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I am a Single 30 years old mother of 2 Beautiful...

I am a Single 30 years old mother of 2 Beautiful kids. I plan to get bbl from lipo of arms, back rolls, belly n inner tighs. I don't know yet what doctor I will go to. It will surely be either Duran, Yily or Baez. I used to look great but after having two toddlers that are ten months apart, my body looks quite different Now. I no longer go to the gym. I keep eating late bcoz of my work schedule. It is time for a brand new me. I have not requested any quote from any1 yet. I will do that this upcoming week as i need to do more research. I would love to fly down there on the 11th of april, have my sx on the 12th and come back to brooklyn on the 19th. is my time frame realistic? I really want to know if i will be able to go back to work after easter. I am tutor elementary kids.That is the only time i have to get this sx done. If not i will have to wait for mid july. That will be complete torture. i have read many reviews that were so helpful Into narrowing to these 3 great doctors. However i got to choose one. I need a huge projected butt and a tiny waist. I am quite concerned with the fat absorption. Any thought beautiful ladies On how to make sure my butt doesnt lose any of its grafted fat? I certainly dont want to go back for round 2. My pre-op butt is big i just need it a lot bigger And my upper body is a mess with 2 big rolls. I will post pics as soon as i can. I would like to get some intake on what recovery house is ideal n affordable. If any1 wants to buddy up with me so we can split any cost. Im very down to earth And will be helpful to any1 in any way i can. I will update you guys as soon as i get my quotes my pre- op measures and pics. Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Feel free to shoot me a message if u have any question.

Doctors's Info anyone?????

I need to get quote from contreras, duran, yily and baez. I would be very thankful if any of you beautiful ladies can send me their info. I want to get my sx done on the 12th of April as it is the only time off that i have until August. Someone plz help me!!!!! How do i get their undivided attention in order to get response with a quote.

Butt wish pics

These are my Butt wish pics. I can be unrealistic at times. I will be happy if my results can be a bit closer to these pics. however i prepare my self if the outcome is not ideal.

Waist wish pics

I want my waist to be tiny. I wany my belly well scraped up. This is how I want my belly to look like.

More pics

I'm crazy with the pics. Dolls forgive me. Some more as follows:

pre op pix

I got somewhat of a foundation to work with. I will post some more as soon as my sister can take them so i can.send them out to get a freaking quote. Im not excited at all as i dont even have a quote yet. Smdh. I need to get it 2gether.

Crazy Start.

The longer my sis took to come over my house and took out my pics so I can get my quote, the more anxious I get. I am highly frustrated right Now. I dont have any quote amd i want sx in april. Its gping to happen. Oh yesssss it will. I will end up my review tonight with that optimistic tone. Good night beautifil ladies. Muuaaahhh ;)

First Quote from Contreras

Hello beautiful ladies,
I just got a quote from dr Contreras for 2700 for bbl. He did Not elaborate much
Just a reply with 2700. It is my first quote from.emailing duran, baez , yilly and robbles. I don't Know what to make out of that. Please I need to hear your thoughts on contreras. The price is so low. I don't know about that.

I cant believe my eyes!!

Ok ladies I have been talking with contreras via email. He answeted all my questions. There were Surprisingly immediate responses. I had quickly made up my mind and decided that I would go to him
So it has been a bit hard must I say to get post op pics Concerning his craft Thus i googled him and all I have seen are negative reviews. NBC had gone to his clinic with camera and it was not in his favor. He had 5+ death under his belt. I'm so maaaad. I now got this massive headache. All these blogs heavily criticizing women who go to dr for sx as if we have a death wish
Wtf? Im going to stay off line for tonight. My headace wont go away
Duram yily baez better give a quote. This ish makes me go crazy:(

Some positivity on ContrerAs

I'm sorry I promise myself to go to bed but could not do it. I needed some positivity on contreras. I read painla and gottahaveit. These 2 beautiful ladies look great. There was nothing to complain about. I just gotta be extra prepped up before I get sx done by anyone To minimize my risk of complication. A bit of a relief....very miniscule.

Anyone wants to switch date???

I can't get a quote from yily ot duran. I got one from robbles. She is talking about a tummy tuck. I don't need a tummy tuck. Its protruding but its not out crossing the street. That scares frightens me
Uh no I'm not getting any tt. I neef lipo let's see what happens when/ if duran ot yily answer. I'm going to try almonte but I fear not getting what I want smdh. I will not go all the way to dr and come back witj my butt looking nearly the same. I want monster butt. This process drives me crazy. Its start To get into me nowww:(. Any1 help . How did yall get a quote from duran or yilu? Any1 wants to switch date. Im shooting for april 12Th or 11th.

waiting to lock up sx date.

