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My nose is large and has a small hump from the...

My nose is large and has a small hump from the profile. Overall I want to decrease the size of it and define it more. I know my nose isn't horrible but it has ALWAYS bothered me a lot. I think it is the one facial feature that is off on my face. I have had to reschedule my surgery and will be doing so again for the first week on March as I am coming off a medication that has taken longer to get off of than planned. It's oh so frustrating! Plus I have never met the doctor in person and don't want him to think I am just a flake based off of me needing to reschedule twice. Been filling my time with watching horror stories on cosmetic surgery and getting even more terribly nervous. I will keep you all updated. Please let me know if you have heard of my doctor or had work done.


Date approaching soon..

Super nervous….I can't take opiate based medications so I am worried about pain management. Has anyone else opted out of taking narcotics?? Added some more photos


third day post op :(

Horrible horrible swelling. My eyes were swollen shut I am becoming extremely worried that my face still won't be presentable in a month when I am taking a trip overseas to meet an old friend :( I would cry but I can't because my eyes are so swollen :( did anyone else get this bad and still recover enough in one month??? my tip was countered I feel like I made a huge mistake as my nose before wasn't that bad. I just want to cry

6+++++ month update

Hi all sorry that it's been awhile I was out of the country for some time and then shortly after I got back I went on a road trip all the way to Alaska and right when I returned there was some family deaths so all in all I've been stressed and going non stop. Anyways about my nose!!! Overall I'm kinda in the middle on liking it/disliking it... Some aspects of it are better like the hump from the side-view however the tip droops and it is very noticeable from every angle. Honestly I want to get it redone, I said that to myself a month after and as time progresses my opinion gets stronger. I texted the doctor probably two months after surgery with my complaints and he agreed that something was off and needed to be fixed so after I came back home from Europe I emailed him several pictures with the complaints we previously texted about and he made it seem like I was overreacting which was pretty annoying since he said himself it should be fixed before. I talked to some other doctors and travelled for several months and I'm finally home again for a family service and I'm going to be emailing him more pictures as he requested. So I can't really rate yet all I can say is I'm pretty bummed and hope things can be resolved : (
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