34th Birthday Present - BL with Implants and Mini Tummy Tuck! - Duluth, GA

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For my 34th birthday, I am re-claiming my body! I...

For my 34th birthday, I am re-claiming my body! I have had 4 kids (one set of twins); and I'm done making babies so now is the time! I had one child naturally, and then my others were via C-Section. I am getting a mini tummy tuck with lipo & a lollipop mastopexy with HP silicone implants under the muscle. My surgery is scheduled for Sept. 24th with Dr. Davoudi, and my Pre-Op is tomorrow!

I am 5'11", 150 lbs, and size 8; and most everyone would tell me the mini tummy tuck is not necessary BECAUSE my height really helps hide it when I stand; and clothes hide it when I sit, so they don't see it like I do (but look at my picture sitting unshielded that I don't share with my friends) - YES its necessary! - I am still young and very active; and no amount of exercising is going to flatten my stomach - this is for me and I can't stand the "belly" anymore. With the mini tummy tuck, I will also be getting lipo around midsection and muscle repair just below belly button - I think my belly button stays untouched but thats one of my questions for Pre-Op tomorrow. I also am going to get real definition on length of scar; it's very important to me that it be straight (some look awful) and also very low (like my C-section scar).

Ten years ago, I went for a breast augmentation consult & just never pulled the trigger (for the best since I had more kids)...After three current consults, I've been told I'm borderline on needing breast lift & after much deliberation (had to wrap my head around the idea of having scars on my breasts) I have decided I would be happiest with the breast lift with implants!

I went to consults with Dr. Bauer, Dr. Davoudi, and Dr. Connors. I liked Dr. Davoudi & Dr. Connors both, but have ultimately decided to go with Dr. Davoudi as my PS. He spent the most time with me, operates at a hospital, and had the most consistent before/after pics...A breast lift requires much more trust, in the fact that the PS is actually redesigning your breast/moving nipples, so the pictures were very important to me.

Perhaps it's my height, but my breasts have always seemed to me to have begun lower on my chest & I have a thin frame so my desire is not only for them to be higher but fuller on top. Overall body symmetry is important to me; since I am tall & have hips, I think I can go larger than most and still look balanced. I have always had breasts and do not want the "sloped" look, I think my profile can hold a more "fake" look but still look normal like a nice push-up bra - I just personally think they're prettier too! I go for my Pre-Op tomorrow and will be making final call on my size then. I am afraid to go too small, I like large breasts and would rather be too large than too small. I am currently a 36C/D; and I am getting a lollipop breast lift. I want high profile round silicone implants (preferably Mentor); and today I am thinking around 475cc - I was told I'll lose about 75cc with the lift;and the 400cc looked good in sizers so thats how 475cc was figured...but we'll determine for sure tomorrow! I see so many other ladies on here, that are shorter than me, getting larger implants which don't look so big in pics so I'm hoping for some real discernment on the right size for me at Pre-Op.

Dr. Davoudi requires a 7 day liquid diet before surgery and immediately post surgery. I think this diet is what I am most concerned about right now...I am a healthy eater, but picky & I'm afraid I am not going to like these protein shakes! I am very much a "rule follower" though and can easily be described as an over "planner"; thus, I am worrying about it 2 weeks out and also trying to figure out now what kind of exact compression garments I need. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

I have been told to get open closure sports bra; but not sure on the garment necessary for my stomach ? I have only tried Spanx once before in my life; and thought I was going to hyperventilate just attempting to put it on - I am a size 8, and think I went up to 2x just to put on, lol...how can you fight to pull on a compression garment after breast lift/aug? Like I said I need direction on this one!

I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with everyone! I have enjoyed and really appreciated all of the reviews posted here before me; they have really assisted in my research and confidence in moving forward with my own surgery! I hope my story will also be helpful to other women!

Pre-Op Finished; Now two Wk Countdown Begins...