I have spoken to yily n she has been very responsive. Im determined to go to her for either april 10 or 11. I will lock my date at the end of this month. I notice that her prices are very different, they have gone up!!! I am going to add up Breast augmentation as well
For an extra 1200 why not? My quote is 3800 i will add up arms n breast lift with implants. Thus my total will be 5300. Im a bit excited. I dream about having big breasts lol. I have seen lots of great yily reviews. I noticed lots of ladies will be yilified next month so im anticipating their result. Im going to my doc this weekend to get all the scripts taken care of. I will lie to him and said that im going to florida for lipo otherwise no prescription. Im not trying to hear any negativity towards my sx. If not i will switch doctor.

$250-$300 DISCOUNT

Anyone going to yily on the 11th. Please let me know. There is a discount of 300 if more than one is having sx on the same day. I need to know before locking my date. Lets save some $$$$

y so many different quotes from yilly same procedures??????

Is 3800 what yilly normally charges for Bbl??? I have seen different quotes for the same procedures. Can any of you ladies explain to me this fluctuation?

contreras post op

Y is it so hard to see contreras post op Pics ????All these ladies talking about going to him n then u hear cricket. No follow up.

im baaack!!

I had a major set back but now i want to go forward, any1 knows which doctor got availability for december?

time to plan my december trip

So i did not get my sx as planned..something more important got in the way. I ended up spending the money on non necessary things. Im more determined than ever. Im disgusted with my body at this point. Ive gained weight. That means bigger butt, more rolls and fat arms. I dont mind my butt getting bigger but looking at my back rolls and arms i feel sorry for myself. This is yet my worst summer. Im so body conscious. Im always wearing a cardigan, i cant even enjoy spending time outdoors with my 2 toddlers. I use to look great before i got kids. 3 years later im a whole new person. My kids are 10 months apart so i never really got time to recover. Im just ready to have my sx done at the end of the year. My date is set with yily for the 18th. Im a bit skeptical with yily because i notice that she doesnt really graft too much fat when one already got a butt. I dont know about that. I emailed duran to no avail. I guess im going to contact Contreras, baez, almonte and see wassup with them. I want a smooooooooth back, small arms and gigantic ass. I dont care how fake it looks, its paid for. The volume diminishes anyway once the swelling is gone so i want all the fat into my buttocks. Do not talk to me about naturale looking buttsss. I am paying for one that i dont have so Give me what i ask for, after all iiiimmmm paying for it. Besides i wont go through that much pain to end up being unhappy with my results. Moreover there wont be any round 2 for me.

Cant stop tninking about my future bawwwwdy lol

I just want to be able to walk around naked. I loooove backless dresses. I think its sexy. I cant show my back at all. I have this love affair with my body. I love being naked. I want to be able to go to the beach and feel good in my bikini. Im happily divorced so i dont really need to consult no1 for a second opinion lol. I dont think ppl will notice since my butt is a bit big to start off with. If they do oh well i gotta tell them the truth to get them off my tail. Im getting tnis done for me. Like i told my sister: "its either you support me or you dont" now im going to bed. I need to start planning my budget. How much i gotta leave with my cousin ( the sitter) for the kids, i want to go on the 16 and come back on Christmas eve. I am spending christmas with my kids. How much for recovery house? For emergency? For tickets? Ohhh mannn here i go again. Gotta get it done so i can stop looking at women's butts. I dont really care for breasts. I like them small but one never knows, i need to be in the least amount of pain.

I need Help

Anybody want to inform me on how they got a hold of Duran without paying another person to do the work. Im ready financially and my sister promised to stay by me for 8 days watching my kids at no cost. I need help on what to gather and how to prep up my body, Anyone sister out there that can help me i would be forever thankful. This procedure is overdue already.


I am so ready for this surgery like mentally and physically ready, I got my money ready, It is just a matter of getting an approved date by my boss. Can someone please send me Dr Cabral Info? I want to go during the week of thanksgiving. I would be really thankful for that. I am tired of coming on this site and my booty is not done.



Surgery booked for may 25th.

I was wondering if anyone wanted to buddy up with me. I'm scheduled for May 25th with Cabral.I bought my ticket last night. Any thoughts on the best recovery house with certified nurses. I'm starting to freak out already. I got 2 little ones. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Time Drawing Near!!!!!

I'm starting to panick.the more I think about it. I gotta go to the doctor to check my hemo. I have not been to thedoctor for so long cabral did not give me any prescriptions jasmin wants me to but the medecin over there for 700. I'm not about to spenf all that on medecines alone. ughhh.

Getting my clearance n my first hemo test tomorrow.

Hopefully I can get all of yily script from her n some percocets for the massage. I want to go through this sx like a breeze . I go to work the next day. I'm dreading that day. Its becoming more real. Luggage is shipped. I'm excited nervous scared all into one.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I have been in touch with for my sx quote and available dates. She has been very responsive. She seems nice and caring as a doctor. I pray that That doesn't change during sx and our first encounter.

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