45 Years Old, 2 Grown Kids and Mommy Makeover in 2 Days - Duluth, GA

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I was standing outside looking at my car thinking...

I was standing outside looking at my car thinking that I needed a new car until I saw my reflection of myself on the car door and was reminded how much I dislike the shape of my body. It was at that moment I decided instead of buying the new car I decided to by a new body lol! I have been stalking this website every day this year and I made the decision 3 months ago to get a mommy makeover with Dr. David Whiteman in Duluth, Ga. on 11/2/2016 that is in 2 days!!! and now I'm really getting nervous. I have purchased everything I need (I think) and I have someone coming to stay with me for a week. I read a story on internet of someone dying and I got really nervous is this normal to have these feelings? This is my first time posting so I would love to hear how you guys overcame any fears. I will post before pic when I figure out how

1 day post op... mr,TT, lipo, br, and bl

Had surgery yesterday d this is no joke I don't even no what look like yet. Can anyone tell me when to start taking bromelain and other vitamins I'm still weak and will post. Pic later and when I drink water I've been drink Gatorade

Finally pics

Well I am 27 days post op and even tho I'm still sore; I am way better than 2 weeks ago lol that was (ooui) I will post more pic later. I am sooo swollen I hope it goes down!

4 weeks post op

Welp all I can say is that it does get better. Doc said I can do light working out now. Although I'm still sore I can do a lot more for myself now. but I can't bend down and pick up anything, I can't lay flat on my back in the bed yet and I still have the swelling and from what I hear it's gonna be with me for a while, but when I look at other pics on RS some of the ladies look good a week so sometimes I the the worst and think in gonna be stuck like this. I have started treatment on my incision in TT area. But my incision under the BL is taking longer to close so I just make sure I keep it tape. Which is one of my advice to anyone getting the mommy makeover is to make sure you have paper tape which you can get from any drug store or Walmart it comes in handy if your wound opens up. But that's all for now I will post a pick of my healing station. When I got home from surgery everything was ready for me to just rest.
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