TT, Lipo + BBL June 2, 2016 - Dominican Republic

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It was so hard to get in contact with Dra Duran at...

It was so hard to get in contact with Dra Duran at first. I literally only got in because one day she asked everyone to comment their email if their awaiting a response. After I got the email I was quoted 5K for a tummy tuck lipo and a bbl and she sent the info to make the deposit. I sent the deposit today from chase through wire to her account at Bank of Reserva or something like that. After I sent the money it literally took 40 attempts before I finally got through to someone. She laughed because she could hear my excitement lol. Do anyway my sx date is Jun 2 ????????

W/ photos

Thinking about how I have to lose 20lbs before June. Any suggestions?

Recovery House

After looking around I've chosen Tropical Deluxe RH. It seems more homely and like they actually care about you so I'm excited to stay with Ruth.


This isn't my photo and I can't remember who posted it but is anyone sure of Duran's BMI requirements? My BMI now is 34 and like literally I'm not that fat it has to be muscle mass

Flight booked

I waited a few weeks to see if the flight would go down and finally lol .....flight booked!

Time going by slowww

I wish my date was sooner. I seen a girl who booked after me have a sooner date, I could've cried! I kno June isn't that far away but it seems like it. I want to be healed already. Hopefully I can take a trip in August at least. Miami or something lol anyway, I'll keep following other dolls journeys in the meantime......


I say "wait til after surgery" 100x a day lol

Before pic

3 days post

I made it and it's hellllllllllllllll. Too much pain to talk much but here is a pic until .....

Plane ride til surgery

Ok it's 4am and I'm wide awake I guess I can share. So the plane ride was technically like 6 hrs. Split really. Texas to Florida. Florida to SDQ. When I got to santo Domingo I had to stand in the line to get the tourist card. Btw if u have 10 dollars even that'll be good we stood there forever because they didn't have change. After that I had to fill out a few papers then go through customs where they finger print you and take your pic. Then I got my bag and walked outside. When I walked outside it was plenty of drivers holding up their signs but I didn't see mine. Immediately I began to worry, almost cried because I hate feeling stranded. But next thing I kno this man waved and I pointed at myself like "me??" And he said yea lol I still was skeptical but then he showed me a picture of myself that I had sent my recovery house (real tropical deluxe) so I trusted him and well he ended up being safe lol. I landed around 2:50 but after all that and getting to the recovery house it was 4ish so Ruth said I would just do labs the morning of surgery at 6am(next day)

Next morning I woke up around 5 and got ready and waited for The driver. He took me and two other girls. When I got to Duran's office it was already packed with day Of surgery girls and girls who were coming back for a check up. I went down and got labs then came back to the office where I seen the cardiologist then Duran. Duran marked me up pretty good then I waited until around 3pm til they gave me a room then took me to the O.R.

My height :5'2
Weight: 189
BMI: 34. Something

Btw I asked and it's ok UNDER 35!!!!! Not 35, UNDER 35!!!! So 34 point whatever should be cool. Don't push it after that.i was scared as hell they would tell me I was a no go but I made it........


Ok so I go to the O.R and it's just me and the anesthesiologist. He asks me to lay down on the table and starts hooking up wires and literally that's all I remember lol. BUT THEN OMG I I WOKE UP DURING SURGERY. Scary shhhh ever. I don't think I could feel anything but I knew I was awake and it scared the hell out of em. I remember saying please put me back to sleep and kind of lifting my head and someone shoving it back down but I was still up so I did that like two more times then finally I grabbed the anesthesiologist hand and said please please please put me to sleep and he said okay baby and then I vaguely remember being in a recovery room with someone else before going back to my room. Once I got back to my room I slept for a long time but when I woke it was hell because I was hella thirsty and the compression socks were killing me under my knee. I didn't come with anyone but i did have an overnight nurse from the recovery house stay with me. Even tho she didn't speak English she could call for more pain meds which is something I couldn't do. That night was hell. I cried the whole night on FaceTime to my family because the pain was unreal. Worse than childbirth without an epidural. NO KIDDING. Gods honest truth. I was in pain I was hot and I was thirsty. The next morning Duran came and she just told me everything was good and she liked the results etc etc she's kinda funny cuz she kno she the shit lol but u love it because you kno she is too!!!! Well that was Thursday and she said I had to come back Monday @8 before I could close my faja Fri-Monday : slept, barely woke for anything. Monday: HELL, AGAIN. I had to wake early to have a wash off N put my faja back on to be ready for my appointment. Well, any time I sat up or stood up I was dizzy and I was nauseaous. Extremely. I did vomit which sucked because of the TT so it hurt like hell so again I cried. Then the car ride to Cipla was longggggggggggggg and crazy like because the rules to driving here is pretty much get in where u fit in. Smh. Well long story longer I had to get a blood transfusion which ran me a total of about $350 give maybe take. But now I feel brand new just sore. Had to have been the blood of Jesus


9th day

9 days post op

12 days post op

12 days post op
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

A beast!!!!!

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