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Yes!! Deposit paid for my LIPO and a little more...

Yes!! Deposit paid for my LIPO and a little more enhancement-::J))))))). I’m on to my next enhancement for 2016. I met Dr. Davoudi last year around spring but wasn’t quite ready. I had my scheduled consultation with him today and it went great! What is great? Interpersonal skills, staff encounters, professionalism, actual samples of before and after body artistry enhancement, clean track record, actively dual certified for cosmetic & medical surgery. To top it off…surgery is done in a major hospital in Atlanta... That's just personal preference. He was so funny “you back for your annual consultation”? Dr. Davoudi even threw in a little bit of something a $2,000 savings Ssshhhhh Well….it just got real!!! I paid my deposit but haven’t quite lock down the procedure date. I need to request time off from work. My aunt offered to be my care taker and I will have to fly her in from New York. I would love to have done before the summer weather locks in!! But I can't due to small details of support plus I'm paying the entire cost out of my pocket. Another plus for my decision to use Dr. Davoudi. I have several Brazilean friends that had several procedures done with him. No complaints !!! I've shared some pictures ....LOL I thought I had a very decent shape!!! But the nurse used my phone to take similar pictures as the one for the office. I look terrible @155 Ibs :-(((( I'm a shop alcoholic and have 2 walk in closet and can't wait to see the difference in my clothes. I'm definetly NOT going to buy any new clothes. I would like to maintain my size 6 body... Don't mind going back to size 4 but VERY happy with 6. I will just do tone and strengths exercise before and after my procedures...2 procedures -:) I have stiches for another for another procedure I did in turkey. He offered me the opportunity to have his nurse remove it for FREE!!!!! I will keep everyone posted of my journey once the date is locked down!!!! RS dolls as been instrumental in all of my make over for 2016!!!


I live in Atlanta, but now plan to stay at a reovery house locally for 10 days just to maintain privacy. My 12 year old son is curious and have diaherria of the mouth. Everyone would know about my procedure, whether I cared to or not! At this moment, it's just my sister, best friend, aunt, medical proessionals and GOD know about my intented upcoming elective surgeries.

Hemoglobin 13.2

I received my lab for my annual physical and they looks good. But, I'm making extra effort to drink daily spinach green juice, with chia seed and flax. SSS tonic and eat quiet a bit of protein. I've also resume walking 5 miles on the trails 2 x week and gym. I pray I will be in greater shape by surgery date.

Cost Saving Tips

Six weeks to go and I'm super excited but not nervous YET!!! Cost savings tips learned just in general allowed me to grab items already in my cabinet at home. Others I get for free or discounted rate through CVS apps, Kmart surprise points, eBay etc thus far I've spend $250.
Just need to get my second garment, foam and an board. Pre op scheduled on August 18th.


Silly pictures didn't all upload at the same time

Anyone experience - No drain tube & No garment after Lipo & Fat transfer ?? It's getting real balance paid in FULL

Prayers up as my date get closer 19 more days. I had my prep op today and my Doctor didn't think I need all of the stuff on my list of post care!!!!! He also stated, I don't have a lot of fat..really ? I weigh 160 currently and 5" 7". Dr. Davoudi claim I will get what I ask for!

His people person skills and bedside manners are great. My faith is in God and I entrust the whole procedure to Dr. Davoudi.

I also got some freebies from him and about yo return ones I purchased. Now how about those papers !!!! My nerve just couldn't read through them all. LOL

I also received my prescription with several medications listed... Even stool softener and I spend money on over the counter !!!

Ahaha !!! Yes indeed I had to record his instruction. He goes 1000 miles an hour!

I did blood work with nurse in the hospital lab and results are back tomorrow. They gave me written instruction pre and some post. He told me no medications two weeks prior to surgery. However, I think 24 hours only liquid. I see some post on RS have instruction with there Dr giving them several days of liquid diet before surgery???

