments on so can't wait to try on new ones and see where I am.

5 weeks out

Things have been great. Getting better everyday. Started doing 30 mins on the elliptical. Feels great to workout again. Started going back to the diet and workout routine I had b4 the surgery. If I push to hard the swelling is worse but so far so good. Can't wait for it all to be gone. Started the scar treatment and it already looks better. Def loving this new body and my confindence has hit the roof. Feels good and can't wait to start shopping for new clothea to show it off.

5 weeks

9 weeks post

Havent updated in a bit but life gets crazy. Moved into my second stage garment about 2 weeks ago and the last of the pleating i had went away. Still using kelo cote on the scar and seems to be doing good. Very pleased with how it all looks. Back at working out but still cant do certain exercises because of the ab work. But feels good to buy clothes and i dropped to a size 6 so far. Started out my journey in a 16 shoulda been in an 18. Wouldnt have picked a diff surgeon. Go back to davoudi in mid april.

9 weeks

Still feeling great and loving myself. Laid on my belly to sleep for the first time a few nights ago and it was glorious. Can't wait till it warms up and I buy some new clothes and bathing suit to show off my new look. Still hard to do certain workouts but overall so much better

almost 5 months post

Things have been great. Love my new self. My confidence is thru the roof whenI try on clothes. I started out on the journey a yr and a half ago a size 18 and now I'm a 4. Dr davoudi saw me about a month ago and was lloving the results aswell. Working out is so much better. Things don't hurt anymore but still no core workouts in order (doctors orders) scar is coming along and certain parts of it already lost the reddness so quite pleased there as well. The first month I would have swore this was the worst decision ever but now I'm so glad I did what I did. It changed me not just my outer self but my inner self to

One year later

Its been quite a while since i updated but ive been busy enjoing my new self. My scar is almost gone and i can barely see it anymore. It has a small red spot on one side but thats it. A few weeks ago finally was able to work on my core again and although its been slow im getting stronger there everyday. Still numb in some spots but it diesnt bother me. Im thankful everyday who i chose to do my surgery. I dont think it would look anything like it does had i went elsewhere. Best decision i ever made. My confidence has been thru the roof which is a 1000 time better than it has been in 15 years. I feel amazing in tight form fitting clothes and even got in a bikini this past summer. If your on the fence dint wait just call dr davoudi and get it done. You will never look back.

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