Planning My Mommy Makeover AGAIN!!

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I am 32 and a mother of two. I am 5'10" and now...

I am 32 and a mother of two. I am 5'10" and now 185lbs, I am working towards losing 20 more lbs before my makeover. I have found this site so useful and I too will share my story, hoping all goes well and someone might be inspired to treat themself.

I plan top have my procedure in 01/2014. I would like to have a TT, lipo on waist, breast lift with implants (much needed).

Wish Pics

I am hoping I could achieve a look similar to these... ;-/

Wish Pics

My wish pics generally have the results I desire, except the boobs, I don't want them too big...maybe a D-cup, right now I am a C-cup. I have some booty, just not perky. I wonder if I should save the fat I have left for the BBL?

Yily is reviewing my photos and should have a reply soon. My only issue with her now is the time it takes to get a response.

Continued Progress

Hello again, I am still 6 months pre-op, but is actively trying to get in the best shape possible. I am working out, dieting, researching, etc. I am so excited and paranoid, at the same time...I even had a dream about having the surgery. A bit much, I know...So today I went jogging and took a few pics. I lost 4 more pounds and is happy!!!

I think am close to what I need to get sx results close to my wish pics. I have some booty, but again it's not so perky. What do you think?

What I really dislike is the side view...

From the side you can see my I still have a flap of belly (hidden under my clothes..ughhh

My wish breasts

I like her breasts, I would like something close to this...hopefully.

Don't know

So with added research, I find myself unsure.:-/ I like Yily's work, but I have also see good result from Duran. I have come across some damaging reviews about Yily, not enough recent updates...IDK

More WIsh pics

Measurements now...

Hello RS,
Just to track my weight loss/transformation progress, I took my measurements.
Hi Dra Yily!
Thank you. I took my own measurements today. Here they are:

I want a tiny waist. I don't think I need wider hips, I just want a firmer booty and slightly bigger boobs (like a D cup). I don't want to set unrealistic expectations,but I would LOVE to have a 27' or 28" waist, 48" butt/thigh and maybe a 36-37" bust. **sighs**

I am so looking forward to this transformation! But I don't want to loose too much weight and not have enough for grafting/butt lift.


I sent them to Yily, meant to delete that part...oh well...

OMG Yily takes FOREVER to respond....

So I have tons of questions and try to put most in as few emails as possible, I know she is busy, but two weeks is a longggg time to wait for a response!!!

I am on the fence about whether I should go to Yily or Duran, but this behavior is helping my decision....shheeesh.

Changed my doctor...

So after much researching, I have decided to take my chances with Dra Robles. Her team is very responsive and I like her post op pics. I don't need a drastic alteration, so I am comfortable with my expectation that she can give me what I want. I pray all goes well, in Jesus name. Ofcourse, we shall see the result, as I will keep you guys updated.


More Wish Pics

I love these two, esp. the one in the blue jeans, I think I could achieve that...I hope.

Progress in Preparation for Sx

So I joined a gym to begin toning my body as much as possible. I am 180 lbs, down from 200 in June. Yayy me! LOL. I am putting more thought into my supplies list, thx to RS I have a head start on the items I need, plus Yily sent me a list of other things I need.

I have been flip flopping between Yily and Robles, mainly because I am confident that Yily can give me what I want, I think Robles is more conservative. I don't want to put myself through this and not get what I want, so I figure it might be best to go with who I think can deliver, and that is far as I can see. ***sighs*** decision, decisions...

In the mean time, I will prepare my body as best as I can, with a healthy diet and exercise. Thinking maybe 5 more lbs off would be nice...we'll see. I can't wait for my makeover!


Got my lab results!!

So before I even book my ticket I wanted to make sure I was healthy enough to have surgery. A lot could change in 3 months, but right now my health is good. Plus my health can only get better now that I am actively working to improve it.

I am happy to know that all is well, except low vitamin D :-(, hgb is 12.00, hopefully I can get it up to 13-14.

It's a go. Yay!

Booked my Flight!

It's official! I am leaving on Jan 15th, planned sx on Jan 16th! It's 3 months away, but I am super excited!

Back on the fence

So I booked my flight to DR, but can't seem to settle on the right surgeon...I know there are always risks associated with these procedures, but the reviews I've been seeing lately look more like negligent behaviors by doctors. I have seen many post op pics of ppl who went to Yily and for the most part their results look good, but then say Yily is not doing her surgeries.

I wonder if I can have someone in the OR with me, to make sure things are done properly?

