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So, I love the fact that Dr. Mallol is a certified...

So, I love the fact that Dr. Mallol is a certified doctor. I almost went with Robles, but I think I made the best decision with Mallol. So he is extremely busy, and will may not answer you right away... but he eventually will. His assistants on the other hand? Not so much... they take dayyysssss to get back to inquiries, very frustrating. I however got his personal whatsapp, and since then.... Its been pretty great.

I bought Bella_barbies e book... and have been able to purchase all that she listed. I now just counting down.... Exactly 3 weeks left!!!!!.... I will not be staying in a recovery house. My mum and son are coming along... so we rented an apartment. Got in touch with Frias Private nurse... so hopefully that will go great.

This is my very first procedure.... I'm really nervous.... quite concerned about how to lay down after a tt&bbl since we will not have a reclining bed at the apartment. Any advise???????

I will certainly keep you all posted on everything. Will post pictures soon.

Any Mallol Dolls Our here?????????

How to find certified Doctors in the Dominican Republic

I have been researching for a long time. It is so sad how many people have been botched or even died because they were handled by non certified Doctors in the DR. They are many truly gifted surgeons in the DR, but you must do yuor homework!!!!

Is he accredited, what are the reviews, how many years of experience?..... RealSelf is the best tool in my opinion... and you can also check out this site where all certified plastic surgeons are listed Yup! Thank me later!

Dr. Mallol is certified, and I'm pleased with his reviews so far (Not perfect, but certainly very very impressive)... So I'll be moving forward with him.

Do your research.... and in my opinion, Cabral is the most shady!... Just Saying!.... All the same, check the site out!!

I'll keep you posted on my journey!

Ticket Purchased!!!!!!!!!

So this is real!, I got my ticket and supplies! I included some lipo to my arm, and was gonna get an arm compression, but Dr. Mallol said he prefers to use bandages for the first few days, before using a compression because of bleeding and swelling... for some degree of flexibility in removing and readjusting. So, I'll wait and purchase from the DR when he gives a go ahead.

Procedure is on Oct 28th, and I arrive the DR on the 26th... Just to have a full day to myself to settle in prior. I'm verrrrry nervous! But hey... I'm ready and put in all in Gods hands to make the process successful.

I'm a bit concerned because I bought a one way ticket... I don't want a situation where I am stuck with change fees and all. Has anyone else does this? Will it be a problem?

One Way Vs Return-Ticket

Hi everyone!!! I have a pressing question!!

So, I'm not sure yet how long I'll be in the Dominican. I guess it'll depend with how I'm healing. I've been getting mixed feedback about immigration restrictions with return tickets Vs One way. I don't want to waste money on change fees, and just a got a one way ticket.

Has anyone travelled to the DR with a one way ticktet????

4days to the D-Day!!!!!!

OMGEEEEE!! Its just 4 days way... I get into the DR on Wednesday... and Dr. Mallol was willing to reschedule my sx for Thursday, instead of Friday.... Right now, i'm just nervoussssss.

I went ahead and booked my return flight for 17days post op, I hope thats enough time. I just want to come back to the comfort of my home to continue recovering. Oh well ladies... keep me in ur prayers.

I promise i'll post pictures soon.

I'm on the Flat Side!!!!

First of all... still no pictures :) and excuse all typos. I'm waiting on my before and after from Dr. Mallol. My before is quite pathetic to be honest, but I will put up once I receive. hopefully by Monday. In the meantime.... I will express my experience so far!

Arriving the DR was seamless. Although I was not ready for the baggage fees. I do travel alot, and international flights usually allow One -two free luggages. The DR is not really treated as an International flight, so you will pay for each bag. I came with my mum and son, so we had 6 bags in total... You do the math lolll... Anyway, I arrived the DR, and the amazing Pedro was waiting to pick me up. Pedro has Wifi in his car, so I was able to immediately get back to work.... that was such a great relief! I took ThursdayFriday off, but did not take wednesday off, expecting to work from the plane as I usually would.... Well, American Airlines does not provide this service when crossing the 'ocean' or something like that... so I had 2hrs offline from work. Pedro Fixed that thankfully! LOLLL

Anyway... NOBODY speaks English the the DR.... Girrrrrl, u need the translation app and any other app/book u can fine lol.... Pedro speaks NO English, we communicate with hand gestures lol... The immigration officer I met spoke no English, but we somehow were able to communicate lol. Got to Dr. Mallol's office and NOONE SPOKE ENGLISH!!!! lol... I was dumbfounded, I should have done my homework and learnt some spanish. It is their country afterall, I can't bring my behind over to their country and expect them to know my lannguage lol. Anyhooo.... Finally Dr, Mallol was ready for me, and YESSSS He speaks great English! He took his time to walk me through step by step, every little detail... I must have spent over an hour with him. He is amazingly details, quite cute too. I was/am a bit uncomfortable with his assistant... I really do wish he had a female assistant... its just so weird and I almost feel violated sometimes.... but I guess male strength is needed to do all the heavy liftings for all our heavy bodies... so hey, I had to adjust and accept the male assistant (He too speaks no English). I decided to add an arm/chin lipo to my tt&bbl.