Well, let me first say that I was incredibly nervous going to my Pre-Op today. In part because this was my husband's first time going to a PS with me, and partly because I had some unanswered questions that were looming in my head. Now, did I get my answers? Yes, did I lose my anxiety? ...mostly...how could I lose it all? This is a real serious operation, for some really vain purposes; of course, I don't want to feel like a fool if everything goes amuck!!

Okay, well, my PS based on my wish pics and the sizers I liked in office (550cc) plus my dimensions today recommended 590cc ultra high profile (UHP) Mentor silicone implants. Now at first, I'm thinking this is way too big but then I see other pictures of tall ladies and I also know from experience that my height hides a lot! My breasts have been larger than DD with my pregnancies so I know I have the space; plus, the lift is going to take away some volume as well. My breast width I believe was 12.5" which meant the largest for me would need to be the UHP at 590cc. I'm okay with the rounded top too, I would be severely disappointed if my breasts were still sloped - I want high, round and tight!

As far as the Tummy Tuck...it was confirmed that I will get the Mini with muscle repair. This means that my belly button will not be touched; the lipo should get rid of the extra fat in abdomen and back and the extra skin below BB will be removed. I will probably have one drain, and the scar should be below my current C-section scar (which is thrilling - I want it low) and not quite hip to hip like full TT. PS said that because I am so tall my BB is actually higher than most which eliminates the worry of extra skin above BB; I should smooth out nicely.

And the most comforting part of the Pre-Op?? I found out that I do not have to do 7 day liquid diet, YAY - I was really worried about that! PS only recommends that for larger patients getting full TT -

I had my blood taken at hospital and received all my prescriptions for procedure. I am suppose to stop taking birth control 2 wks before surgery - which means starting tomorrow! Posting my wish pics for mini tt and BL/A I took today.

Surgery done; Home

Well, yesterday was the day! It seemed to go very fast; I don't even remember recovery room! PS said he modified my Mini TT because during surgery he said just the lower muscles was going to still leave me a slight pouch so he repaired higher muscles. I have two drains ; which kinda burn at their entrance sites...otherwise feeling pretty good! The muscles are extremely sore but only hurts when I go to sit or stand. I'm wrapped like a mummy, so can't see anything at this point. I'll post more when I can unwrap!

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Two Days Post Op

Doing good; walking to bathroom every 1 1/2 hrs or so. The worse soreness comes from my stomach muscles; trying to get up & down outta the recliner. I was able to take off lipo bandages; and whoo, major bruising there but I'm starting the arnica on those (we'll see how well that works) I still haven't peeked at my boobs yet; suspense is killing me; but I decided long ago I'm going to abide by the rules on this surgery!!

10 Days Post Op

My boobs look great, I'm loving them and I think they'll only look better when they D & F; no problems or pain ~ the BL/BA could've been done over a wkend and I'd have been good to go...the mini TT, uh, not so much...it's been a bitch! Two days ago we picked up a walker (from thrift store for $8) which I wish I'd had the first few days home but grateful for it at least now! My lower back/tailbone has suffered the most pain! All the swelling started below binder at tailbone and that's where I have to sleep & walked hunched over, killer!!!! I did get the Arnica Gel as suggested by other RS friends; definitely a good buy but should've bought several bc now I've had to reorder! My bruising in general usually is bad with my fair skin but also takes forever to go away; however, within couple of days of gel use the bruising had almost completely vanished! My skin has yellow tint and still sore to touch but overall Ive been impressed! I'll post pic of same thigh today for you to see! I feel like I've rounded a corner today; only take Perocet maybe once daily, mostly Tylenol. The biggest discomfort currently are my two drains which I still have; although one is ready to come out & I think the other will be gone by Wedn or so~ I believe when the drains are gone I'll be a new person & can start enjoying the changes instead of just dealing with pain/discomfort!!! I have been really happy with PS Dr Davoudi; and all of his staff~ his nurse Toni was so sweet last week answering all my silly calls/questions! Here are some pics from today...really difficult to take pics hunched over so did my best; stomach ones will have to wait! It is such a chore to get in/out of CG and pics was the last thing on my mind when I was out of it! I feel so nervous & vulnerable with the CG off so I quickly clean and back it goes!

