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I have been researching this procedure for at...

I have been researching this procedure for at least a year and have finally decided to do something for myself. There's no better time than for my big 3-0! I've decided to go with Dr. Davoudi; a friend of mine used him as well and she looks fabulous. I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. I'm really doing it!!!!

Second Consultation Complete

I had a second consultation today after losing 35 lbs!!! I was hoping to get better results by losing weight first. However, I was told that I lost so much of my breast mass that I will need an implant to get the full D cup breasts I want. :(. But on the brighter side, I won't need any lipo on my back at all, yay!!! I want to have my surgery in June or July while my kids are away for the summer, this should give me more time to relax and heal. Anyone else having surgery around that time?

I'm getting excited!!

All I can think about is getting the surgery done. I've checked my schedule and am looking to schedule it for June 22. Anyone else have surgery around that time? I've been thinking of all the possible supplies I may need, writing lists, trying to recruit friends to stay with me for a day or's finally real!!!!

Deposit Paid

My deposits have been paid and I'm booked for June 22! I can't believe I'm finally doing this. Should I lose more weight before my surgery or just maintain? All options welcomed!

Saggy boobs

I use gorilla duct tape to tame my saggy boobies when I wear something backless. I can't wait to give up the tape!!!

5 weeks to go!!!

I have 5 weeks until my surgery and I haven't purchased anything yet. :( I am still in a state of "is this really happening?" All I think about is the surgery. I stood in the mirror yesterday tugging on skin and fat saying "ok, if he can just lift these here, pull that there, I'll be happy." I only arranged to have two weeks off work. I work sitting down and can pretty much take a break to walk whenever I want but I'm still worried that might not be enough based on other people's reviews. I'm super anxious but I'm trying to keep my cool.

That blasted tummy.

I am ok with most of me... These days I look at myself and think I could live the rest of my life like these and be kinda happy. I am beginning to feel a little guilty for spend so much money on this when I could be doing something for my family. Is this normal? I just want to be sure I'm doing the right thing. Isn't ok? I just want to feel good naked. Right now, I don't.

3 weeks to go!!!!

This is so exciting!! I have three weeks until my surgery. Last week, I began eating a more wholesome diet instead of calorie counting like I have been just to make sure my body is primed for healing. I just started buying supplies. You would not imagine how difficult it is to find a zip up gown in the middle of the summer. I'm not sure what all I need, I have been just getting a variety of common sense items; gauze, medical tape, cold compress packs, Lysol wipes, bandaids, Neosporin, and coconut oil. Not sure what else I should get. My nerves are getting the best of me. I've been feeling a bit scared lately. I have a question for anyone who can help. I do not have a recliner and my bed sits really high off the ground. I have been buying pillows and mattress pads to try and make my sofa comfortable. Has anyone used their sofa for recovery? What did you do to make it comfortable? Any suggestions or tips are welcomed. Three more weeks and I'll be on the flat side!!!

More pictures

More before pictures...pretty sad.

Balance paid today.

I paid my balance today. So I'm doing this, no turning back. My kids went to camp for the summer so I can focus on recovering. I've been spinning for 1 hr everyday to lose any extra weight that may be hanging around and get my blood flowing. I don't count calories but I do eat a clean diet.

Pre-op Appointment

I had my pre op appointment yesterday and all these feelings came rushing over me at once; I was nervous, overwhelmed, scared, excited, everything! All at once. They give you so much information that it's hard to process it all right then. I'll try to recall what took place step by step. When I first arrived I had to sign a booklet of consent forms, literally. Then I paid for the exparel shots, they are optional but highly recommended and ARE NOT included in your quote. After giving more money (sigh :-/) I was taken back to my room where I met with Dr. Davoudi's nurse. She gave me a brief run down of the do's and don'ts regarding surgery and recovery. She also gives you a list of things she recommends you buy to make recovery easier. Later, Dr. Davoudi came in, had me pull out my phone to record what he was about to say and went to town, he talks so fast. He told me what to eat, when to eat, what to take, about the surgery, about recovery, etc... This is when I began to feel overwhelmed. After he was done with me, I was sent across the hall to speak with the hospital nurses. They ask very in depth questions about your medical history and tell you what to expect with anesthesia and recovery. Lastly, I was ushered down the hall to get my blood drawn. This all took about 2.5 hours.

More before pictures.

I lost a few more pounds... Thought I'd post more before photos.
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