35 year old, 1 child. 38 DDDD. Never thought it would be possible! - Draper, UT

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When I went in to see Dr Motoki. I initially met...

When I went in to see Dr Motoki. I initially met with his nurse Bonnie. Bonnie is one of the most compassionate and caring people that I've ever met. Bonnie truly made it a point to get to know me and understand my reason for choosing a reduction. She listened and gave great advice. She was also very informative of the next steps that would take place. Dr. Motoki then came in the room and took measurements. He made recommendations based upon my measurements. He told me how the procedures would work and what would be best for me and my body. He was extremely thoughtful and considerate. He even listened to what I thought. He made me feel very comfortable . Welcomed and encouraged me to ask questions. I can't wait for my actual surgery day. I'm so excited.

2 weeks pre-surgery!

I've become completely addicted to this site. Thanks to all for sharing your stories. I love reading about them. I'm currently about 2 (16 days to be exact) weeks out from my surgery date July 13th. I cannot wait. I've been trying to prepare a little for it. I've purchased Hibiclense, gauze, paper surgical tape, & bromelain. I'm wondering if any of you that have had your BR completed could recommend must have items for recovery? Is an extra surgical bra a necessity? What type of vitamin oil do you recommend? Any input is appreciated.


Today I went in for my pre-op. The Dr showed me how the drains would work, wrote some rx for medications, went over what would happen with the surgery etc. No blood work done. The hospital will run it all before my surgery. I'm scheduled for Wednesday July 13th. I cannot wait.

I asked if I would need to purchase an extra surgical bra but he said no. He said the one provided would be fine. Also, I have been told I am one of the lucky ones in Utah. My insurance does not dictate how much he has to remove so I get to decide my size. I'll be going from a 38G to 38D. It's also what he recommended.

I've seen many post about buying Hibiclense. I also bought some but learned the surgeon will provide some. May be something you want to as your ps about. Same with bandages etc. I'll be returning items I purchased back to target.

My surgeon also had me buy a bra in the size that I would like to be. I am to take it with me the day of my surgery. He said they take it into the OR for sizing purposes. They stuff it and keep it on a table next to them as they operate. It helps him make sure he gets close to the size I'd like.

I'm anxious but very excited. I've been counting down the days. I'll check in the morning of and hopefully after my surgery if I feel well enough.

It's almost Wednesday! 1 day pre surgery

Well it's almost my big day. Tomorrow I find out what time my surgery will be on Wednesday. I'm getting pretty anxious and it's finally starting to seem real. I've started taking arnica and washing daily with Hibiclense. The nurse called today to go over preoperative instructions. I think my biggest worry is caring for my 3 year old during my recovery. Well I'm going to try to sleep.

It's surgery day!

Good morning ladies. I'm just beginning my check in process now. It's moving fairly quickly. I checked in at 9:00 am and it's now 9:37. Urine test done, vitals done, discharge instructions given, lab work done. Just waiting to see the Dr and anesthesiologist. I'll post more when I get to the other side!

Morning after surgery

Well I made it to the other side. Here is how it all went. Checked in the hospital at 9:00 am. Gave a urine sample, got an IV, went over the discharge instructions etc. Around 10 am Dr Motoki came in and did the markings and shortly after the anesthesiologist came in to visit with me. He gave me something to relax into my IV then away we went. I remember getting onto the operating table taking some deep breaths of oxygen and I was out. My surgery lasted just about 4 hours. Dr Motoki removed a pound of my right breast (500) and a pound and a quarter of my left (600 ish). They placed a catheter while I was under. And took it out the moment I entered the recovery room. I didn't leave the hospital until just after 7 pm. I was the last one there in recovery. I always seem to struggle with keeping my oxygen up after surgery. I also wasn't doing to well with keeping food and liquids down. The car ride home wasn't too bad. I've got drains in each breast. The left has slowed down but the right still seems to be draining pretty well. As for pain..it's been pretty tolerable. I've only taken 2 pain pills since being home and those were half doses. Just as everyone else described the pain is more annoying than actual painful. It's like a burning irritating type of pain.
I have my first post op this morning in two hours. He will take the bandages off so I should be able to see how I look. I do look much smaller. I'm happy about that. They've put me in a post-op surgical bra.

Things I'd recommend...
Ginger ale definitely helped with nausea
Popsicles that's about all I've wanted to eat
Recliner or lots of pillows. It is somewhat bothersome to not be able to lay down
Take it easy, listen to your body.
Keep everything near by. Keep it simple.

I'll post updates after my appointment

1 week post-op

Quick update and I'm off to bed. It's been one week since surgery. I still have these darn drains. They are probably the most miserable part of recovery. Simply because they are annoying. AS far as pain it really hasn't been bad at all. Stopped taking narcs 2 days post. It's been IBU and Tylenol since. I have another post-op appointment in the morning and I'm praying these drains will come out.
Draper Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor. Took his time. Did not rush our visit. Asked about my reasoning. Gave his advice as to what would work best on my body type. Very caring and warm doctor. Spent an hour and a half discussing me and my needs. Tears of joy.

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