14 Days PO

So, I had the freakishly most scary event happen this wk to me...two days ago, my husband & I removed one of my drains!!! I had two drains for my TT, and my PS only removes one per visit...It wasn't ready last week but he showed us how to remove and said if we were comfortable then we could remove prior to my 2 wk visit today since it'd be ready and then hopefully they could remove last one today. Now we also could've just went in for his nurse to do it; but he was trying to save us trip since we're apprx 2 hrs away. Now when he mentioned us doing it I was like "hell no" "are you nuts?" But after he showed us what to do I thought well maybe I can do that.....fast forward to two nights ago! I took 2 Percocets, got comfortable, and laid back bc my husband was going to cut stitches surrounding tube, that's when my controlling fear began! My husband would be too rough, he's never done anything like this before, etc...so I decided I'd clip stitches which I did, no issue. Then I started freaking out and decided I changed my mind on pulling it out, my hubs was like too late - noooo! The thought of pulling this tube out of my bikini area actually was WAY worse than the job itself!!! I was crying and scared but it came out smoothly and didn't hurt at all; even after, it was a relief to have it out, no soreness! But once I got through that experience, I have now declared that I am officially one tough bit*h!!
So today at my 14 day PO; the last remaining drain couldn't come out bc it's at 35cc per last 24 hrs, so I have to wait another few days...which was disappointing bc I can't wait for the freedom of being drain free (this one pulls slightly) but I also KNEW for fact that I absolutely don't want it taken too soon. I may be tough bit*h now but that doesn't mean I wouldn't flip out if they had to drain me with syringe in office!!!

Everything looked great at visit; they removed the sterile strips from breasts and TT (uncomfortable pulling but not bad) Of course, I knew from all my pre surgery research what BL incisions look like immediately following surgery and that you have to give it time but still shocking when you see yourself all "Frankenboobie"; I was so distracted that I had to ask nurse to begin massage instructions again bc I hadn't heard a word! I'm suppose to put antibodic on incisions twice daily for 2 wks then can begin scar treatment, and massage breasts 7x daily for 7 mins for 7 months! Triple 7s! I told nurse I wanted boobs but now Im afraid to touch them! They'll be like the LIving Room no one can enter but just look at, lol...guess I'll just have to get comfortable with them!

I can only imagine how anxious I'll be during sex at the beginning; like don't bounce me too much!! ;) ok that being said, how soon are my RS ladies going back to sex? I'm super nervous bc Im still very tender around waist etc but at same time I'm really missing affection! Sleeping alone in recliner plus my snuggly toddler has been scared of me during recovery so I haven't had snuggles from him either...I miss my husbands attention (although he has been great nurse, just tired of only being seen as patient) would love to hear from RS community on this!

I'll post more pics tomorrow!


Bringing sexy back ~ with my compression hose & walker! The walker still helps relieve back pain while walking so I use when I try to get more extended walks in! (Doing laps around lower level) ;)

2 wk PO Pics

Second drain removed today...very sore doing the breasts massages; plus, it makes my stomach hurt to look at the incisions but I know it's a process & hopefully it will only get better! It's hard to take pics still hunched over but for those looking for update pics here ya go! Not too pretty, but hoping for better as we move along!

2wk PO extra pic

I uploaded both pictures but for some reason the second just didn't stay so here it is again; 2 wk front view!

Concerns, relief, & CGs ... Oh my!

