40 Yr Old with 13yr Old, Smooth Saline 400cc Under the Muscle. Implant Deflation & Removal with Lift. Duluth, GA

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For as long as I can remember I wanted big boobs....

For as long as I can remember I wanted big boobs. I wanted them before I even developed. I can only blame Barbie for this! I grew up being thin with small boobs. I was teased some with the old “mosquito bites” & “ant-hill” comments, but most kids left me alone because I fought back. I put on the “freshman 15” (actually 25 lbs) in college and had small C cups. I was thrilled. But that didn’t last long before I lost weight & was back to my B cup. Then I took a very stressful job, dropped 20 pounds and barely had a size A. At 26 years old I started wearing inserts to be sure that I wanted a larger chest. I did. Like I said, I had always wanted bigger boobs. Then, at 27, I had Mentor, smooth-saline implants 375cc on the right & 400cc on the left. The craziest part was that at this time, my husband & I had been together for 6 years (married for 4 years) and he was NOT a “boob-man”. He told me he would support my decision, but he did not think I needed implants. I wanted them anyway.

It was such a painful surgery. The surgeon told me I would need about 4 days off from work (I had a desk job at the time). I had to take 1 ½ weeks off. I immediately regretted getting them. I couldn’t lift my arms over my head for a year. I lost all sensation in my nipples for 2 years & I lost sensation in my upper back on the right side for about a year. Once my issues with the surgery resolved, I LOVED them. The surgeon did a fantastic job. People I met after the surgery thought they were real. I finally had the body that I had always wanted.

13 years later, I realized that it time for them to come out. I have had 2 kids & breastfed both for about 9 months. I ballooned to a G cup with both kids! I am the same body weight as I was before pregnancy, so there is very little breast tissue. I have stage 2 capsular contraction. I have a lot of muscle pain in my upper back, neck, shoulder and chest. I am an avid weight lifter & have issues progressing due to the implants. My daughter is 9 & my son is 7. I want to set a good example for my children, so the implants will be removed & not replaced. I do not want additional surgeries. So, I began researching explant. In addition, my hair has been falling out for 6 years & has turned brittle, & I’ve had a few other issues that may or may not be implant related (i.e. brain fog, memory loss, digestive problems).

My original surgeon retired. I went to his replacement, a surgeon with a terrible bedside manner and a God-Complex. I explained my situation (as told above) and he said that I would look terrible…like an 80 year old woman. He said that my only option was to replace them with silicone & to go larger. He said the HE would decide how large during the surgery! When I reminded him of my pain, he told me that was the price of beauty. It really took everything I had not to cuss him out, but I refrained and proceeded to waist as much of his time as possible by asking as many questions as I could. I left his office feeling SICK! Thankfully, I found another surgeon who did exactly what I wanted & I look just fine.

I selected Dr. David Whiteman for my surgery. He was fantastic. The choices I made for the surgery may not be for everyone and are a bit controversial. I elected to deflate my implants 2 weeks prior to surgery. This allowed the skin to retract, the cavity to shrink, and me time to deal with my emotions. I am so glad that I did this because when I saw my deflated boobs, I LOST it! I’m not an emotional person, but I cried like a baby! I curled up in fetal position & bawled until I had a headache. My poor husband didn’t know what to do because in 19 years he has never seen me behave like this. My emotional breakdown lasted about 24 hours & I decided to make myself get dressed & go out to dinner with my family. I am so glad that I deflated prior to surgery. I can’t imagine having these emotions after major surgery.

The deflated shells did not feel good at all due to my lack of breast tissue to pad them from poking my skin. A tight sports bra helped, but it still felt very weird & uncomfortable. My skin did retract, but it was obvious that I needed a lift. And, one side was much lower than the other. I read that it is best to wait 6 months to a year before having a lift, but I only wanted 1 surgery. I have asthma & this is my 4th time being under general anesthesia. I elected to have the explant, total capsulectomy & anchor lift at the same time.

The surgery went very well and I felt great after. I was VERY motion sick during the 30 minute car ride home and this happened even though the anesthesiologist put the scopolamine patch behind my ear. I started feeling better about 30 minutes after getting home & then it was like I had not had surgery! Everyone in my family was shocked at how well I was doing. I had drains & that was the worst part; I never had pain. I took the pain pills for 2 ½ days and switched to Tylenol. I took that until I had the drains removed, which was 6 days post-op. I did take a pain pill before having the drains removed and that was not painful. I was worried about it because I had read stories about it being horribly painful. The nurse covered me in steri strips & I felt 100% better. But I couldn’t look at them. My husband said that they looked great and I took him at his word. I did look at them the next day & was amazed at how high they were. I look like a 14 year old. Perky, but flat!

Most days I am happy with my decision. I did have one emotional breakdown day on my 11th post-op day. Thankfully, no one was at home to witness it. I also, get a bit down when I dress up in some of my old clothes. Everything still fits, but it doesn’t look as good, IMO. I have to remind myself of all of the “pro’s” of this surgery and that the only “con” is my opinion of big boobs. Breaking the big boob mindset is hard, but I have faith I can do it. I hear many people say that once you are 40, you feel good in your own skin. I’m not there yet, but I am ready to be!

My Advice & Everything I learned

I’m sure you all are researching your hearts out. I know I did! I thought that I would share some of what I found and what worked for me. Hopefully this will save you some time. ?

Emotions, Feelings, Etc.
1. It is normal to be scared, anxious, excited, nervous, terrified & happy about explanting. I went through all of these emotions at different times.
2. It is normal to think that you will not like how you look after the explant. It is normal to think you will not be “sexy” or “pretty” or “desirable”. You will be. You will be everything that you were with your implants! Yes, removing them messes with your head. Yes, it is emotional. And yes, you will get through it and love yourself.
3. It is normal to second-guess your decisions. Just remember why you are doing this. Also remember that eventually they HAVE to come out anyway and they need to be replaced every 10 years.
4. It is normal to be concerned about what others will think and what you will say to them. Trust me…most people have not noticed that I look different. And, to the ones who do, I have been honest. I’ve actually received a lot of support from people to whom I’ve told my story.
5. It is normal to have some depression or “bad days” after surgery. Some of it just comes from surgery itself & the rest is just trying to adapt to the new you. Sit with these emotions, experience them fully and then let them pass. Tell yourself you look great. Tell yourself you love the new you. And smile!!!! Even if you force it. Smiling will make you feel better.

