35 Years Old Male, 1,100 Grafts Needed. Norwood 3 - Dublin, OH

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35 yo male living in Indianapolis Indiana. I am...

35 yo male living in Indianapolis Indiana. I am considering hair transplantation for the very first time. I had my very first consultation Jan. 24, 2014. My hair situation is a level 3 on the Norwood scale according to the Bosley Hair Club for men. They recommended at least 1,100 grafts of hair in order to get the results I want. I started to noticed my receding hair line when I was 30yo. The estimated cost of the procedure for me will be $9,980. This includes hair grafts, a consultation with the doctor for 20 minutes prior to surgery (valued at $1,000), shampoo - hair products, haircuts and follow -up visits. The surgery will take place at their main office in Dublin, Ohio by Doctor Gabriel Krenitsky.

I need some feedback in regards to my situation since I am very new to this process.

Are 1,100 grafts enough to complete my hairline?
Does the price seems reasonable?
Any feedback about the doctor?
Is it worth it considering my hair situation?

I will appreciate any advice in this matter.
Thank you

Dublin Hair Restoration Surgeon

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