SX Shopping List

Borrowed this from a fellow RS member: Note to self when I'm getting my items:
- Anti-bacterial soap
- Feminine wipes
- Gauze/tape
- Lip balm
- Peroxide
- Q-tips (to clean around incision sites
- Neosporin
- Prescription: Percocet, Zofran, Clindamycin and Colace
- Benadryl (for itching)
- NatureMade Iron 65mg
- Spring Valley Natural Vitamin C 1000mg
- BioCorneum (Dr. Salama recommends this for scars) -
- Antiseptic spray (for sore throat; the tubes during surgery may scratch or irritate your throat)
Compression Garments:
- Compression Socks - xtra firm 30-40 - $22.90 (office provides c.s. but I wanted 1 more) -
- Vedette 110 ) Sm – eBay $73
- Squeem XS Vest – eBay $42.90
- Squeem Sm Vest - eBay $42.90
- Squeem Magical Lingerie wash – Amazon $19.39
- Abdominal Board – Dr Salama Office provides
- Epi-foam pad – $43.50
- Maxi dresses
- Several tight fitting tanks to place under garment
- Cheap post-op underwear
- Massage Envy Membership
- Thermometer
- Extra towels to clean up any potential mess
- Cotton balls/ear plugs (for belly button shape)
- pStyle (easy to pee with) $15.75
- Sipping straws
- Yoga Mat (when driving place under your thighs)
- Boppy Pillow (office provides this)
- Suction hooks (for drains while taking a shower)
- Measuring tape
- Cell charger, music, iPad, laptop

Weight loss update

Well, am not sure how much I weigh now, but I think I am ok with where I am. I started my resistance training, hoping to gain some muscle, esp. in my legs before my sx!


Love the structure!

Progressive Abdominal Tension Sutures

So I recently learned about this procedure that can be safely done with a tummy tuck to decrease the need and duration of having a drain tube inserted when you get a TT. It also helps in quicker recovery, because there is less "dead space" between the abdominal muscle and the skin, since the skin is basically sewn to the abdominal wall - instead of only having the end of the "flap" sewn. Interesting. I think I will investigate further with my surgeon.

One can google or youtube the procedure. Hope someone finds this helpful.


I've been thinking about this surgery non-stop. I want to get what I want in one shot! I feel comfortable with Robles, but I am not confident she can give me what I want. :-/ Don't think I will mess with Yily. I like Robles' work, but I want someone who can give me the tiny waist that I desire...decisions, decision, decisions...

So I have also been looking into getting a tattoo after sx, some on my back, like this pic, just without the stars, butterflies instead...

Dreaming of the day...

When I get my makeover.


So I took m y own measurement today
Bust: 35"
part between belly button and bust: 30"
waist: 33"
hips(at widest): 45

I WANT A 27 WAIST...plz tell me if am unrealistic...


Had to postpone my procedure until about March 2014 due to school and work. *sighs* Really disappointed, but at least I haven't had to cancel.


I don't know what to do. I am debating whether I should do my sx earlier or later than scheduled date. Just finished school, prepping for NCLEX end of Feb-Mar. Not sure if I want to/if it's possible to study while recovering...or, should I do the sx afterwards? Problem is that my job will get hectic after January. Decisions...

More Wish Pics

Love this girl's body...I would be happy with something close to this.


I thought long and hard and it makes the most sense to wait until after my exam to have the surgery, which would be in February 2014. Didn't want to change b/c flight is already booked, but I just have to deal and do what I think it best, i.e. wait.

Wish Pics

Gained a few pounds...

So I indulged a bit over Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year :-( about to carryout my weight loss plans, againnn..My fam told me not to loose anymore weight, I want to loose, but to have enough to round out my booty when I go to Duran in February. IDK. I need to weigh myself and go from there at the same time, I am studying for my NCLEX, arghhh...planning summer vacation...I'm a New Yorker, what I can I say, we love to multitask. *sighs* feel a little overwhelmed, but in a strange way, it motivates me to come here because I plan to treat myself with the sx after my exam, so it makes me want study hard and get this out the way.
Alrighty, ttyl.

No Word from Duran!!

Many emails, no response :-(...

Not Happy! No Duran availability until JUNE

Smh, I really had my hopes up for Duran. Don't want to go to Yily. Want to get lipo sculpture...Back to drawing board.

Updated PRE-op pics - in medium faja

I decided to take some pics in my medium faja to get a sense of the feeling my post-op realself dolls have been talking about. My experience was not very uncomfortable, except for the thing digging in my leg, definitely wont use this post-op. I also wanted to see how my waist would look with it on, I hope to minus at least three inches less after sx.