Pre-Surgery Tips
1. Buy enough groceries for 2 weeks. Plan your all of your meals & have them ready to eat or frozen if you do not have someone to cook for you. Make sure you have enough toilet paper, Kleenex, etc.
2. Buy paper plates & bowls so you will not have to wash dishes.
3. Go through your entire house and put everything at arm level. You will not be able to reach overhead for a while.
4. Have the following on hand: extra-strength tylonal, stool-softner, fiber pills, preparation-H, ice packs, benedryl &/ or hydrocortisone cream, ginerale, soda crackers, gatoraid, jell-o, soup, motion sickness meds, straws, chapstick, healthy snacks, gum, facial cleaning pads, baby wipes & dry shampoo, thermometer
5. Sniffing rubbing alcohol or peppermint can help relieve nausea
6. Buy several front closure zip up sport bras. Use your band size to determine size. I like the Jansen one sold at Walmart.
7. Figure out how to sleep. You will need to have your head propped up after surgery. Adjustable base bed or recliners work best. Or decide how to prop yourself up in bed or on the couch. Make sure you have enough pillows. Head should be at 45 degrees for the first few days.
8. Make sure you have zip up or button up clothing to wear for a while.
9. Strengthen your stomach muscles so you can use them instead of your arms when getting up and down
10. Make sure all of your bills are paid
11. Do all of the laundry & clean the house
12. Ask your doctor for your prescriptions so you can fill them prior to surgery
13. Fill car with gas
14. Make a medication sheet
15. Cut your fingernails, toenails & shave or wax
16. Have a bedside table or TV tray stand next to where you will sleep & rest

Surgery Day
1. Take a coffee can, vomit bag or something in case you get sick on the way home. Also take cold gingerale & soda crackers. I also wore the SeaBands and asked the anesthesiologist for the scopolamine patch. I was still very nauseated but never threw up.
2. Take a pillow for the ride home
3. Wear button or zip up top and slide on shoes. Crocs are great.
4. Remain calm. Go to the surgery as relaxed and calm as possible. Have relaxing music with you, your favorite pictures, whatever you need to stay calm. Also, remain calm when you wake up in recovery. Allow yourself to wake up slowly like you are coming out of an amazing night’s sleep.

1. Have someone with you at least 48 hours. Longer if possible.
2. Walk around everyday, but don’t overdo it.
3. Move your feet while you are laying around. Flex & contract your calf muscles. This helps with blood flow to avoid DVT.
4. Take your temperature regularly for several days to make sure you don’t have an infection. A low grade temp is normal. Do deep breathing exercises to help get rid of it.
5. If you have long hair, braid it to avoid getting tangles
6. Drink lots of water
7. Eat healthy
8. Use ice pack on your chest if needed (15 minutes on)
9. Heating pad for your back.
10. Itching all over is normal. Wipe down with baby wipes & put on hydrocortisone cream
11. Rest as much as you need to, especially the first 3-4 days
12. If you have to take the trash out at any time, make sure it does not get too full. Instead of using a large trash can, use smaller ones and take the trash out more often.
13. If you have drains…take a pain pill about 30 minutes before they will be removed. Be sure you have a driver if you do this! My drains did not hurt coming out, but I did take 1 tylonal with codine.

Questions to ask Plastic Surgeons when searching for the right one

Hi Ladies, Below is my document that I used while "interviewing" plastic surgeons. Some of the questions are specific to me, so just remove or modify those questions or comments.

Plastic Surgeon Search

Office Questions
• Will ________ do an introductory phone call? (explain issue with the last surgeon)
• Do you accept Humana POS insurance?
• What is included in the surgical fee and what is not included?

• What is my financial responsibility of a second surgery is needed?

• Do you accept credit card payments?
• What is the emergency treatment protocol?

• Does ____ provide after hours contact info, after hours care?

• Does he offer same day appointments for problems? (non-emergency)
• What is _____hospital affiliation? Where will I be taken if there is a problem?
• Where is operating facility? What life support systems are available?

• Is it accredited? (AAAASF, AAAHC, JCAHO)
• Does ______ use a Board certified anesthesiologist or a CRNA?

Doctor Questions
• How did you train in breast explants and what is your experience with the procedure?

• How many/ how long?

• And are you experienced with explanting implants the are below the muscle?

o Will the pectoral muscle be damaged? Can you repair the chest wall if it is damaged (I.e. reattache the muscle to the chest wall so it will not adhere to breast tissue?) How will it heal? How will this affect lifting weights?

• Before and after pictures? (You said no in email…why not? I’ve seen many on realself.com)

• Can you get my records from previous surgeon to determine exactly what he did? (I believe it was a sub muscular placement through the nipple with the split muscle technique. But I could be wrong)

• Reference list? Pts who’ve had either explant or explant with a lift.
• Discussion about just to explant or explant with a lift. (Internal lift)

o Will there be any deformity?

o What can be done to minimize or hault deformity?

o Can you remove excess skin with a lift?
o Can you perform a fat transfer to the breast to add tissue? (pro’s & cons of this surgery & have you done it)

• Explant site? Lift incision site?

• Surgery complications & risks?

o What is your policy on complications?

o Do you cover expenses?
o Do you recommend plastic surgery complication insurance?
• General or local anesthesia?
• What leg compression do you use?
• What is the earliest you schedule surgery? Any reason for delays?
• What are your recommendations prior to the surgery? (diet, lifestyle, exercise)

• Does using lotion (or doing anything else) help to increase skin elasticity prior to surgery in order to minimize sagging?

• Do you give an ABT before the surgery? Can it be taken the night before? (swallowing problems) Or can I have a shot?

• Complete capsulectomy vrs leaving capsule. (how do you make sure I can’t feel the pocket if it’s removed? I believe I read read that leaving it makes it harder to detect breast CA.)

• Will I need drains?
• Do you use dissolvable stitches?
• What are the follow up recommendations after this surgery?

o How to treat swelling, bruising, pain

o Scar cream? (and what scarring should I expect?)

o How long will healing take? Will ROM or nerves be effected?

o Exertion levels per week. (I want to get back to my stretching & exercise program as soon as safely possible.)

o When can I drive?
• When are the follow up apts & how many will I have?

• If I don’t like the results of the surgery, what can I do?

-how many revisions of your own work have you had to do? Outcomes?