I went home very nervous, chatted with him for a bit and he assured me everything will be okay. The apartment I got was quite nice too (2minutes away from the clinic).... Although it took them 6 days to fix their WIFI (Imagine the frustration), and although it finally started working today, its still slow as hell... so frustrating!!!!!!! Luckily, Mallols clinic has Wifi, so I could keep in touch with family during the procedure.

I got there at 7am... Cardiologist did her thing (She's very beautiful and she showed off her shape Mallol gave her lol, and Nope she doesnt speak English either... But was able to use some words to express herself lol)... Then the Anesthesiologist (No English either here), however, he was such a gentle man, and effectively communicated with a few words and gestures. Well, I was finally ready for surgery.... I got into the room... And it all began. I woke up a few times during surgery.... I will doze off, and wake up during the Lipo.... But once I was turned around for the tummy tuck, Mallol said something in spanish that ended with 'sleep'... The lady put some medication in the IV and I was gone... I woke up in bed already in my Faja. I was so happy because I heard the process of putting on the Faja after surgery is very uncomfortable... That was a relief!

Day of Surgery:
After surgery, i guess the meds were still working, I felt little to no pain. I chatted with hubby and friends and was pretty much chilling. Told the nurse I could not sleep... she put something in my IV and I was knocked out.

1day post-op:
I woke up in pain... the meds had worn off, dang I was in pain! I asked for pain meds that they gave me as often as they could. Mallol advised I get a pint of blood, and my levels were low I did, and a few hours later I was discharged. It was alot of ladies... but I managed to make it home (Apartment has an elevator, thank GOD!).... I hired 2 nurses from Frias MEdina (Emily and Ilonka)... Emily met us at the hospital and came home with me. Made sure I ate a little (No appetite yet), got my meds, and I was well tucked in. The next morning Ilonka was there, to clean me up, feed me and ensure I took my meds. They have been alternating every since (Morning and NIghts), and they are super amazingggggg. Today, Ilonka cooked for us... Chicken, rice, beans.... Yummmmmmmy!. They are so amazing... and try their best to make me comfortable and pain free. I love them.

Day 4 post surgery:
Today I started my massages. Sooooo painful I tell you.... but incredibly worth it! You feel awesome afterwards and its certainly a must to get massages. Some Doctors say it doesnt neccessarily make any difference in you results... but it sure as hell makes you feel better. I'm using the lady sent by Mallol (Included in the package)... She's an older cute lady... she gets the job done too.

Day 5 post-op (Today):
I just finished my massage session... So I feel goo enough to type. However, I'm still in a lot of pain and still very swollen. Ladies, ou must constantly have a positive mindset to get through these days. It does get better by the day, but it takes more of your inner strength really to pull through. I remember trying to pee on the first night. Tried to get out of bed myself, ended up in tears... (Oh, by the way, get a female urinary device!).... Today, I literally peed on myself.. the process of getting out of bed, and the slow pace you must walk to get to the bathroom... goshhhh... I was so embarrassed :(.... however, again, remain positive and channel your inner strength/joy. I've been smiling through it all... the massage lady asked if I have 'no pain'... whhaaaaaaat?!!!!!! I'm in sooooo much pain... but I try to endure and hold conversation and smile through the torture lol. Its important for my own sanity... otherwise, I'll surely breakdown. I'm used to doing everything by myself... now I have to wait on people (Its important to have nice nurses. Mallol's nurses are amazing and so are the nurses from Frias Medina. They have made it all way easier than it would have been). My mum is also a trooper... gosh, I love her. She's like a hawk.. making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do, and being and amazing grandma to my little boy.

I have my next appointment on Friday. I hope to get rid of this annoying drain.. ughhhh.... and hopefully get some good pictures for you guys. In the meantime.... please keep praying for me. Its been tough. Yesterday I felt so light headed, almost past out. Doctor says I'm doing too much, I need to take things easy. My little boy doesnt understand why he cant hug mummy or cuddle with mummy lol... poor thing.

The Results!
Hmmmmmm... Dr Mallol sure did his thing. I have never had tummy this flat, ever!!!!!!! Even before having kids. My tummy is so yummy looking lol.... my booty? Hmmmm.... I wanted very little, just to fill out my dimples. For now, they are way bigger than I would like. Sexy, round and biggg lol. Dr. says it will go down... I sure hope so... Dont wanna shock people as I walk on by lolll. In all, I'm very pleased with my results... very very pleased. Its so worth it!.

Ps: Do not shower or clean with the water in the DR, I use bottled water, warm it up and bit and wipe with a face towel (Well, the nurses do it).... you will have no appetite, but you must force yourself to eat as much as possible... thats the only way you'll heal properly.

I shall return on Monday with B4/after pictures... I wish all the dolls before me speedy recovery... and a successful process to all the dolls after me.

Love you guys!

Picture Day!!

So It has been quite a journey. Like i said, it gets better by the day. I wanted to wait till my one month mark to send in pictures... but hey.... i'm 2 weeks today, with many reasons to celebrate!

Dr. Mallol changed my life.... literally... his attention to detail is amazing... I love him so much... his hands are magical!

Anyhoooo... here goes!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

His Hands are magic! Thats really all I can say. God bless you Dr. Mallol!

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