Anyway, I mentioned that I gained a little weight after the holidays, so I plan to resume my better eating habits to lose those extra pounds. OMG my hips are chunkyyyyy.

Other pics that didn't upload before...

Wish Pics!!

Okay, I'm officially obsessed with achieving this look! I think we have a similar body structure. I just need to round out my bootay and snatch some inches off my waist. I can't wait!!!

Changed my date again :-(

I had to make changes due to everything is on hold again :-(. Still not giving though.

Still waiting...

I have not finalized any date as yet. I am trying to decide what works best with work, at this time I really don't know how I can squeeze in some vacation time before summer. I work in the litigation and trial is a big deal, so it's crunch time at work...

Still Waiting for the right moment

I am still planning my surgery, I am waiting for the right moment to proceed. In the mean time, I am researching doctors in the US and abroad. I have my eyes on Robles, but is now thinking of Cortes.

Will Start New Blog for Procedure...Changed Doc and Location

Since I can't change some of the vital info in this blog, i.e. surgeon, location, etc. I will start a new review with the surgeon I will actually use for my procedure.

Fisher it is!

Scheduled for and paid for sx with Dr. Fisher on 8/19/14! 

I have been contemplating surgery for over three years and have finally decided to do it! I am very excited to get back to my real self. I am a 33 year old mother of two wonderful children. I am 5' 10" and currently 170 lbs. I am working on losing about 10 more lbs. The attached pics were taken two weeks ago. Pregnancy and childbirth/nursing took a toll on me and I feel like a young woman in an old woman's body. Therefore, I have decided to trust Dr. Fisher with my tummy tuck and BL with implants in the very near future.

I have been through the mill of potential surgeons, but now I think I have picked the right person and I am ready to do this! Finally!

Scheduled for August 19th 2014!!!

I am not in "post op" phase yet!

Miriam's Prices

I contacted Miriam re staying with her and having her provide food, transportation, meds and massages for ten days, the price for that is $2000. Wowzers! Vanity's recovery house offers, garments, meds, breakfast for $2500. I have read good things about Miriam's massages and all, but she's a little pricey IMO.

Idk now, I am all set except for housing.

Getting ready for my big day!!

I know Dr. Fisher mainly does BBLs, but I came across this TT by Fisher on another RS member (Miguelina @ 21 days post TT) and I just love it! This is an ideal example of how I would like my TT. The incision is super low and the incision line is very neat.

My wish TT.

166 lbs now, Yippie!

Hi All,
I've been working on losing about 30 lbs and I am only 6 lbs from that goal! I feel great as is, so I am not sure I will push for further weight loss now. My surgery is in roughly a month and I want to make sure I am in the best health, eating now to get my hemo levels up.
I saw another RS Dr. Fisher patient (loveB) who had lollipop implants and they look great! I would be happy to have similar results.

Overall, based on the patients' reviews and results I am comfortable with my choice of Dr. Fisher...can't wait to be on the flat/perky side!


Hi ladies,
I hate to seem like a tease, this minute I'm having surgery, the next minute I'm not; so I will discontinue this review thread. I am no longer going to have surgery at this time. When I do, I will be sure to share my journey. I have been on real self for years, even before I joined, reading other people's reviews and being even more informed and excited about my own procedures. Unfortunately, this is just not my time.

It sucks big time, I really wanted to have these procedures done, but the time is not right (again).


For some unknown reason, I can delete other ppl's photos that I have used, but I am unable to remove my photos. How do I get to admin? Admin if you are reading this plzzzzz adjust my account so that I can remove my photos or remove them for me ...PLZ.

Hellooooooo RS

I am backkkkkk! I've been lurking in the brush for a while still, even after putting my procedures on hold. I have been communicating with some Miami surgeons as well as a few in DR. IDK who I will go with as yet and I am really anxious to get over with and move on with my life. Everytime I think about going on a vaca, I think of how bad I was this surgery. I will take my time to pick the right person for me. Will definitely keep you all posted.

I have NOT done any surgery as yet...

No surgery yet...still looking around.

Current Appearance....

Looks ok from the back, but my tummy needs tightening, breast needs lift.

Still no Surgery yet...Planning

I need to get this done. I am struggling between Duran, Cabral and Fisher.

It's finally getting REAL!!

I sent my down payment to Laura the surgery coordinator to reserve my surgery date, 1/11/2015. It's been a long time coming and I have finally decided to go with Duran.


This thread is old and doesn't show the right info, I haven't done any surgery as yet, for example, but this shows that I'm "post op".
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Going with DURAN january 2016!!!! It's On!

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