****cyst on my face- can it be removed at the same time?

Search Internet
• American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Certified?
• Linked-in, Yelp, FB
• What is web site like?
• Has the doc done any research papers or been in the media?
• Reviews
• Malpractice claims & disciplinary action

Good Advise
• Buy stool softner before surgery
• Buy several sports bras (must wear for several months after surgery)…front closure if possible.
• Massage to avoid scar tissue

The big reveal – week three postop

My Steri-Strips were removed today and I saw my scars for the first time. There are a lot of mixed emotions! On one hand, I'm fine with them because I am back to being me again. On the other, I see really bad looking scars. I know that they will fade with time and I am hoping that they will be as close to invisible as possible. My areoles look completely different. I hope and pray that as I heal they will look better because right now I am not happy with them. Thankfully, I was able to look at them and just say "OK, they don't look good" without being very emotional. I felt down for a moment, and then I looked in the mirror and told myself that I would not do that. I had to remind myself to stay away from the negative thoughts into embrace my new look. My husband says they look great, but I do wonder if he is saying that just to make me feel better. I am my biggest critic and I have to keep remembering that no surgery will provide perfect results.

I have a band of fibrous tissue that has grown beneath both breast. I originally thought it was internal stitches, but was wondering why they were so low. They limit my range of motion with my arms and are painful at times. Dr. Whiteman has instructed me to massage them daily to break up the tissue. He also referred me to the Laser Lightscenter where they provide scar treatment. He said they can break this up as well as provide the best treatment for my scars. It will cost additional money, but I don't mind spending it to get the best outcome possible. Thankfully, I do have the money to do this. I would advise anyone who is looking into surgery to make sure you have an extra thousand dollars or so to spend in case you need it in areas that you were not anticipating.

Here's a pic of what I look like today. There is still some dried blood & crustiness because I have not showered yet.

I plan to go to Victoria Secret tomorrow for some new bras. I have no idea what size I will even be. Here's hoping I can find something that works!

Mondor's disease...just an FYI

Look closely about an inch below my crease incision and you will see what is called Mondor's disease. This is rare, but it is fibrous bands that grow vertically below the crease after surgery. I have multiple on both sides. They are not harmful, but mine are painful and I have limited my range of motion. I finally broke one up on the lateral side of my right breast and now I can lift that arm over my head. ???? Just wanted to share this strange disease in case anyone else has it or gets it and is worried. It will go away on its own or you can massage them out if you want them to go away faster.

No push up bras after a lift

Implants out. Check. Healing nicely. Check. Ready for some new bras. Check. I went to Victoria's Secret and was measured. I about fell on the floor when the girl told me that I was a 32C! I laughed. Said no way! And she asked me what size I thought I would be. I said 34 AA. She disagreed and asked for me to try on the 32B or C. I did to humor her, and found that the 32B did fit. I bought three and brought them home for a test run as I still did not trust this was the right size. I wore one for an hour and took it off. I had deep red impressions from the bra all the way around my rib cage. So, those are going back and I will get the 34a.

In the meantime, I picked up this cheap push-up bra from Walmart and quickly learned that you cannot wear a push-up bra after you've had a lift. There is nothing to push up. The skin stays in one place. So, keep that in mind if you were considering having a breast lift. I'm sure this will be different for people who are left with more breast tissue than what I had/ have.

So, as Julia Roberts says in Pretty Woman,"More Shopping!?!!"

What a difference a week makes!

For the past week, I have been using the silicone gel that my doctor recommended. I was really worried about my incisions, But now I think they are going to be OK. They had areas with rather large holes as well as areas that were pulling very badly. These areas are all starting to look better and this is only a week four, So I have great hopes that next year this time my scores will be minimal.

I do not like that my nipples are not round and that they lean downward on one side. Yesterday, I realized that this is most likely due to not having enough tissue. When I hold my arms up above my head, my nipples are around, even, and higher. Now, I understand why another surgeon told me I was not a candidate for a breast lift; The surgery would not come out looking perfect on me. However, I do not mind because my husband and I are the only one seeing these things anyway. LOL. In the end, I would rather have them lifted and uneven and stead of saggy, baggie, uneven, and concave.

Last week, I did go to a laser center that specializes in scarring among other things. They recommended that I do 3 to 5 treatments of Rejuvapen with human growth hormone and or peptides. This is a very costly procedure and I have not decided if I will do it or not. I am very skeptical because I have not been able to find any medical studies on this procedure or any before and after pictures.

I started drinking bone broth this week after reading that it does wonders for scarring, among other things. If it is cooked correctly, it will be loaded with collagen and gelatin. The main thing that I have noticed is that I have a lot more energy now than I am drinking this.

I am back to all of my normal activities. I am in the gym and I have started upper body strength training with lightweights. I am being very careful with exercises extra pressure on the chest muscles and I am still avoiding all pectoral specific exercises.

9 week update

As of last week, all of my incisions are closed. It felt like it took forever! It's wonderful not to have to wear breast-feeding pads anymore. Several spots on my scars have softened nicely. However, I still have many spots that are hard on both sides of the scar and are sunken in the middle. I also have an indentation where my right drain tube was. I hope that it will flatten out the way the other side has.

My breast were softening for a while, but that seems to have stopped. I still have very hard tissue on either side of my scar that goes from my nipple down to my breast crease. Everything is still numb.

I'm wearing a 34a bra, but it is too big. I've had to go shopping for new tops because all of my old tight shirts look very bad. I found some really cute stuff at New York and Company and am happy with that.

The worst part of this is bathing suits! I've been to six stores and have tried on every style of bathing suit and nothing looks good. Even the Victoria secret padded ruffled bandeau top looked terrible. I tried one pieces, two pieces, and tankinis. Padded triangle tops, padded push-ups, ruffle tops, you name it I've tried it. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to summer time.

But, onward and upward. I'm very grateful that I have not had any complications from the surgery and I am healing well.

10 week update

I saw my ps today & he was very pleased. I have an uneven spot on my left breast and he mentioned repairing it before I even brought it up. He wants to wait to see what happens with my healing before doing anything, but said that it can be fixed with a simple office procedure under local. My nipples are oblong and slanted and will stay this way because of my lack of volume. So ladies, know that if you don't have much tissue and get a lift, this may be the outcome. I am glad that I got it; I would rather have slanted nipples than a concave chest with uneven saggy breast, but that’s just me.

