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I suffered a minor soft tissue injury to the left...

I suffered a minor soft tissue injury to the left side of my face 8 years ago. Over time and with aging, the left side of my face from the cheek down was visibly sagging more and faster than the right side of my face, which did not suffer an injury. So this year at age 51 I decided to do something about the problem left side. I could not afford, and did not want, invasive surgery. My only goal was to repair the left side sagging so that it would tighten up and be even with the right side, which is sagging a little with age in a natural looking way.

I found a reputable doctor in my area, they had a lot of experience with Thermage and told me results would be immediate (they were). The doctor consulted with me first and created a special price for me since I only needed half of one side of my face done. During the procedure I was allowed to choose how high on the meter I wanted to go, knowing that the higher number would be more uncomfortable.

Thermage is not "fun" because of the stinging during the procedure, but I am happy with the result and feel the outcome was completely in line with the money I spent. Thermage repaired the unnatural sagging on the left side of my face so that now both sides appear pretty much the same. I am considering going back for one more session on the left side to pull it up just a bit more from my smile line across to my temple. But if I don't go back, I am satisfied with the result I achieved.

I would recommend Thermage especially to women who have suffered minor strokes and still have some residual sagging in their face. I think it might also be a good choice for victims of auto accidents or domestic violence who have suffered some tissue injury in the facial area that has caused them to appear prematurely old and sagging.

Just an update.  The small drooping area on...

Just an update.  The small drooping area on the left side of my face has loosened up a bit since my treatment in Nov. 2009.  I'm pretty sure that's because of the nature of the soft-tissue injury I sustained years ago, which is causing the premature sagging.  That said, I was still told the effect would be permanent.  But in my case, that doesn't seem to be a reasonable expectation.  I'm not sure the $900 was worth it now, but I'll leave my rating as it is with a thumbs up, because immediately after I finished my session my face did look really improved, and stayed that way for quite some time thereafter.  In my case,  however, I believe a small amount of surgery is going to be necessary to pull up the slackness in the skin tissue on that side.

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