Let's see...I'm now 3 1/2 wks PO! Few days ago, I was beginning to question whether my TT scar was too short because I still had draping! I had asked PS and he had said not to worry but, of course, I decided to ask the RS doctors for additional opinions. Majority of replies told me not to worry & it was too early to be concerned...well, now just a few days later, it is already flattening - very relieved! AND, as of last couple days, I can sleep on my side comfortably - yay! I may take couple of Tylenols a day if I do too much but otherwise done with pain killers; feeling more & more like myself! I still hunch slightly just depends throughout day; I feel the recovery has been most difficult on my back as it hurts to straighten now, ha!
I had purchased a seamless torsette (much more comfortable than ones PS provided) but I'm gonna have to suck it up and keep wearing the Marena CGs that PS gave bc I see a much bigger difference with those! I think bc I'm taller & have longer torso these CGs just fit too tight on bottom...so uncomfortable around crotch - I'm going to need to find some tight CGs that will not kill my crotch! Any suggestions would be soooo appreciated!!!

4 wk PO Update & Pics

So, my 4 wk PO date has arrived; and I'll begin my scar therapy tomorrow!! I'm going to use a combination of scar guard & silicone sheeting; and I'm excited to see how it will help my scars! I still have some swelling around my TT scar. I am sleeping well in my bed now & on my side...I'm more myself; however, if I "overdo" my day I get pretty irritable (my poor family) & sore!!! Here are some new pics, marks on belly are from my binder which I still wear just trying to wear as low on my TT scar as possible to help flatten & swelling!

8 wk PO Update

Well, it's been awhile since I've updated; which is a sign that life is returning to normal! (Not to mention, holidays swiftly approaching, very busy, starting shopping now)
I went for my 8 wk PO visit yesterday; and I've attached the doctors before/after pics...my breasts are looking kinda 'wonky' in these pics, one has dropped faster than other; which isn't as noticeable in person but in the angle of these pics it's glaring! These pics really don't give much justice to my BL/BA, I'll take more myself (and closer) so you can see them better! My PS said they're still dropping & fluffing but I'm very happy with them and the scars are healing nicely!
On my TT, I still have slight swelling (comes & goes) low by my scar. Yesterday the CG I was wearing cut me off lower than normal (under breasts) so there is slight 'puff' line across my top upper abdomen in pics but not normally!

9 wk PO Pics

Finally getting around to taking more pics! I'm not sure if I was leaning in PSs pics, or it was angle, or what...but my breasts don't look as uneven as his pics; my left Breast has dropped slightly more than right but they're still progressing!!!

Two years later

Well it's already been 2 years!!!
I have NOT ever regretted my breast augmentation and lift, it was the best investment in me! I look better in my clothes and naked! I would take the scars w/ nicely shaped breasts over my before any day. The scarring under nipples is hardly noticeable at all, around nipples scarring doesn't necessarily blend as well but it doesn't bother me overall!
The mini tt I have doubted from time to time....mainly bc I still see slight bump & it was such a tough recovery however my clothes fit soooo much better - I can't tell you just how fulfilling it was the first couple times I went shopping & tried on clothes - everything fits better!!!
Lighting isn't best in pics but tried to give idea of my two year mark!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Before surgery, Dr. Davoudi gave me plenty of time during visits; patiently answering tons of questions even via email so that I felt very comfortable with my decision to move forward with my procedures! He is direct; and tells you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear - and I appreciate that! He does talk very fast; and very much a "smooth talker" lol but I really believe he cares about his patients and the work he does! I had a BL with BA and mini TT; I picked him over the other doctors, bc not only did I like him & his office, and felt more confident with surgery within a hospital; but also bc his breasts b & a pics were the most consistent and I think with a BL you are really relying on your PS to give you a beautiful result! His office staff has been amazing too! LaToya was main contact before surgery and she was so on point and friendly ~ I loved her! After surgery, I received PS's cell which I did call & text him several times the first week PO, and it was a comfort to get immediate responses; also his nurse Toni! She has called and also answered all my calls post-op; really like her as well! My results so far, look great & I would recommend him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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