My nipples are still numb, but feeling has returned to my breast. It took 2 YEARS for my nipple sensation to return after implant! I sure hope it doesn’t take that long this time!!! I went back to the gym (hardcore) on week six; I don’t think I told y’all that. The next week I got the flu and that kept me down for two weeks! Man that stuff is nasty & R.I.P. Prince (he died from it today). ? So, this week is really my first time back working hard in the gym since the beginning of January! It feels great to be back and I am so sore...the hurts so good kind of sore! I have lost A LOT of ground, so there's a lot of work in my future, but I am looking forward to it! To the ladies who are on the fence about explanting, take Nike's advice & "just do it". Yes, it was scary. Yes, I was apprehensive. Yes, I had bouts of depression and regret. And yes, I am very happy that I did this!

Let’s see…anything else? Oh, I haven’t found a bathing suit yet. I may just wear mine from last year. They are not that bad. Actually I think I’m just getting used to how I look now. OMG…so while in the ps office today, we are talking and I see a photo spread on the counter of these HUGE boobs. I didn’t think much of it until he held it up and said “here’s your before pics”. Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!! A professional pic really put in perspective just how big my implants really were. I’ve been a bit depressed about my size, but after seeing that I am So Happy to have those things out.

Oh, (I keep thinking of stuff), my husband thinks they look great. He had been majorly supportive throughout the process and hasn't said a word about the money I've been spending on new clothes since he knows it's helping me feel better. So grateful that I married a good man! I could not have gotten through this without him!

Rewind...My back story! part 1

I realized that I didn't being posting until 19 days post-op! So I've copied my computer entires & listed below. I'll do this in 2 or 3 posts so they won't be dreadfully long.

Deflation Day: (Thursday, January 29, 2016)
I woke up unphased. I knew I was doing what I needed to do and had very little emotion about it. I put on a plunging neckline top and make up and went shopping for the smallest zip up sports bra I could find. The smallest I cold find was a medium. I

I drove to the doctor’s office and, again, felt little emotion; it was a regular day and a regular drive. When I stopped at the red light in front of the hospital I had “butterflies”; I was getting nervous. I felt my eyes start to water as I pulled in the parking lot. I shook it off and took my first (and last) selfie ensuring that I was showing plenty of cleavage. BTW, I do not like selfies, but this one turned out surprisingly good. Rob & I walked inside. My breathing was heavier & I was fighting tears. I kept my mind on the goal of feeling better. And then I started thinking…”you haven’t felt THAT bad. Why are you doing this?”

Before I knew it I was in the room. The nurse gave me a gown and left the room. I broke into tears as I took my shirt off. I didn’t want to remove my bra as this would be the last time I could fit into it. I mustarded up the courage and took it off. I grabbed my cell phone and took 2 last pictures of my almost perfect, fake breasts. I pulled myself together just before the doctor entered the room.

Dr. Whiteman took one glance at me and immediately recognized my stress & anxiety. He helped calm me as we talked about options, expectations and other general questions & concerns. He also told me that he did not have to deflate them since I had the card stating what implants I had. I chose to go for the deflation anyway so I would know what I looked like. I wanted to back out. Every fiber of my being was telling me not to do it, but my mind was set. I was sticking to my plan.

We went to a different room that had a dentist like chair. I sat down & continued to stop myself from crying, eventhough I was failing. I wish I would have taken one last look. I don’t know why I didn’t. I kept my eyes shut as the doctor explained what was going to happen. Then I felt the needle for the ladocain. I started crying more. The nurse told me to keep my hands by my side. As I did,I dug deep and calmed my mind. Suddenly I felt like my chest was heavy. This was shocking because every anecdotal review I read talked about women feeling lighter. Then, it felt like medical tape pinching & rubbing my skin. I ignored it all as they talked about the cc’s. They emptied 350 cc’s from my left breast & 450 cc’s from my right. This was unbeleiveable for me. My original surgery was 400 cc’s in the left (because it was always slightly smaller) and 375 cc’s in my right. I didn’t dwell on this as the deed was done. It was time to get dressed and go to pre-op. This was the hardest part. I had to put my bra back on.

I did not, I could not, look down. I barely felt my chest with my hand. Nohting was there. Nothing. I began crying uncontrollably. “What have I done?” was all I could think. Again, I gathered the courage to put on my bra. I still could not look. I put on my shirt & opened my eyes. My shirt that was snug against my chest 15 minutes earlier now fell like a drape. I had no cleavage. My giant bra provided some padding with the air that filled it, but not enough to stick our farther than my stomach…a well-toned, flat stomach!

I tried to stop crying again in order to check out and go to pre-op, but the tears kept falling. The tears fell whether I ws hysterical or composed. They would not stop. I made it through pre-op. I could feel what I thought was the tape pulling & poking my skin. It was more than uncomfortable at times. As we finished pre-op, I went to the bathroom. I pulled my shirt open just enough to reveal the top portion of my chest. It was concave. I could look no further. I cried more. I cried harder. And, once again I pulled myself together to walk to the car.

I did not make eye contact with anyone on the way out of the building. Rob & I had walked in silence as I I was not able to talk. About halfway to the car, he asked me if I was going to be ok. I cried harder and shook my head “no”. I sat in the car and cried harder & louder than I have in my entre life. I hyperventilated. I could not talk. I continued to ask myself silently, “What have you done?”, “Why did you do this?” I told myself, “You should have waited another year or two”, “You were not really ready for this”, “You were not bad enough to have this done at this time.”

A 30 minute car ride. Pure Hell! Would the rest of my life be the same? Would I adapt? Could I be happy with this new, possibly deformed body? I finally asked Rob what they looked like. He described them as a deflated balloon. I asked if they were concave. “Yes” was all he said and I immediately started crying hysterically again. Conversation over.

We pulled into the garage. Rob gathered everything out of the car. I only had a grocery sack with some Tylenol & lotion. I couldn’t get out of the car. I just sat there with the bag. I began crying one last time. I heard Rob coming back to the car so I quickly got out, took a deep breath & stopped crying…again. I am not a victim. I did this to myself (both times). I need to behave as a well adjusted adult.

A million unstable thoughts flooded my brain as I walked into the house. These thoughts quickly turned to regret. I 100% regretted my actions. I have ruined my body. I ruined my body 13 years ago when I had the implants. There was NOTHING wrong with my breast then. It is true that they were not voluptuous, but I had them. I had enough to sport cleavage in a swim suit. I had enough for a slightly curvy figure. Now I have nothing. I look down and my chest is as flat as my 8 year old daughter. Correction. Mine is flatter than my 8 year old daughter’s because mine is CONCAVE!

