23 Yr Old BBL, Rhinoplasty & Chin Aug All in One! - Draper, UT

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I will be combining my two surgeries. Dr Self will...

I will be combining my two surgeries. Dr Self will be performing lipo from flanks, stomach, inner and outer thighs, and injecting the fat into the buttock area. Then Dr Mobley will be finishing the surgery off with a Rhinoplasty and a Chin Implant. I have met with both Doctors twice and I am very confident in Mobley as he has done a few of my friends noses and they look great. I am satisfied with Dr Self's confidence in his ability to perform the lipo and fat graft but I haven't seen any of his work or any pictures of his work. I am not over weight and do not have a lot of fat to remove, I also already have a great butt and would just like to round it out and add a small amount for shape. If little fat survives the transfer I will most likely be satisfied just with the lipo/body contouring alone. A friend of mine knows 2 women that had lipo done by Dr Self and he said they look great and even. But who knows about trusting a mans opinion right lol. Us women are much harder on ourselves. As for my nose I am almost positive I will love it and it will be very minor, my nose is very straight from the front and I have a small bump if you look from the side, Mobley will remove that bump. To improve on my profile balance Dr Mobley talked of a chin implant, I know I have a weak chin and I've thought of doing something about this in the past but the chin is what I am most concerned about with Mobley, I don't want to look different from the front, but my profile could really use it. Dr Mobley makes me feel great about it every time I speak with him but my nerves get the best of me and I end up getting nervous about the chin again. My surgery is 2 weeks away. I am very excited and very nervous at the same time. One of my major concerns is that I will be under general anesthesia for a long time. I have the upper hand and have worked in the building where I am getting my surgery done so I personally know the anesthetist that will be working with me. He is very good and I trust him, but I have heard that he only likes to do about 6 hours if he can help it, I have also heard that Dr Self takes quite some time (longer than most drs) on lipo. (which I actually like because this is my body and I want it to come out right with no lumpies or dimples) I would hate for Dr Mobley to not be able to finish his work because Dr Self took too long. This is an issue that I have brought up to Dr Mobleys office and they are contacting Dr Selfs office to work things out. I can't believe how fast the date is creeping up. I feel I am going to be a mess walking into surgery. My mother and sister think I am only getting a Rhinoplasty and they have aggressively tried to talk me out of it so I haven't mentioned the rest. I haven't told my father anything as he will freak out. My ex boyfriend is the only one who knows the full extent of the procedures I am getting... he lives in AZ so he isn't much help. Please comment, I would love support from my fellow RealSelf community.
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Mobley is very pleasant and friendly his staff makes me feel comfortable and well taken care of. Dr Self is very honest and realistic about what to expect, I appreciated that, he answered all my questions twice lol.. his staff however is a bit different.

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