Wedding Anniversary in 10 Months!!.... 2 Kids I Adore Left Me with a Not So Adorable Body - Dominican Republic, DO

So, I love the fact that Dr. Mallol is a certified...

So, I love the fact that Dr. Mallol is a certified doctor. I almost went with Robles, but I think I made the best decision with Mallol. So he is extremely busy, and will may not answer you right away... but he eventually will. His assistants on the other hand? Not so much... they take dayyysssss to get back to inquiries, very frustrating. I however got his personal whatsapp, and since then.... Its been pretty great.

I bought Bella_barbies e book... and have been able to purchase all that she listed. I now just counting down.... Exactly 3 weeks left!!!!!.... I will not be staying in a recovery house. My mum and son are coming along... so we rented an apartment. Got in touch with Frias Private nurse... so hopefully that will go great.

This is my very first procedure.... I'm really nervous.... quite concerned about how to lay down after a tt&bbl since we will not have a reclining bed at the apartment. Any advise???????

I will certainly keep you all posted on everything. Will post pictures soon.

Any Mallol Dolls Our here?????????

How to find certified Doctors in the Dominican Republic

I have been researching for a long time. It is so sad how many people have been botched or even died because they were handled by non certified Doctors in the DR. They are many truly gifted surgeons in the DR, but you must do yuor homework!!!!

Is he accredited, what are the reviews, how many years of experience?..... RealSelf is the best tool in my opinion... and you can also check out this site where all certified plastic surgeons are listed Yup! Thank me later!

Dr. Mallol is certified, and I'm pleased with his reviews so far (Not perfect, but certainly very very impressive)... So I'll be moving forward with him.

Do your research.... and in my opinion, Cabral is the most shady!... Just Saying!.... All the same, check the site out!!

I'll keep you posted on my journey!

Ticket Purchased!!!!!!!!!

So this is real!, I got my ticket and supplies! I included some lipo to my arm, and was gonna get an arm compression, but Dr. Mallol said he prefers to use bandages for the first few days, before using a compression because of bleeding and swelling... for some degree of flexibility in removing and readjusting. So, I'll wait and purchase from the DR when he gives a go ahead.

Procedure is on Oct 28th, and I arrive the DR on the 26th... Just to have a full day to myself to settle in prior. I'm verrrrry nervous! But hey... I'm ready and put in all in Gods hands to make the process successful.

I'm a bit concerned because I bought a one way ticket... I don't want a situation where I am stuck with change fees and all. Has anyone else does this? Will it be a problem?

One Way Vs Return-Ticket

Hi everyone!!! I have a pressing question!!

So, I'm not sure yet how long I'll be in the Dominican. I guess it'll depend with how I'm healing. I've been getting mixed feedback about immigration restrictions with return tickets Vs One way. I don't want to waste money on change fees, and just a got a one way ticket.

Has anyone travelled to the DR with a one way ticktet????

4days to the D-Day!!!!!!

OMGEEEEE!! Its just 4 days way... I get into the DR on Wednesday... and Dr. Mallol was willing to reschedule my sx for Thursday, instead of Friday.... Right now, i'm just nervoussssss.

I went ahead and booked my return flight for 17days post op, I hope thats enough time. I just want to come back to the comfort of my home to continue recovering. Oh well ladies... keep me in ur prayers.

I promise i'll post pictures soon.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far, he has been a sweetheart. He is a little too busy and you may not get that feeling of importance.... but its fair to say that he does have a wealth of experience. He has answered all my questions so far... I'm very very excited! Cant wait for the final outcome.

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