I ate lunch and had 15 minutes before the kids returned home from school. It was now or never; I needed to see them. I did not tell Rob what I was going to do. I went alone to the bedroom. I was finally calm. I was ready to see. For some strange reason, it physically hurt to remove my shirt. I still thought it was the bandage tape. I looked at myself in my D cup bra. It wasn’t terrible. The bra covered everything. I poked the top of the bra & it caved in over the air. This was surreal. Did I really do this> Do I really look like this?

Finally, I unhooked the bra and let it drop. I am hideous. The top portion of my chest looks the same. It pokes out slightly from my muscle development. Then it sinks in. It sinks in deep. Imigine a ski slope jump, except right before the curve up to the end, the mountain falls inward. My shriveled up nipple sits in the curve of the ski slope. I can clearly see the edges of the silicone bag that is left; it is providing me with the only volume I have. I can see the implant valve on the lateral side of my breasts. It looks lumpy; it feels like it is cutting through my skin (especially on the left side). It hurts. It’s not suppsed to hurt. It’s supposed to be “uncomfortable”. No, it hurts. I

I decide to put the tiny sports bra on. Rob walks in and helps me. It doesn’t fit. This tiny bra is too big! I am that small. The bra makes it hurt worse. I decide to wrap it in an ace bandage & I lie on the bed and text some friends. During this time they begin hurting worse. I’m crying again, but not hysterically. Rob come in again & I decide to wrap them differently. I used an under/over, across the chest method which lifts the bag. It required 2 wraps (one for each side). I put the bra back on and the pain, for the most part, stopped.

I was able to eat dinner and watch some tv. I fell asleep in the recliner around 8:30pm. I hope and pray that I can get through this. I pray for the emotional and mental strength that one needs to overcome a physical deformity. I pray that this does not drive me into depression and that it does not ruin my family life nor my marriage. If it does, it is my fault and my fault alone. I made the choice for implants and I made the choice to remove them at this time.

Friday, January 30, 2016

I slept well thanks to Xanax. Rob let me sleep and he got the kids to school. “Normal” morning… we ate breakfast, he did some work and I told him to go to the gym. I decided to stay home and do some light yoga. I was feeling pretty good and then my Mom called. I started crying before I could even answer. I knew that she would be concerned & curious how I was and that sent me over the edge. I answered and could only give one word respnces, either yes or no. I finally had all I could take and was able to say, “I have to go, buy.” And I hung up the phone.

I was able to calm down and continue the yoga. It made me feel better. Rob came home & we ate salads for lunch. I was soooo thirsty today too. All was going okay (not well but I wasn’t crying so I consider that good) until Rob decided to take a shower. I told him I didn’t want him seeing how horrible I looked even though he watched my boobs deflate in the doctor’s office. He got in the shower first and then I did. The water felt horrible. It was irritating and hurt slightly. I quickly got out of the shower and I was in tears again. I curled up on the bed in fetal position and bawled for about 15 or 20 minutes. The kids were to be home shortly so I pulled myself together. I was going to just stay in the room for the rest of the day when Rob came in and told me the kids were asking about me. At this point, I got mad. Mad at myself for my reaction to something that I had been planning for months. I went into the bathroom and started putting on make up. Before I knew it I was figuring out what clothes I could wear to disguise my 14 year old boy chest. I put on a pink shirt with an infinity scarf, tight jeans and high healed boots. Then I surprised Rob by saying we were going shopping & out to eat!

I felt better. I felt almost normal. I could see ME in the mirror instead of a depressed, pathetic, unattractive 40 year old looser. I was VERY conscious of my chest, but did my best to keep the scarf in place so they would be covered. It worked and we were able to have a normal night followed by a normal weekend.

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2016

I’ve been the same since Friday night. No tears. No pain. I am uncomfortable. I don’t want anyone to see my gruesome chest. It is concave. My nipples are wrinkled. My skin is saggy & you can see the shells through my skin. I’ve taken pictures every day for documentation. I don’t want to forget this!

Monday, Frb 8th
Not much change. My emotions are normal. I’ve been trying to stay calm & prep the house. My breasts look some better, but they still look really bad. I’ve taken pics most days. My right side feels almost normal. It’s soft again & you can barely feel the shell. My left breast is really bad. It is lumpy & more concave. You can still see and feel the shell. It is also more sensitive than the right; but it’s been that way since implantation. However, it’s VERY sensitive! So much that showers are uncomfortable. I’m hoping I can stay calm & relaxed tomorrow. Going to try to tie everything up tonight!

Tuesday, Feb 9th
I wanted today to be relaxing, calm and pampering. It was anything but! Nothing went as planned. I had way too many thing to try to finish prior to surgery. Rob was on the phone all day, so he was no help. The kids were wound up when they got home which sent me even more over the edge. Long story short…nothing went right. I became very anxious & upset, which was the exact opposite of where I wanted to be. I finally took a Xanax around 6pm and gave up. At this point, I had to force myself to calm down so I wouldn’t screw up the surgery. My parents arrived earlier than expected and we all went to bed by 10pm. I was able to sleep well thanks to the drugs!

Wednesday, Feb 10th
I woke up in a sheer panic at midnight (on the dot). I was hungry but chose not to eat & follow instructions. Luckily I was able to go back to sleep easily. However, I woke up again at 4:30am and was wide awake. I did my best to fall back asleep, but it would not happen. 5:30am came & the alarm went off. I took my last shower for a few days & got in the car. Everything was ready for the ride home. I stayed calm by listening to beach music on the ride. We arrived precisely on time, 6:30am, and checked in. I was immediately taken to the pre-op room and greeted by a very happy, morning-person nurse. She and the following nurses were all great. They were nice & cheerful and wanted to make me comfortable and calm. I was much more relaxed than I had anticipated. Pre-op was the full 1 ½ hours. I kept checking my facebook post where many of the breast implant illness ladies were sending me well wishes. The support of these strangers helped emensely! I met the anesthesiologist, a woman possible from the Carribean< and I loved her. She understood about nausea & motion sickness and gave me an ear patch to help with that. Then Dr. Whiteman came in shortly. He was fully focused and fast, but he did answer my questions. However, we went through them so fast that I neglected to write down the answers. He just kept saying that I would be great/ fine. Another nurse walked me to the opersting room. There I met a new nurse and the anesthesiology aide. They helped me lay on the table and covered me with warm blankets. I looked at the ceiling for a few seconds. I don’t remember anything else. The next memory was in the recovery room. I was lying on the stretcher with O2 mask on my face. I remember slowingly moving my hands & feet (like reawakening in yoga) and slowly moving my head. The nurse told me I had been “out” for 50 minutes! As I came too she helped me to a wheel chair and took me to the second recovery room. There another nurse (who I didn’t really like) was there. Thankfully, she was only there about 5 minutes and my original nurse came back from her lunch break. She was much nicer, had a good bedside manner and helped me stay calm. I was smiling & felt good. I stayed in receovery for about 45 minutes and it was time to go.

