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I have five daughters and my body looks like it to...

I have five daughters and my body looks like it to me. I had lipo in the us and dr lorelle Kramer of Milwaukee, WI did a shitty job. I have been reading the reviews and I want to go with dra walkiris robles, for bbl, tummy tuck, and lipo. cou.ld someone let me know if they went to her in the past 6 months


I sent my deposit to Dra. Tania Medina, I decided to go with her. I was able to send the money western union, that was convenient.

looking for sx buddy

I'm having my sx December 1st looking for buddy.

packing for drp

I have been packing ever since I sent my deposit to Dr. Medina. when it's time I will be ready to go. super geeked!


I got my passport today so excited.

143 days

feeling a little anxious, the time seems like it moving quickly and my surgery is Dec 14th. I have all my supplies and I have lost some weight with weight watchers but trying to get those last 20lbs is driving me nuts. she want my bmi below and right now I'm 222. any tips because it looks like I will have to go on a liquid diet.

surgery pushed up

I have pushed my surgery up to March 22, 2016. I'm having surgery with Dra Medina and she is the best. she answers all my emails and phone calls. I have my tourist card I bought is online.

3months 15 days and counting

I rescheduled my surgery for may 16th

tummy tuck only

Hi realself, I have not updated in months just been stalking other people. I will be having surgery on December 14th I'm getting a tummy tuck with dra medina but i'm getting my bbl from dr hasan.

sick of myself

I have changed doctors once again. I changed doctors because dra. medina assistant never booked my surgery for December 14th and I bought my plane tickets sent them my itinerary and something was just telling me to call and make sure my date was secure I had sent 4 emails and left countless messages and I was calling and finally got her on the phone and she that I was not on her schedule and they had nothing for December. I lost money on plane tickets. so i'm switching to dr Fatima


wishing ll

deposit sent

just set my deposit to Dr Almonte. my count down clock say 4months 14days as eryka badu play window seat. I'm ready, been waiting 26 years

sx conformation

Dr Almonte assistant Mable & Lesley just emailed conformation of my surgery date for 3/22/17 very excited!


shit is getting real

I just picked up my medications, my doctor is awesome my insurance covered everything. I want to know if anyone took a pain killer besides the medication prescribed by your surgery doctor

one month to go

can not wait to get on the flat side

suitcase packed

my suitcase is packed with everything on the list

cancelled surgery

I had to cancel my surgery for march 22nd. I'm incredibly frustrated and anxious at the same time. I will make an update as soon as I can.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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