Prayers Needed from RS supporters

I'm being tested professionally and personally! Almost nineteen years on the same job and I was written up for the first time ever! That's another story...

This has created major stress in my life and my surgery fully paid for and scheduled in seven more days !!!

I'm thinking positively and just need support from anyone including complete strangers on RS. You guys have been my foundation with my decision and I need it more then ever!

Migraine so bad and I can't take any medications!!!!! To make matters worst !! I misplaced my priscription to get before my procedure!!!

I'm here at the Hospital

Checked in the hospital @6am. They took me back to pre-by @6:30. My IV hook up, vital signs done, neck measurement 16, (low risk for sleep apnea), acidi wrapped around my lower leg over compression garment to ensure good blood flow and minimize blood clots

Next anesthesiologist.....

Will update later depending on how doing!!!

Recovery is no walk in the park:-))

First of all this is no walk in the park. I would like to say positive, candor and direct. The morning of went great!! ! Pre op nurse nice and caring. Dr. Dun anesthesiologist very nice. Dr. Davoudi arrived in my prep room at 8:30..mark up... Hung and squeeze for prayers and good energy. I then went to operating room by 8:34am... Right on schedule !!!!!!

Escorted to the operating room and kinda freak me out !! Lol. I saw both Doctors, two nurses and surgical tech. I said outloud "my nerve is getting the best of me as this has this getting real". The nurse said that's just for a moment and I was knocked out instantaneously. Lol!!! Thanks to my new pal on RS that I've been in touch with. She encouraged me to take Xanax the night before. Did it make a world of difference yes!!!!!!!! I was discharged in hospital assembles Lol binder and just biker shorts

The actual procedure was 2.15 hours plus pre and post. But the ride home (1 hour) was the ride from hell.

Arrive home and started on my liquids... Gatorade, Gatorade, pineapple juice but threw up three times. Once I took nausea medication I was fine.

I've gained back my appetite and have been eating clean and staying hydrated. I just took a shower and lord it felt good. I put my faja on... May just wait few more days before I start with the ad board and Lipo foam. Will also start Lympathic massage on the fifth day.

Lastly, I bought a bunch of unnecessary stuff (unused & sealed) and will posting them for sale. Hospital gave me chuxs, gauze, disposable underwear's, pads etc my doctor called and checked in on my Saturday evening.

Today I feel so much better and actually made my own breakfast. I don't know how anyone goes to this process alone. My GF who is a nurse stayed the weekend with me. My aunt also flew in from NY and spending the week with. First day I was just sleepy! Second day sore like hell and struggle to get in and out of bed. But I did and walked every hour for 5-10 minutes.

I do have quiet a bit of swelling but happy I don't see rolls and extra stomach fat. As of this moment ....NO REGRETS!!! I just know it's only going to get better !!!!!

7 Days since procedure -

My diet has also been clean and it's my intention to keep it that way! I still get a bit tired fast. My Doctor suggest I resume back eating 2 cups of spinach daily. I've also resume taking my vitamins ( DDS tonic, biotin, folic acid) now added arnica pills under tough. Having my aunt and friend makes a big difference ! I'm yet to experience the emotional roller coaster some experienced. Clearly, these types of procedures stages, recovery and outcome is different. Thanks to my real self support system. I'm NOT sure if I would even follow through with this procedure had I not found the website to be my platform of support. My follow post up with Dr. Davoudi six days after the procedure went well. Stitches removed and was told follow up in 6 weeks for check up and progress pictures.

I'm pretty bruised and he stated at least 30% still swollen but no fluid build up at this point. I also did my first Lymphatic massage ($75) yesterday and initially it was quiet sore then as she continued to massage the area - it felt better. However, few hours later I was feeling even more sore! But I've read it takes at least three Lymphatic Massages to really feel the difference. The massage therapist also was surprised to see I had no knots other then swelling and some bruising. She shared the stage I'm at takes several sessions for others to get. I'm still wearing my Lipo foams, ab board, garment (medium) and 60% of the add surgical binder over garment.