I get into the car & start feeling woosy. Then I overheat & start sweating. By this time the car is in motion & I am dizzy. Everything is spinning or rocking. I get very nauseated. It was 25 degrees outside, but I had to roll the windows down for most of the 30 minute ride! Rob was freezing!! Each time I tried having the windows up, I would get sicker. Once I got home & layed in bed, I felt better. And I was fine for the rest of the night. Calm, happy & amazingly well for the surgery I had. Everyone was so surprised at how well I was doing. I drank a lot of Gatoraid, ate jello & chicken soup. The recovery nurse called to check on me and she was so sweet! That night I did not sleep well because I was so itchy and uncomfortable. But thankfully I was not in pain.

Thursday, Feb 11th:
Once again, I was doing very well. So much better than I could imagine. The incision & the tubes did not bother me. I was able to eat. I drank pleanty of water. I was able to walk around and I napped when I was tired. The kids did get too loud when they got home & that was hard for me. The stimulation was too much. Thankfully it didn’t last long. That night I checked my banadages & decided they needed to be changed since the left one was still very wet looking. I attempted to remove them, but they were stuck like glue. After calling the after hours number, we taped them back up and left them alone. I hope that was the right thing to do. The bad thing is all of this interrupted my zen-like state & my anxiety set in. I had to take a Xanax. ?

Friday, Feb 12th
The morning was pretty good. I was more tired today & could tell that I did not have the positive energy that I had in the days before. I still remained calm & mostly pain free. That night my stomach stated hurting terribly from not having gone to to the bathroom since Tuesday! I also developed a headache and my shoulders & neck started to hurt badly.

Saturday, Feb 13th:
I woke up with an even worse headache & nausea. This was off and on throughout the day. Mom came over & cleaned the house, washed my hair and massaged my back, neck & shoulders. This helped more than anything. I finally broke through the headache! I was exhausted all day. I fell asleep around 7:30pm & slept until 10pm then went to sleep at 11:30pm. I did finally have a BM which was wonderful & made me feel some better.

Sunday, Feb 14th
Woke up at 7am with my shoulder killing me so much that I was not able to go back to sleep. I got up and paced around the house. Walking seemed to help. Sitting made it worse. I was able to eat breakfast, take a ½ bath, wash off with baby wipes and change clothes. I didn’t need any pain meds, but had to take tylonal ES due to fever. I can’t seem to break the fever. The only pain I had was when I insinctvely caught michael’s chair as he pushed it backward. It took my breath away. I could feel it to the center of my body. Anyway, it took a while for me to receover, but I did eventually start feeling better. Morgan was very sweet trying to help me while I was trying to breathe.

Monday, Feb 15th
Woke up feeling pretty good, but that faded after about 2 hours. My fever went back up and I had fatigue again. I spent most of the morning trying to get ahold of the doctor’s office since my drains had drained less than 30cc’s in a 24 hour period since Saturday. I finally got the nurse and was able to schedule an apt for tomorrow. I’m so ready to get these drains out. They are very noticeable now. Uncomfortable. They make it hard to breathe. And I can’t move about very well because of them. Once again Michael hurt me by bumping into me while he was bouncing around.

Tuesday, Feb 16th:
Drains are coming out! I was excited, worried & attempting to remain calm. I anticipated waiting a long time to be seen since they were working me into the schedule. However, they called me back within 10 minutes of arrival. I took a tylonal with codine upon arrival. I think it was just starting to take effect by the time they started working on me. Beth, the nurse, started by removing the surgical dressings that I had tried to remove on Friday night. She took it right off with almost no pain. It did hurt when she removed the part that covered the drain tube. Once that was off, she snipped a stich that held the drain in place & pulled it out. Then she asked me to take a deep breath & she pulled the tube out. It came out very fast and did not hurt. I didn’t even feel it. But my chest felt very very tight from where the dressing was removed. She did the same with the right side, but I did feel the tube come out of the right side. It didn’t really hurt, but it felt very weird. She put “glue” & steri strips on my incisions and I was done. The doctor said everything looked good & I had more volume than he anticipated. I did not get a good look at them; I didn’t want to. I did have Rob take pictures so I could see them later. When I was latching my bra back, I noticed that it looked like my nipples were smaller. Not sure how I feel about that, but I think that they may fit my small size. At least I will not be “all nipple”.

I felt good, really good leaving. I did get sleepy on the ride home and layed in the recliner for a while once I got home. It wasn’t long before I developed a headache & my head was really hurting by night time.

back story part 2: the good, the bad & the very ugly

Ok, so this entry is my most depressed day. It was on day 11 & I started writing in attempt to make myself feel better as nothing else was working that day. The Good is that this was short-term & I do not have any of these feeling now. I read this and wonder what the hell was I thinking!!! Truly my lowest moment. It's raw. It's honest (for my frame of mind that day). And I hope it doesn't freak anyone out too bad. So without further a due, here's the bad & the very ugly...

Sunday, Feb 21st.
Everything has gone pretty well until today. During the week, I had good energy and was able to do a few things around the house. I was careful not to over do it and I took naps during the day. Last night, I even went out. The kids wanted to go to parents night out at the gym, so Rob & I went to dinner & a movie. Getting ready was a task. It took a lot longer than usual. Fixing my hair was hard, but I was able to do it. We ate at Wild Wings & went to see a movie. “Hail, Caesar” was so bad that we walked out of it and saw the second half of Zoolander 2, which was not great but was much better than the other. Michael made my night. AS I was putting him to bed he said, “Mama, you look pretty.” He has never said this before. So it was kind of special. ? Even though I was completely self-conscious all night due to my FLAT chest, he made me feel better in that moment.

So, today has been very hard. It’s cloudy, so that makes it worse. I am truly unhappy today. I think it started while I was reading facebook posts, but it could have been prior to that. But, what stands out to me was a comment on my post from last night. I took a pic of my outfit with and without the scarf I wore. Of course, I wore the scarf to cover my completely flat chest. One girl said, “You look great either way, but it makes me sad that you think you have to cover your chest.” Even though this was a compliment, it dug deep. It went to the place I’ve been trying to talk my self out of going to.

