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Okay, so I guess this will be my official...

Okay, so I guess this will be my official introduction lol. I am a 31 year old African American female. I have two children, my youngest is 5. I am 5'6 and currently 164 lbs. My BMI is 26.5 which is slightly overweight compared to western medical experts but I am not too concerned. I am healthy as an ox and never had surgery-outside of having my wisdom teeth removed in my childhood years. Most of my weight is muscle and smooth body fat. I workout religiously- health is my passion and I do it not only to look good but to feel good as well. I love all kinds of fitness from kickboxing to insanity and I recently have gotten into strength training which I dreaded at first but coming to love as well. I have been thinking about getting breast lift and tummy tuck for some time now. My stomach is not huge but it does give me a small potbelly look due to muscle separation from my babies. NO MATTER HOW MUCH I EXERCISE, I CAN NEVER GET MY STOMACH FLAT and even with a (separated) 4 or 6 pack, my stomach is slightly poked out. I also have the "kanageroo pooch" that is common with pregnancy. My boobies are a droopy 34D and my areolas are bigger than half dollars. They don't look too bad because my breast are not huge but they are not perky and its getting to the point that my skin hurts at the crease of them from the gravity pull. I have been thinking about a breast lift and tummy tuck for a while now. It was something that I always dreamed of since having my babies. I stumbled upon RS one month ago and I have been addicted ever since. I feel it is only right to keep a written journal of my journey to help others and keep myself accountable. I plan to have my mommy makeover March 2017. I guess for others that is a long time (9 months) but I wanted to take my sweet time with this decision because it is financially, emotional, and physically life changing. I also have a history of making hasty decisions so I want to make sure this is something I want to do to my body and my family. I have been reaching out with plastic surgeon offices to inquire about a mommy makeover. I have spoken to offices that threw out an outrageous number without even seeing me or my pictures, emails from robotic dr's offices in Dominican Republic giving me a thousand procedures they will do without even asking what I want and staff from busy offices who had no time to listen to me. Through it all, I have always been mesmerized by Dr. Davoudi's work and the way he contours a women's body. It is just beautiful. He does it in such an artistic way. Dr. Davoudi (I will abbreviate as Dr. D) was the first PS office that I had a real life consultation with and he and his staff set the bar pretty darn high! Staff is very well beautiful and friendly. The patient coordinator shared with me the work he had done for her personally and that really made me feel really comfortable. MOST IMPRESSIVE was that Dr D examined me himself and not an assistant! He spoke a little fast but it was in a natural kind of way. He spent over an hour with me talking about my procedures. I did my research well in advance and I have a science background so we immediately connected. He is quite funny might I add. He isn't cocky nor shy, just very....personable. He showed me his work over the past 15 years and 3D images of what he would be doing. He even showed me the pattern of this stitching, where my tt scar would be and the type of bl I would have. I have grade 2 pstosis by the way and no hernia (thank God). He already lipos the posterior flanks but he recommended I that I consider adding lipo to the anterior flanks and lower back as well to really give me the ultimate contour. He didn't push it or anything and I immediately agreed because I could envision the results. After our conversation, we hugged and he left. The coordinator came back and we went over the figures. She gave me two quotes (the other including the additional lipo). She presented everything in a nice folder with their business card. I was bracing myself for an enormous amount but it was actually the same price that I was quoted over the phone with the other PS I will be seeing and that was just an estimate that I don't think includes liposuction of the lower back. I told her I would be contacting her soon and left- making no deposit. She was very nice and friendly too and did not pressure me or made me feel as if I was wasting her time. They passed my little test. It has been a day later and now I am thinking back in regards to me having such a good experience with this doctor and his staff that I am 95% certain he is the dr for me. The way I look at it is that whichever dr I choose, that dr will ultimately be making love (or hate) to my body. It dawned on me that not even my husband is privileged to navigate my body the way my plastic surgeon will- it's pretty scary especially considering that I don't look bad to begin with (not bragging, honestly). I am just hoping my vanity as a woman will not f--k me up lol. Back to Dr. D- he is great and I really think he will be my dr. But I am no fool and read that a person should always see two (even three) before committing. So that's what I am going to do. I will write a consultation for the other dr end of this month and choosing a PS by September. I am so excited about this journey and loving the process and I appreciate Dr. D and his staff for giving such great service. I can't wait to see what the future beholds.

Wish pics

Mainly I hope to get a noticeable change in the contours of my waist plus removal of extra skin and muscle tightening.

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