I continue to massage myself with Arnica gel after showers. I'm scheduled 2 more sessions with this therapist and one through another spa (bought off groupon).
I will post pictures and progress after my next follow up with Dr. Davoudi.

Stay of the scale until at least six weeks post up!!! I'm not happy to see my weight gain :-( but it's a part of the initial process. Lol

Happy but...

I'm so happy about this transition but eager to the actual outcome ! Take a look on my before and after... What you think ? I see difference but lots of swelling still.

Today I did my third Lympathic massage and each time it feels good. I don't have any knots on my stomach, but swellings in pubic area and below belly bottom. Some areas are tender still!

I do however have two knots around my flank area that was Lipo. I'm not sure I want to spend more money on massages. I might have to start spending more time doing them on my own.

I'm scheduled back to work tomorrow !!! While I feel good and have been running errands ! 5 more days would have been great.

Happy 4 weeks!!!

Thanks to all the RS that have supportive with either sharing their journey or cheering me on!!! Without this platform I'm not sure I would build the courage to go through this procedure. I went from a 33 inches waist and now wavers between 29 & 30. I still have some swollen areas and one silly hard knot on the lower left side. I tend to get swollen like everyone at the end of the day!!!
M y hips were filled in and I'm not sure if the amount of fat injected. But interested.....my butt was measured at 41 inches prior to the procedure and still measure at 41inches. However, non of my pants will pass my hips!!! LOL
I also look DARNED hot in my fitted dresses and most of which I had in my closer. My skirts will not accommodate my butt!!! So, I baffled about the before and after with the measurement. But yet- some clothes will not cooperate with my butt.

Emotional- everyone body, recovery and journey is different. My worst days were the first 48 hours after the procedure. I followed Doctors ordered combined with just some researching on my own. My Doctor is awesome but he failed to share info like - lipo board, second stage garmet etc.

I've done a total of nine lympthic massage, one more to go and at home self massages everyday after I shower- twice a day. I used arnica cream in am and bio oil at night. I also now used a pin roller.... This I watched on RS where a Doctor did demo.
I still drink my arnica tea with fresh ginger twice each day. I've invested in two garments and not just wear, foams, lipo board, top with waist support and my Ann cherry waist trainer. I had this way before my procedure size 34 and now it's too loose! So I ordered another brand and less expensive.

What do all think....Much improvement all over or not ?

I'm loving my small waist and how I look in my clothes. I still have some bra rolls (minimal), but hopeful over time it will be obsolete. Now, as it relates to my hips/butt...I'm super happy that I have a very conservative look on the butt. But, I didn't sit on my butt/hip for three weekkkkks!! I hope that wasn't for anything ! Lol

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Doctor follow up visit

So! I had my follow up visit with Dr. Davoudi today and took these pictures. I'm still happy with my progress but have a few concerns and voiced them to Dr. Davoudi. So as you guys can see I'm swollen on the lower abdomen to my left and that has been the worst since the day of procedure. I also have sunken hole from Lipo area on my butt. He was so reassuring and ask me to give it until my next follow up with him. If areas of concerns not improved it will be fixed for couple hundreds! I said " nurse Tony please put that in writing it's binding" I just love Dr. Davoudi and truly trust him ! He also being messy today !! How about he printed out my before pictures and told be to take a good look!!! Lol Then he gave me a big hug!!!! Now the hard copies of my pictures just confirmed my body was well deserving of major enhancement !!! Lol

Some pictures didn't upload

Happy... will upload better picture

I'm happy to the see the difference in how I look with clothes on...however I'm not feeling this little love angle when sitting down. I haven't lost any weight and hopeful the gym will take care of it. I'm still ecstatic about my body enhancement !

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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Funny Excellent people person skills Great bedside manners He speak fast - but it's personality Satisfied with time spend Staff sweet, warm, Friendly & professional

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