I realized that I am happy and I am ok with what I’ve done as long as I’m INSIDE MY HOUSE. I’m ok with Rob, the kids and my parents seeing me like this. I AM NOT OK with other people seeing me like this. Even last night, I was completely aware of anyone who looked at me. COMPLETE FUCKING STRANGERS! Why should that matter? And then, I think about what it will like to be around my friends, especially the ones who admire big boobs. Again, Why should that matter? Rob says he thinks they look great. Of course, I don’t believe him. Why? “Because the mirror does not lie”…my words.

Next, I made things worse by trying on some of my old clothes. I don’t look “hideous”, but I damn sure don’t look good anymore. I knew this would be the case going into this, but I kept telling myself I would be ok. Maybe I will, but TODAY I am not. I can’t focus. I can’t clean. I can’t make a fucking grocery list. I can barely type this entry. I’m just crying. I have a knot in my stomach. My body feels like crumbing. Or “wilting” as I heard some else say. I have 5 more days of Rob being at home and then he travels for FIVE days. Physically, I am ready to be on my own. Mentally & emotionally, I am not. Getting dressed everyday is one of the hardest things. I put on clothes that I used to look great in & now I don’t. The difference is unbelievable. I new I would be flat, but I honestly did not think it would look this bad. I thought I would look like I did before implants. NO! I have never looked like this! Honestly, 13 year old girls have bigger boobs than I do.

And to make matters worse, I am bombarding myself with questions…
Why did you get implants in the first place? If you never had them you wouldn’t be in this predicament. You can’t miss what you never had. Then I think that after 2 kids, my boobs would have looked horrible anyway. So would I have gotten a lift regardless & still been here? Was I always destined to be boobless?

Why did you take them out now? They didn’t have to be removed now. You could have banked the money and done it later. The result may have been the same, but I would have had them longer. Then, I tell myself that maybe it’s better that I did it now so the kids would be less likely to remember. And I’m younger & can handle the surgery better. And, if my issues are really from the implants then I can get back to normal sooner.

Why didn’t you wait on the lift? They might have fluffed up and filled in and then I would have at least had cleavage. I would have looked bad from the side, but I would have been ok from the front. And I would have had extra skin to push up in a push up bra. And maybe you wouldn’t have needed a lift if you had waited. But, could I have lived a whole year looking like I did if they didn’t fluff much & stayed concaved?

Back to the question, “WHY DOES IT MATTER??” For some deep seeded reason it does. To me, it matters. Was it Barbie? Was it the Supermodels? Baywatch Stars? Was it being teased at an early age & into my teens & 20’s for “mosquito bites & ant hills”? (That still pisses me off to no end! Especially for the ADULTS who did it.) Was it being dumped for girls who had bigger boobs? (Which was the case in every case of me being dumped.) Was it that every “pretty” woman I had seen also had big boobs? Yes, runway models were flat, but I thought they all looked like zombies. Kate Hudson…pretty face, but overall not pretty because she’s close to flat. Same with other actresses who are small chested. I have never thought that they were pretty. And this goes for regular women too. For me, it makes no difference how pretty someone’s face is. If their chest is flat, they do not look good. SO, THAT is why it matters. It matters because for some strange fucked up reason, I have this mind set.

Now, how do I stop it?????????

back story part 3 (and now I'm caught up)

So this is the final chapter of my computer entries including the one that I entered today which ties everything together. I hope it's been helpful to those of you considering explant. It's a hell of a ride, but worth it!

Saturday, Feb 27th:
Almost a week since my breakdown & I’ve done better. Last Sunday night was bad. I Didn’t eat dinner until 9pm because I was so upset. We watched a movie & went to bed. Thankfully, I woke up feeling better on Monday. Overall the week went well. I went for a walk & did ROM exercises on Thursday and I went to the gym on Friday for the elliptical, bike, ROM & stretching. I wasn’t thrilled about being in my workout clothes & I definitely do not look as good as I did one month ago, but I am going to have to get used to this. We took the kids shopping & out to eat Friday night. Once again, trying to find something to wear was HARD! Most of my clothes do not look good on me anymore. I decided on a long sleeve shirt with a thick vest. I was still very self conscious even though no one paid any attention to me.

April 22, 2016
I just read my old entires & so much has changed since then! I wish I had documented more, but once I was able to start doing things again, I became very busy & neglected the computer. So…I have accepted my new body (for the most part). I have found clothes that I LOVE…New York & Company had a great spring line that is perfect for the flat chested woman! Thank goodness for them. I think that was really when I started to change my attitude. Everything started to fall into place once I felt good in clothes again. Then I went bathing suit shopping. That was bad & brought on a week of depression which was followed by the flu. Once healed from that I felt better again…no more depression. I’ve found VS bras that I like & I’ve figured out what lingerie I can wear. It has to be lace; that is the only thing that sits on my chest right. I still haven’t found a bating suit, but I think I’ll just wear my triangle tops from last year. They fit & look pretty good. I haven’t been impressed with what the stores have this year. Rob & I are back to having sex. This took a while for me and I waited until about 4 or 5 weeks to do it. I’m not comfortable enough yet to go topless, be hey, I’m back in the saddle again. Lol I’m also back in the gym & working out without restrictions, which is wonderful. I bought new workout clothes so I’m no longer self-conscious about being in the gym. The one very positive thing is that most of the creeps who used to bother me leave me alone now. Quite frankly I’m not sure that they even know it’s me since I doubt that they ever looked at my face! So overall, I’m back to my old self & I am very glad that I made the decisions I made. No regrets!

I'm brining sexy back...yeah...

LOL! OK, so it's a dorky title, but I think I'm ready for this now. My hubby is on another business trip, he travels every week, so I decided to break out some of my old stuff. No surprise that most everything does not fit, but there were a few pieces that I get to keep. :-) I think lace may be my new best friend!

At some point, I'm going to get my husband to take better pictures of me in these so I can do a side-by-side comparison of me in the same peices when I had my implants. I'll probably do it with a few of the dresses I was able to keep too. More later...

6 months post op: fat not fluff

I have been super busy these days, so this is my first post in a while. I am at the six month mark and am doing well. My scars have softened and are a bit lighter. I am still using silicone gel on them. I have gained 10 pounds! So, my boobs are a slight bit larger. I can almost fill out an a cup now! Never in a million years would I thought I would be excited about that, but I am. I just hope that I do not lose it when I start exercising again next week. I do still have shooting pain at my incision sites on occasion, but it is not that bad so no complaints there. My nipples are still slanted, especially the left one. I don't think that that will change unless I gain another 10 or even 20 pounds. And, I'm not willing to do that! I think the 10 pounds I have put on since surgery is enough.

