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First, i want to thank all the ladies who's posted...

First, i want to thank all the ladies who's posted their journeys and answered so many questions for those of us with questions and given in depth reviews on things from recovery houses to their experiences with doctors and procedures. Thank you all!

I've been wanting to have surgery for a long time but just didn't have the money to do it here in NYC. Not only that, I've had lipo done on my tummy about 12 years ago and the results were pretty bad. (I'll post pictures soon) I ended up having this huge hard lump in the lower half of my stomach, which wasn't THAT bad when I was thinner, but I gained over 30lbs in the last 15 months and now there are many lumps on my stomach and it looks awful. Plus there's the back fat.. I just want a tiny waist, no back fat and a flat belly! Not to much to ask right? Lol. I do plan on exercising and losing some weight before I go tho, I have to. I am at the heaviest I've ever been right now at 190, without being pregnant. I gained 65 lbs with my first daughter who's 17 now, lost it, gained weight, lost it, gained 50lbs with my second, who's 9 now, lost it.. Got down to 130, which I was ecstatic about, kept it off for a year or so and then gained a bunch back during my divorce, lost weight again and then it all came back again this year. So yea, it's been a crazy ride and I'm ready for it to be done and over with. I've done a lot of research and mental preparation for these surgeries and now it's time to be physically ready. I'm 41 years old and I'm ready for a new me and a new life. I want to feel good about myself again.

Pics of what needs to be fixed

I haven't confirmed my date with Dr Almonte yet but it will be done tonight when I get home. The price I listed includes the surgeries, airfare (will be less if I can use my JetBlue points), RH, 10 massages and the RT airport taxi. I chose not to go with the RHs that Leslie listed and going with Serenity instead. The price quoted was for TT, liposculpture of full back, flanks, waist and BBL (just a little to round out and make my butt appear nicer). I also want a breast and arm lift but she said that wouldn't be possible with the TT. A little arm lipo can be done but not an arm lift.. I don't know if the arm lipo will help or make things worse (notice the loose flabby/fatty underarms?) And it looks like a breast lift is out of the question too. Those will have to wait for round 2. I'm super excited yet scared at the same time. There's still so much to do.. Like lose weight, quit smoking (which I've done before so it should be no problem, just a question of when), getting my HGB up, which I know is always borderline low bc I donate blood plus I was turned away once for my iron being too low, and finding all the supplies I'll need for post surgery. Not to mention getting my PCP to approve this so I can get a note for the 30 days I plan on taking off from work. Any of you ladies have a problem with taking off from work? I believe I can get a letter from Dr Almonte's office but I have really good insurance so it might be very questionable to have a letter from a doctor in DR.

Recovery Homes

I found this site while looking for and researching recovery homes. It lists quite a few places and their phone numbers, I hope it helps. https://www.surgicalessence.com/recovery-homes.htm

Yesss! Got the green light from my PCP

I went to see my PCP today to see if he'll sign off on my surgeries and he said yes. He'll give me a note to take a 30 day medical leave from work as well as all the pain meds I need! I'm so excited!

Date confirmed!! Need SX buddy!!

Finallllllyyyyy got my surgery date confirmed with Dr Almonte and it's Monday 11/28/16!!! I'll most likely be flying out of JFK (depending on airfare prices) and would love a SX buddy or 2. I decided against staying at any of the RHs she provided so am currently searching for a good one on my own. I'd have to be there on 11/27 to get my labs done and will probably be staying 14 days in order to make sure everything is ok before flying back. I'd hate to be back home already should any problems arise. Anyway, super excited.. One step closer to a new me!

Cell data or wifi in Santo Domingo, DR?!

I see ladies updating here all the time with stories and pics from their clinics, SX rooms and RHs and I'm curious as to how you're doing it. Is there wifi at the clinics or are you using you data plan? Thanks in advance!!

Serenity it is! Still looking for SX buddies!

So after much research, I decided on Serenity RH. I chose Serenity bc of several reasons.. The good reviews, the single room with its own private bathroom ( not bc I want to be anti social bc I think support is essential at a time like this but bc I'm a heavy snorer and a pain in the ass to live with, lol), massage therapists in house, and the fact that the owner speaks English very well. My sx date is 11/28/16 with Dr Almonte and I'll be arriving from NYC on the 27th to get my labs done. I booked the room from the 27th through 12/11/16 so if anyone is traveling at that time, please reach out!

Ladies, help!! Recovery houses?

I've been trying to get as much info as I can on RHs but there seems to be a couple dozen out there and reviews aren't very plentiful. Has anyone stayed at Sea Lily or Serenity before and how was it? How were the included massages at Sea Lily? Massages and airport transfer isn't included with the Serenity price whereas they are included with Sea Lily's pricing. I'm going to just make a list. Dates- 11/27-12/11 14 nights Sea Lily- $1120 9 lymphatic massages Meals Airport transfer Dr appointments/clinic transfer Single room (bathroom outside room) Laundry services ( doesn't say anything about filling prescriptions and stuff and I haven't asked yet) Serenity - $1200 Massages extra ($25 for 1 or 5 for $100) Airport transfer ($50 each way per person (does that mean if my sister comes with me we'll have to pay $200 rt? I have to find out ) Meals, snacks Single room with private bathroom Rides to clinic/ dr appointments Laundry Most other RHs are cheaper than these. I don't mind paying extra if it's worth it, is it worth it tho??

5 month Pre- op update

I've been MIA for a little while but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you girls and getting myself ready for my trip in November, lol.

So I went to my PCP and told him about going to DR for plastic surgery and asked if he would write a note for me to take a 30 day medical leave from work and he said yes!! There is no way to explain a letter from a Doctor in DR when I have really great health insurance, lol. He said yes to the letter and to giving me any antibiotics and pain meds I might need so that's a huge relief. I also got my blood work done and my HGB had dropped to 12.9 so I went online today and ordered a bottle of blood builders which include iron, folate, b12, and vitamin C and a separate bottle of iron, just in case.

I've also been dieting and exercising and lost 8 pounds in the past couple weeks so yayyyy, lol.

While I was diligently reading (stalking) reviews and posts the last time I was on, I compiled a list of supplies that I'm going to bring with me. It still needs to be trimmed down bc there are several items that kinda repeat but I think it's a good list to start with. I'm still very concerned about finding fajas and knowing which sizes to buy bc they're quite expensive. Good news is that there are several faja stores right near where I live. Any suggestions on fajas/supplies would be greatly appreciated! I'll post a pic of my what I have on my list so far. Thanks!

RHs price update

14 night stay 11/27-12/11 Serenity- me in a single room with Rt airport transfer is $1300 and that doesn't include massages. 5/$100 extra. If my sister comes, it's another $100 for her airport transfer. That's already $1600 for her, me and 10 massages. (Still waiting on them to get back to me about the cost of her staying the 5 nights and if it's possible to go from a double to a single after she leaves) Sealily- $1120 for the same nights which includes airport transfer and 9 massages. And $1320 for them to roll a bed into the room for us during her stay and includes airport transfers. I think I'm going to ask for my deposit back from Serenity and go with Sealily.

November surgery date with Dr Fatima Almonte

I have a surgery date scheduled with Dr Fatima Almonte in DR for Monday, November 28, 2016 that I can't make due to some financial setbacks. I already paid the $300 deposit so if anyone would like this date or allow me to reschedule for you so I don't lose my deposit, please contact me. I would really appreciate any help in getting this money back bc I just can't afford this right now. Thank you.
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