Thankfully summer is coming to an end! I have to admit that I have NOT enjoyed pool or beach time this summer. I tried on countless bathing suits and bought several. My problem is that my chest is so small nothing really keeps me covered. I come out of everything! I have flashed so many people this summer that it is not even funny. I know I could get a halter style bathing suit that would work, but then I would have a really bad tan lines. Same goes for wearing a swim shirt. Oh, I've had the same issue with clothes too. I've had to get rid of so many tops that I thought I would be able to keep because of flashing people. I'm assuming the reason this is happening is because I had the lift because I did not have this problem before I had augmentation. But, it is what it is so I have to deal with it.

I know this post sounds a bit negative, but all in all I am happy with my results. For the most part, I don't really think about them anymore. I don't cover them during sex anymore or try to hide them from my husband. The only time really really conscious of them is when I'm in a bathing suit in public. Other than that, all is really well.

One-year Update

I’ve been gone from this site for at least 6 months. I needed to get back to “normal” life- a life where I wasn’t thinking about my boobs every single day. So, I decided to stop logging-on. I have now passed my 1-year anniversary and I feel the need to reflect, as one does on anniversaries. So I reviewed all of my old notes, the comments and my pictures. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year. So much has changed yet so much has remained the same.

I went for my 1 year follow up last week. My surgeon was very pleased with my results. He did bring up my unevenness and the slanted nipple (technically, the areola, but you know what I mean), which is due to lack of tissue on the left side. My options are to have a camouflaged tattoo that will make it appear even, to have it cut and raised, or to do nothing. Right now, I’m leaning toward the do nothing option. Even though I don’t like it, I don’t see the need in repairing it since no one will see it but my husband & me. Plus, it would raise it up and that means that I would flash people with both nipples instead of just one. Lol.

Everything has healed nicely. My tube hole indentions filled out and are flat. (I was really worried about those because they were dented for a long time.) My sensation is mostly back. There is still a tiny bit of numbness on the right nipple, but it’s not enough to notice & it doesn’t bother me. The sensation in my right underarm and upper lat came back too. As you can see, my scars are visible, but they are light. They still get REALLY red when I’m overheated or hot-n-bothered. Lol.

Prior to explant I had a lot of unresolved back & neck pain. I went to the chiropractor often (at least once a month) and I had regular massages. The pain is pretty much gone. I still have flare ups, but it is nowhere near as bad as it was. My implants were under the muscle and that constant pressure was just too much for me. I have not needed to see a chiropractor since explant!!! Also, my hair seems to have stopped thinning. I’m not sure if it’s due to the explant or if it’s due to not using a flat iron anymore, but it looks better.

Exercising after explant was difficult. I was a gym rat prior to surgery. Time to brag…I could bench press 115lbs five times, squat 160lbs five times & deadlift 155lbs five times, and I could do 3 sets of each with good form. (I never did 1 rep max.) Anyway, I was strong! Not anymore. I kept trying to go back to the gym & things just kept coming up. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, It was that I was just so busy. Then my gym closed & I’ve not found anything that I like. So, I became sedentary & started eating pretty bad. I’ve lost muscle & gained fat. I still weigh about the same, but I had to go up a size in clothes! Most of my fat went to my hips & thighs, but I did get a little bit in my boobs. They are now a full A cup or a very small B cup. I actually have enough tissue that I can wear a push-up bra now. Before, it had a huge gap between the top of the bra & my chest. It sits flush now, but I will say that push-ups make me look like I have banana boobs. Hahaha. They are high, narrow & pointy! I’ve tried on so many styles & I can’t find any that just make me look normal. So, most of the time I just wear a basic VS bra with just enough padding that my nipples don’t stick through. I’m fairly flat, but most days I just don’t care. Summer time is a different story though.

Last summer sucked and I’m not looking forward to this one. I live near Atlanta, Georgia & it’s not called Hotlanta for nothing. The best way to survive summer is to wear almost nothing & stay in the water. I can’t wear anything with spaghetti straps because either my bra shows or my nipples show or both. And strapless doesn’t work either. Last summer, my boobs were so small that an A cup didn’t even cover them. Basically, I got really good at always putting my hand on my chest every time I bent over. Finding a bathing suit was a nightmare for the same reason. Your nipples always pop out when you are board flat. Push-ups didn’t work because there was nothing to push up & there was a hug gap revealing…you guessed it, my nipple. I looked like a boy in a triangle top. Bandeaus fell down, even with the strap on. I always wore a cover up if I was at a public pool. This year I may try a one piece. If that doesn’t work, I’ll live in cover-ups again. The one bathing suit I’ve found that works is a one-piece with a plunging neckline. I bought one for an upcoming vacation that just my husband & I are going on. It looks fabulous, but I wouldn’t dare wear it around my kids or at our neighborhood pool! It’s way too risqué.

I know. This is a lot. Thank you, if you’re still reading. One last thing… what would I do if I could go back in time? I would still have them taken out and I would have done it exactly the way I did it. Overall, I am happy with my outcome. I accept how I look. Hell, I’m over 40 & don’t need to be dressing like a teenager anymore anyway, right? Lol. And like I said, on most days I never give it a second thought.

I'll try to add pics if the app will let me. I had to write this on the computer because the app will not pull up my review for some reason???? Anyway, I don't upload any of my pics to the computer because I don't want my kids to accidentally see them!

Pics for 1 year review

So, I figured out where my review went in the app but I couldn't edit my update to add the pics. So, here are my 1 year post-op pics. The update is posted right before this post. ????
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Whiteman. He listened to me! He heard my issues & my expectations. He took time to answer my questions. I chose him for my breast explant & lift because of this (also because of his credentials & experience). But, I must mention that I went to another surgeon first who DID NOT listen to me or care what I wanted. Needless to say, that surgeon did not get my business. Dr. Whiteman guided me throughout he process, he calmed me when I was anxious and he did a fabulous job with the removal and lift. His office staff are professional, friendly and courteous. They run appointments on schedule which is very refreshing. Wait time is about 5-10 minutes. They return calls on the same day & generally very quickly. The outpatient surgical center was the best that I have experienced. I definitely recommend him to anyone. Hopefully, I will not need any more surgeries, but if I do, I will return to him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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